Diving Into All Angles Of Conversation

  • Breaking Bad Coming To An End
    On the heels of winning an Emmy for the Best Drama on TV, Breaking Bad is Coming to an End Next Sunday. What an end it’s coming to, too … Gotta say, for me I loved Robert Forrester showing up as “the guy” – the guy that […]
  • Church of Umar Johnson CultIronic Church Of Umar Johnson Cult Scam Community
    May the congregation rise as we begin this morning’s Order of service, for the Church of Umar Johnson….  All who have been turned against your brothers and sisters who are Not okay with you being scammed out of your money, we welcome you […]
  • Minority Students Do Better On Equal Playing Fields (Bill & Melinda Gates)
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was featured on 60 minutes, and it was eye opening. I knew some of this already but, like ‘me’ Bill Gates was in search of Data. His foundation, with his wife Melinda Gates, has been sending several […]
  • The Zimmerman Trial Begins and The Watch For Justice Along With it
    I got the joke. The Defense in the George Zimmerman Trial was basically trying to suggest that it’s impossible to have really NOT heard who George Zimmerman is – (specially in today’s Social Media Age) and yet this was how the jury […]
  • white privilege exists (paycheck to paycheck)Why White People Don’t Believe White Privilege Exists
    I understand entirely why white people don’t believe white privilege exists.  As usual, when the term ‘white people’ is used it does not apply to ‘all’ white people. Several actually do acknowledge this reality, while […]
  • White People End RacismWhite People Are The Only Ones That Can End Racism
    That is a quote from none other than Randi Rhodes, from her show today on the Premier Networks. Today I was reminded again of why I love Randi Rhodes so much. She’s been one of the few consistent voices of reason both during the Bush years and […]
  • Adobe Sucks: Where Did the SoPoCo Comments Go?
    Adobe Sucks. Yes they make lots of great products, or so it would seem to the uninformed eye.   Really what they do is, they buy out their competition.  That would be all well and good if these actions didn’t often impact me personally!  This […]