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government involvement breaks up truces

History of Government Involvement In L.A. Gangs (Bloods & Crips)

The History of Government Involvement in L.A. Gangs …. To really understand CoInTelPro … is where it begins. It’s a link between the distant past; and the present. CoInTelPro never stopped; and if you understand why it was created; why it was put together; and what it did/does :: then you won’t be arguing with […]

Trevor Noah on Reparations

Trevor Noah on Reparations, White Privilege & ADOS

During a break, Trevor Noah was asked by an audience member, about his thoughts on Reparations. Should they be for black people ‘only’, or go to everyone in a certain socio-economic bracket. Unfortunately, far too many white people in this nation continue to look for ways not to pay black people back. They just don’t […]

white power rebellion

White Power Fights Back: Charles Blow Nails This One

It’s Bigger than Mueller and Trump by Charles Blow, is a Super important read.  It may take less than 10 to 15 minutes really ::: and then spend a few days, or weeks if need be, to LOOK into the claims made; as there have been several reports now for several years, about the GLOBAL […]

Democrats are Soft

Democrats Are Soft; Bill Maher is Right; ADOS Matters

Democrats are Soft: Bill has been right about Democrats for years now; They’re SOFT …. they run from the fights; they lay down and take it; Every single time they just LET the other side get away with it; The few who “Do” fight … I respect a ton; for real; got myself kicked off […]

gucci scandal addressed by red Pill

Gucci Scandal, Black People and Fashion

Did black people learn anything from the Gucci Scandal? That this is not a ‘news site’, there was no ‘rush’ to cover this story.  Issues with blacks and fashion are not new either. Kanye West and the now famous “How Sway” gif, came from a discussion on the fashion industry shutting him out. Oh, black […]

white teens call out red cup nazi friends in OC

White Teens Call Out Racist Peers For Nazi Cups

A few weeks ago we all heard about the Racist white kids posing around Nazi designed red cups at a party. We also knew, someone in their crew was a snitch, thankfully. Otherwise this would have just been another gathering of white pride celebrations; where ignorant remarks are made unchallenged. That’s literally what happened on […]

African American Threat by Dane Calloway

African American Threat by Dane Calloway

Dane Calloway has created some powerful content, that I recommend you support financially as well as with your views. In parts one and two of “Untold Truths: How African Americans Are The Biggest Threat to American Society”, it’s crystal clear what’s happening today. A plan, hatched several decades ago, to ‘conserve’ the way things were. […]

black man racially profiled

Black Man Racially Profiled At Arizona Movies

I’m glad he told the Coon Cop to shut up… A black man racially profiled at the movies, trying to see Captain Marvel, truly upset me. Most of all, the coon ass sell out cop in this video who chimes in, to defend the white people present, Upset me more than anything. I cannot stand […]

dragons are metaphors

The Dragons Are Metaphors (Game of Thrones Reality)

Dragons are Metaphors. Game of Thrones released the trailer for the final Season today. Prepare yourselves … we have reached the end. All the players on the chess board are in position and the ‘game’ is ready to be played. It’s time for the conclusion, and there actually are a handful of people who are […]

dog park debbie

Dog Park Debbie: More White People Calling Police on Blacks

I also Saw Dog Park Debbie … along with her sidekick; always on code; Again all of these are JUST reminders, that black people go through this every day in this nation — the only thing that’s NEW is Cell phones, and 4g Internet speed .. —- Hopefully allll these videos are helping people […]

battle of qohor dothraki & unsullied unite

Battle of Qohor (Fictional Fight: Dothraki vs Unsullied)

Watching a ‘preview’ for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones, and I overheard a story about the Battle of Qohor. This is a time when the Dothraki and Unsullied faced off in a battle. It gives context to a line uttered in Season 3 by Ser Jorah Mormont, about the time the Second […]

Michael Cohen Testifies before Congress, looking like Rust Cohle

Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress (Racism of Trump)

Michael Cohen Testifies before congress today, and one of several early reactions is that, Donald Trump is a racist. I’ll be the first to tell you nothing about that is new, or newsworthy. This has been known (in my Dothraki accent) since the man ran for the office. We all know, and have known, that […]