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Let Freedom Ring

Despite all of my hang-ups concerning this great country, America, I have to admit that there is much to be thankful for. We live in the land of the free, in the home of the brave, and in the land of opportunity. (Do not worry, I am done with clichés. For now.) Our heritage is […]

What’s The Real Issue

So there is nation, no worldwide attention and uproar because multitalented cookbook author and tv personality Paula Deen made some “racist” remarks and has now resulted in her termination from Food Network & outside sponsors. I for one have several points of view on the issue; some of which may not be liked, while others […]

Seven Million

What if I told you that worldwide, almost nine hundred million people live in total and complete poverty? It’s alarming how close that number is to a billion. Even more alarming, is that countless individuals with the means and ends to help, have done nothing. I know. If you are anything like me, you are […]

Bill Cosby: Black people must do more

Black People Must Do More

Meanwhile … this message: Black people must do more. I know that I’ve stated here that White people must do more to help end Racism. However … Black people Must do More. That’s not news. Not really … Bill Cosby started saying it a few years back and caught hell from the black community; while […]

George Zimmerman Trial coverage

Powerful Testimony In the 4th Day Of The Zimmerman Trial

The 4th Day of The Zimmerman Trial included powerful Testimony from Two women. The first was the neighbor who called 911 as the confrontation was unfolding. I watched the live stream this morning as her testimony was given, just after the conclusion of Rachel Jenteal, who was brought back to conclude her testimony from day […]

Trayvon Was followed

Rachel Jeantel Takes The Stand in The Zimmerman Trial Saying Trayvon Was Followed

** Trayvon was followed, and murdered because he was in the wrong place, while black. The following article was written back in 2013 as this case was unfolding. Live Video Streams that ‘were’ active no longer work. I’ll look to see if I can find the original footage on youtube. There are a few ‘updates’ […]

Modern Racism Paula Dean

Modern Racism: George Zimmerman, Paula Dean and The Voting Rights Act

(Modern Racism:) Can this all be happening at the same time? Bodisativa recently said it’s a new sun cycle – we should expect nothing less. The same week that Paula Dean gets to watch her global brand unravel, the George Zimmerman Trial begins – and the Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of the Voters Rights […]

Paula Dean and racist whites like Bill Maher using the N word

Should Paula Dean Have Lost Her Job For Saying The N Word

Let’s discuss Paula Dean for a moment …. Fired from her ‘job’ for using offensive language. Like far too many race related topics this sparked a debate. White Americans like Bill Maher feel very entitled to do whatever they want. Even if it means making offensive remarks to black people. As usual, the desire to […]

George Zimmerman thug on Trial

The Zimmerman Trial Begins and The Watch For Justice Along With it

I got the joke. The Defense in the George Zimmerman Trial was basically trying to suggest that it’s impossible to have really NOT heard who George Zimmerman is – (specially in today’s Social Media Age) and yet this was how the jury was selected; Suggesting that there is something wrong with the selection process from […]

The Game is Rigged: Monopoly Matters

I’m going to share a video with you, that was shared with me – by one of my business partners out of New York. Funny, that much of this story is actually placed In New York. Please take the entire time to watch it as it’s one of the most informative films you will ever […]

Pledge For Peace: I am Nelson Mandela

Please everyone keep Nelson Mandela in your prayers. Yes he is 94 but we need to pray for Peace for him as he is battling this serious illness. I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way. I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day. I pledge to care […]

A Message to Those Who Need It

Being a child of God is Essential but the time that we live in we have to modify our nature to better protect ourselves & sometimes our family as well. In Spirit I am still and ALWAYS will be a Child of God but while I am on Earth it pains me to have to […]