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  • Spike Lee Comments on What Black America Watches
    The neverending story of what came first… The chicken or the egg? What does Black America Want to Watch? This is a question that begs to be asked. Spike Lee made some interesting comments about a reality that has plagued the black community […]
  • Jesse Lee PetersonJesse Lee Peterson: Tomming Posterboy
    Continuing to discuss ‘tomming’ being out of control, let’s get to the Tomming Posterboy, Jesse Lee Peterson. As discussed on our website before, this is an integral ‘role’ in American society. We oversimplify […]
  • Blacks Are The First True Americans You Can’t Go Back To Africa – Hidden Lies in History
    The hidden truth is that the first Americans are the so-called Black people who occupy the ghettoes, slums or poverty-stricken areas in all parts of America whether it be North, South or Central America. Keep in mind that the land mass of Earth was […]
  • White Supremacists Love TrumpWhite Supremacists Fox News Producers Called Out
    We all know that Fox News has been totally pushing white supremacists agenda. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the Fox and Friends crew all lean towards pleasing the white supremacist base. They’re all violently against anyone black […]
  • Jeff Sessions Perjurer (Lying Under Oath)Was It Perjury? Jeff Sessions Confronted by Ted Lieu and Hakeem Jeffries
    Did Attorney General Jeff Sessions commit perjury? By the time Senators Ted Lieu and Hakeem Jeffries finish questioning him, the answer ‘should’ jump out. What also jumped out about this exchange is that our Attorney General knows the […]
  • Lavar Ball Needs Daymond John for BBBLavar Ball Needs Daymond John To Make Big Baller Brand A Big Baller Brand
    I wanted to get right to the point on this one Lavar Ball needs to contact Daymond John Let’s face it, by now we’ve all heard about Lavar Ball and his ‘brand’, the BBB. This brand is ‘based on’ his 3 boys, all […]
  • Church of Umar Johnson CultIronic Church Of Umar Johnson Cult Scam Community
    May the congregation rise as we begin this morning’s Order of service, for the Church of Umar Johnson….  All who have been turned against your brothers and sisters who are Not okay with you being scammed out of your money, we welcome you […]