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someone created this scene inspired by OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson was Innocent. White People are Racist

O.J. Simpson was innocent, but white people are racist. O.J. is symbolic of black men, who date white women, and that has never truly been acceptable within white society. White men, especially get very upset whenever a white woman, allows a black man to sleep with her. I’ve noticed, white women tend to go along […]

how you don't know zenda white people

Why Don’t White People Know Who Zendaya Is?

Zendaya is a pretty big star here in 2024, after a long career at what is still such a young age. Yet, white people don’t seem to know who she is. Nothing new under the sun for white people however, who often, do not know who Famous Black people are. Not long ago a clip […]

Anton Daniels tomming it up for Candace Owens -

Anton Daniels Coons For Candace Owens Insulting Black IQ

Anton Daniels coons for Candace Owens, who recently went on The Breakfast Club, and insulted the IQ of Black men. If you ask Anton Daniels however, this did not happen. He’s willing to insult black people who heard otherwise as well. Recently watched his ‘reaction’ to the news that was going around, and I found […]

Don Lemon interviews Elon Musk and proves he's not intelligent 2024 -

Elon Confirms He’s Not Intelligent in Don Lemon Interview

By now, you may be aware that Elon Musk sat down with Don Lemon. The interview was supposed to be released exclusively on X (Twitter) for 24 hours before going to additional platforms like YouTube, Spotify and others. Things did not go the way Elon had hoped, as the questions from Don, exposed his lack […]

ratchet culture is being pushed by 'white supremacy' to create degenerate behavior as mainstream within black culture ...

Tariq is Right on Ratchet Reinforcement

Tariq is right in his latest ‘live stream’ about Ratchet Reinforcement. I’m old school myself, but cannot lie, I listened to some pretty ratchet and raunchy music growing up. However, me and Tariq are both from that time period when we had to ‘sneak to listen’ to it. It wasn’t on the radio, it was […]

Sleep shallow minded people are too loud

Choices Are Complex: Shallow Minded People Don’t Understand

People are so shallow minded, and it makes talking about things more difficult than it needs to be. I’ll give you an example. The topic of Choice. Most people – are shallow minded – as they over simplify Choices; Decision making — cause with many issues, this is how most shallow thinkers reason; that the […]

Chicken for black people is all Biden has (no reparations) -

Chicken is All Biden Has For Black People

That’s right in an ‘almost unbelievable’ campaigning moment recently for Joe Biden, he really went there. Chicken is all Biden has for Black people and he black vote. No reparations, no ‘study on reparations’ as HR40 has remained unsigned for his entire 4 years as president. All of this while billions has been sent to […]

Joel Osteen at his church

Reactions to Joel Osteen Church Shooting Are Wrong

Let’s get into the reactions to the shooting at Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston, Texas. Many of the reactions I saw were wrong. For quite some time now a growing segment of our society really hates church and churches.  America is not the bible thumping nation it once was, as church attendance has been in […]

matrix resurrections is a classic

Matrix Ressurrections an Underrated Classic

We need a part 5 of the Matrix story as soon as possible. Matrix Resurrections is an Underrated classic. When you read many of the reactions to this film, they’re not that positive, overall. The thing is, the Matrix films were not always all that loved by most people. What people liked, was the special […]

Fat Faizon Liar -

Don’t Be A Fat Faizon Liar – Katt Williams

Katt Williams broke the internet and hurt some feelings to set 2024 off. Appearing on ‘Club Shay Shay” with Shannon Sharp, he wasted no time getting right into several comedians backsides. By now you must be living under a rock if you did not hear about this interview by now. I notived that out of […]

FBI Crime Stats do not explain police brutality by racist mostly white police forces

Are FBI Crime Stats Accurate or Half the Story?

If you’re educated you already are aware that FBI Crime Stats are not the full story. The stats are simply showing the number of arrests that were made. What they fail to show you is how many of the people arrested and found guilty of crimes, actually are guilty. Again if you are educated you […]

Jonathan Majors audio reveals he wants a great woman to support his goals

Jonathan Majors was Not asking Ex To Act Black

Contrary to popular opinion, Jonathan Majors was Not asking his white gf to behave like a black woman. That’s the agreed upon consensus however, especially within black America. However, by now many more have heard the audio for ourselves. Black media outlets and outlets that cover news in black society, really created more division. Already, […]