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  • Kanye West FinesseKanye West Politics Religion Finesse Game
    Kanye West is running a finesse game on the world, using politics and religion. I hate to have to do this to him, as Kanye ‘was’ one of my favorite artists. The ‘art’ he is putting out as of late, specifically his gospel […]
  • Tristan Thompson's Ridiculous HatThe Media Asked Tristan Thompson All The Wrong Questions (Game 3 2017 NBA Finals)
    Tristan Thompson is in the middle of a VERY forgettable NBA Finals.  After having a break out season last year, he has found himself feeling himself all the way. He’s dating a Kardashian, and from one look at his outfit, he thinks he has made […]
  • white privilege exists (paycheck to paycheck)Why White People Don’t Believe White Privilege Exists
    I understand entirely why white people don’t believe white privilege exists.  As usual, when the term ‘white people’ is used it does not apply to ‘all’ white people. Several actually do acknowledge this reality, while […]
  • Modern Racism Paula DeanModern Racism: George Zimmerman, Paula Dean and The Voting Rights Act
    (Modern Racism:) Can this all be happening at the same time? Bodisativa recently said it’s a new sun cycle – we should expect nothing less. The same week that Paula Dean gets to watch her global brand unravel, the George Zimmerman Trial […]
  • But Her Emails With Don Jr. As Russian Collusion Clouds Clear
    But her emails was the nonstop chant that we heard before, and following the election of Donald Trump.  What’s most clear to me as I watch everything unfold, is that white people of America no longer care about America. It’s all about […]
  • we must change our entire society : Tax the rich; tax billionairesTaxing Billionaires: Change Our Entire Society
    We have to fundamentally change our Entire society; this includes our “ideas” about what society ‘should’ be — I’m not all the way sure if our society Understands or Accepts this yet. We are the majority; […]
  • Jeff Sessins full Klansman modeJeff Sessions In Full Klansman Mode
    Jeff Sessions sounding like the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, Washington D.C. division, talked about several things that should have us all on the edge of our seats! https://youtu.be/kl9ohEVvXR0 Speaking in Arizona, the state notorious for not […]