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  • Greg Poppovich Responds To Trump’s Racist Tirades
    One white person who is fully aware of his privilege is Greg Poppovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs.  Sports has always taught us these lessons, that human beings really are all the same. Through sports, either you’re good or you […]
  • Racist Rosanne Never Should've Been HiredRacist Rosanne Reactions
    How did Racist Rosanne get a tv show, again, in the first place?  That was my first thought, upon hearing she was getting her old show back.  I’ll be the first to tell you I have not seen a single second of the new season. I just learned, due […]
  • Charles Ramsey Remix Immortalizes HeroI TOLD you it was coming – The Charles Ramsey Remix Contest Begins
    Once again, I’m so Glad this had a Happy Ending – But WOW – I Knew this was coming when I saw this dude on TV; it’s even worse when I heard his 911 call … hahahahaha Then, saw the video on Shaq’s Twitter – […]
  • SoPoCo is Not A News Site
    Just a quick one here from the Mind of KingC. SoPoCo is not a News site. I thought it’s important to make that statement, somewhere public where it can be referenced. The pressure of trying to ‘keep up’ with the latest happenings […]
  • Kobe BryantKobe Bryant Talks Lebron, Championships, Retirement with Rich Eisen
    By now there is a good chance you’ve seen this interview with Kobe Bryant and Rich Eisen. In case you missed it we have it for you below. This is an excellent discussion in so many ways. The maturity Kobe Bryant displays, is what you’d […]
  • fear of black men is costlyFear of Black Men: Lavar Ball to Terrence Crutcher
    The Fear of Black Men is real in this country, in spite of overwhelming evidence that this fear is irrational. In the same week, this fear of black men was once again front and center in two separate cases. You have Lavar Ball and Terrence Crutcher, […]
  • Why All The Katy Perry Outrage Yesterday?
    Yesterday, or … Last Night, there was a Tribute to the Beatles – and apparently, some Controversy and Outrage over the way Katy Perry chose to sing one of their famous songs – Yesterday. Here is Katy’s performance of the […]