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  • Donald Sterling and V StivianoReactions To Donald Sterling’s Racist Recording Set the Web On fire
    Earlier today I wrote about yet another Racist event in America tied to Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  Reactions to Donald’s racist remarks, recorded by his gf (V. Stiviano), are setting the web on fire – as it […]
  • My Real Attempt to Answer The Question: What is Intelligence?
    We are not perfect people – Human beings are flawed. Therefore, Intelligence is the ability to recognize our flaws – and work on them. Is that summing it up well enough for you? Think about all of the… stupid people you know.  For […]
  • Racist White People Caused this TragedyToo Many Racist White People In America
    There are too many Racist white people in America. If you’re one of the white people in America who isn’t a racist, and you cannot wait to jump up and tell us, please sit your ass back down. I’ve had enough of white people rushing […]
  • staying tuned in is the only way to stop pure evilTuned In. To Those Who Stay Watchful
    Shout outs to everyone staying ‘Tuned In to Politics’ – I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; I’ve known that for years though. That’s also exactly why we end up with the people in office that we end […]
  • Making Of Steve Stephens by Dr. Boyce WatkinsThe Making Of A Steve Stephenson : Black Men And Economic Stress
    News broke earlier today, that Steve Stephens (The Facebook Killer) is dead. Wrote about this the other day on here, and shared a great discussion with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Shaquita Graham and Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses. Now, that was a great talk as […]
  • Pastor Darrell Scott CooningPastor Darrell Scott Certified Coon: Paid Puppet of Trump Campaign
    Pastor Darrel Scott is a coon. He is a tom, a sell out, or whatever term you want to use. Black people who have a ‘problem’ with black people calling out coons, are probably coons themselves. Now that we have covered that base, let us […]
  • Change is Constant: The Universe Is Always In Motion
    Have I mentioned that I Really Enjoy Agents of Shield?? #Spoilers — in the following scene, Skye (aka Quake, aka Daisy Johnson) learns ‘what happened’ to her in her Transformation; and I loved this explanation; Was […]