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  • Charles Ramsey Remix Immortalizes HeroI TOLD you it was coming – The Charles Ramsey Remix Contest Begins
    Once again, I’m so Glad this had a Happy Ending – But WOW – I Knew this was coming when I saw this dude on TV; it’s even worse when I heard his 911 call … hahahahaha Then, saw the video on Shaq’s Twitter – […]
  • Is Charles Ramsey the Next Sweet Georgia Brown?
    This isn’t really a laughing matter but…… Nothing like laughter to help feel better about the crazy world we are all sharing. Enter, Charles Ramsey, a real American Hero. I won’t lie though, while watching his interview, […]
  • Cruel World - Agents of ShieldCruel World: Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 Review: Episode 20
    Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD has been their Very best season so far. In last nights Episode 20, Bye Bye Cruel World, the Team finally left the hellish Framework. Created by Dr. Radcliffe, and his Ultron-ish like robot creation gone mad AIDA, the […]
  • War on Black PeopleJeff Sessions Declares War On Black People
    Our title, Jeff Sessions Declares War on Black People comes from Professor Black Truth with the Opening Commentary. If you’re listening to this commentary from Professor Black Truth, and have been reading the pages of SoPoCo then you […]
  • Amber Guyger treated as the Victim; by Mammy TammyAmber Guyger: White Victimhood On The Stand
    (The first part of this article was written as the Amber Guyger trial was getting started … and the commentary runs through the disappointing decision.) The trial of Amber Guyger, who murdered Botham Jean in his own apartment, started this […]
  • People Don't Care How It Works So Long As it WorksPeople Learning How It Works Matters So Much Right Now
    The Facebook Hearing seems to be mostly about explaining how it works to the law makers of the land.  It’s the second day of Testimony for Mark Zuckerberg in Washington D.C.. Today I saw a post on Facebook from Propublica, about how some of […]
  • Umar Johnson Not Scamming, Just CrazyBlack Dot Says Umar Johnson Is Not Scamming You
    Great channel to follow in case you’re not already, The Black Dot and his Son are putting out quality content. Be sure to let us know if you agree with The Black Dot on Umar Johnson Not Scamming you, below. […]