Diving Into All Angles Of Conversation

  • The Chris Broussard Interview (Context Matters)
    You know … it’s a real shame but we all know what is coming. They can’t go and fire him right away because it’s going to be too Obvious and it might even cause a stir – ESPN is going to look bad either way it seems; BUT […]
  • Forcing Blacks to LOVE America: A Very White Privileged Thing To Do
    The white privileged of our society are in rare form these days, around athlete protests. If you are one of those ‘rare’ people who truly do not understand what it is, pay attention to the entire conversation. We know this started when […]
  • The Coldest Game Ever Played
    The coldest game ever played on us is the ‘known history’ of the United States. Please understand something; there is so much that most of us just do not know. If it weren’t for youTube – there is so much even I would not […]
  • the impact of the one child policy in ChinaThe Young Turks Talk Jimmy McMillan and Economy
    I tend to enjoy the commentary from the Young Turks. In this brief clip they discuss Mr. Rent Is Too Damn High, Jimmy McMillan. When he ran the last time he got 40,000 votes, say the Young Turks, but his YouTube videos where people re-mixed what he […]
  • frederick douglass the only 'black' trump knowsDid Trump Just Learn About Frederick Douglass
    I am going to be honest with you. I believe Trump just learned about Frederick Douglass before his press conference today. What he said about him was so out of the ordinary, that it almost seems like Omarosa (aka the head coon) told her president […]
  • Lots Of Outrage Over What Happened to Sansa Stark (Black Wedding)
    Spoilers …. for all of you who are not watching Game of Thrones (aka #DemThrones) Last night on Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark was raped. Today almost everyone is outraged over what happened to Sansa Stark, at what is being called, The Black […]
  • SoPoCo is Not A News Site
    Just a quick one here from the Mind of KingC. SoPoCo is not a News site. I thought it’s important to make that statement, somewhere public where it can be referenced. The pressure of trying to ‘keep up’ with the latest happenings […]