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  • What About Social Security? Should African Americans Wait On SSI Benefits
    The truth about Social Security, primarily there exist many misconceptions and myths about the benefits. Quite frankly, I myself would not encourage anyone to remain in the old paradigm of working 40 hours a week retiring on 40% of that income after […]
  • White People End RacismWhite People Are The Only Ones That Can End Racism
    That is a quote from none other than Randi Rhodes, from her show today on the Premier Networks. Today I was reminded again of why I love Randi Rhodes so much. She’s been one of the few consistent voices of reason both during the Bush years and […]
  • Jefferson Davis Confederate PresidentDown Goes Jefferson Davis: with Commentary from Tariq Nasheed
    Yesterday the Statue of Jefferson Davis finally came tumbling down. These ancient symbols of American Terrorism of blacks and all non-whites continue to haunt this nation. As new generations are born in the South, and are brainwashed to believe that […]
  • America Is Bipolar And Off Her Meds: D.L. Hughley Commentary
    In his latest ‘notes from the GeD section, D.L. Hughley speaks more truth to power. America is Bipolar and off her meds as each week removes more doubt. If it is not already obvious to you that racism in this country is more than alive, but […]
  • Fox Digs Up Old OJ Simpson “Confession” Tape
    File this away in the ‘since everyone else is talking about OJ Simpson I will too’ folder.  Fox decided to Dig up an Old OJ Simpson ‘Confession’ Tape, and twitter went wild. The hashtag #DidOjConfess is full of all sorts of […]
  • Jesse Lee PetersonJesse Lee Peterson: Tomming Posterboy
    Continuing to discuss ‘tomming’ being out of control, let’s get to the Tomming Posterboy, Jesse Lee Peterson. As discussed on our website before, this is an integral ‘role’ in American society. We oversimplify […]
  • SoPoCo is Not A News Site
    Just a quick one here from the Mind of KingC. SoPoCo is not a News site. I thought it’s important to make that statement, somewhere public where it can be referenced. The pressure of trying to ‘keep up’ with the latest happenings […]