Diving Into All Angles Of Conversation

  • Too Few Knew - Full Speech by Dick GregoryDick Gregory Too Few Knew You Kill Where You Live
    Saw this a few weeks ago and think it’s worth passing along. Dick Gregory giving a talk entitled, “Too Few Knew”- Take the time to watch it all. (The original video was taken down, but this article has been updated 4/18/2017) […]
  • Do Black Lives Matter Anywhere In the World?
    Ever since the killing of Mike Brown, a popular talking point has emerged. Black Lives Matter. My question is simple – Do Black Lives Matter anywhere in the world? Because while it’s a nice talking point, it’s a great message, like […]
  • conservative whites created this house of cardsThe Irony Of Reopen America Protests; Conservative Whites Caused It All
    Some strange Irony here… Got into a ‘debate/argument’ with a white lady who’s part of the ‘push’ to #ReOpenCalifornia :: like many of these whites from Orange County – an Affluent area of California, they […]
  • white privilege exists even if a lie is repeated that it does notReality: White Privilege Exists Even If Whites Do Not Think So
    The reality we all need to come to an agreement on, is that White Privilege Exists.  It exists, even if whites get on soapboxes, forums, reddit and twitter to declare it doesn’t!  With so many whites using social media to scream otherwise, it […]
  • O.J. Simpson from his 1995 TrialThe Perceived Infamy of O.J. Simpson Vs. The Media
    It’s no secret that O.J. Simpson has been a hot button topic in our society for the past 20 years. Most of that has been entirely created by The media, from the very beginning of the ‘trial of the century’ as they called it. After […]
  • The Game is Rigged: Monopoly Matters
    I’m going to share a video with you, that was shared with me – by one of my business partners out of New York. Funny, that much of this story is actually placed In New York. Please take the entire time to watch it as it’s one of […]
  • black man racially profiledBlack Man Racially Profiled At Arizona Movies
    I’m glad he told the Coon Cop to shut up… A black man racially profiled at the movies, trying to see Captain Marvel, truly upset me. Most of all, the coon ass sell out cop in this video who chimes in, to defend the white people present, […]