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  • white teens call out red cup nazi friends in OCWhite Teens Call Out Racist Peers For Nazi Cups
    A few weeks ago we all heard about the Racist white kids posing around Nazi designed red cups at a party. We also knew, someone in their crew was a snitch, thankfully. Otherwise this would have just been another gathering of white pride […]
  • truth about facebookThe Cat In The Truth About Facebook (Needs More Views)
    The Truth About Facebook, explained to you by a nice non threatening cat … literally. It’s probably one of those videos that, at first, you may not even think is all that serious. Then you start to realize, it may be one of the most […]
  • Tristan Thompson's Ridiculous HatThe Media Asked Tristan Thompson All The Wrong Questions (Game 3 2017 NBA Finals)
    Tristan Thompson is in the middle of a VERY forgettable NBA Finals.  After having a break out season last year, he has found himself feeling himself all the way. He’s dating a Kardashian, and from one look at his outfit, he thinks he has made […]
  • The Affordable Care Act is Like Derregulation in Telecom
    Watched Bill Maher’s show last night – and realized I can no longer end posts … with JS I also learned more about the Affordable Care Act – which I wish people would call it by it’s proper name; Seems like what happened […]
  • harriet tubman film vilifies black menStill Not My Harriet: Cynthia Erivo Anti ADOS Makes Black Man The Villain
    I want to lead off with a video, going viral, that really sums up my thoughts on this new Harriet Tubman film, with anti-ados star, Cynthia Erivo. This, super insightful take on why ‘slave movies’ and related filmed content continue to […]
  • michael eric dyson speaks at aretha franklin's homegoingMichael Eric Dyson At Aretha Franklin Homegoing Service
    Talking to the ‘orange apparition’, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson says …. “she didn’t work for you, she worked beyond you! Get your preposition right!” – That’s how I’m going to start this out while […]
  • Finding Truth: Intelligence and Wisdom
    Finding truth. Do you simply accept with others tell you to be factual or do you research what you’re told? I research and listen to several points of view. Not always do these points of view agree and often times that’s how I find […]