Diving Into All Angles Of Conversation

  • War on Black PeopleJeff Sessions Declares War On Black People
    Our title, Jeff Sessions Declares War on Black People comes from Professor Black Truth with the Opening Commentary. If you’re listening to this commentary from Professor Black Truth, and have been reading the pages of SoPoCo then you […]
  • “So Called” Black Activist Pass Revoked
    I heard this story a couple days ago, and could not help but shake my head at the sheer silliness of it. A ‘So Called’ black activist attacked Kendrick Lamar for not being engaged to a dark skinned black woman.  Instead, he asked a woman […]
  • Rachel Jeantel Takes The Stand in The Zimmerman Trial Saying Trayvon Was Followed
    This should be an Open and Shut Case. However in America we have Justice – right? Let’s just put it this way… the more money you have the more time you can Buy yourself… Literally speaking. Many people waited several months […]
  • truth about facebookThe Cat In The Truth About Facebook (Needs More Views)
    The Truth About Facebook, explained to you by a nice non threatening cat … literally. It’s probably one of those videos that, at first, you may not even think is all that serious. Then you start to realize, it may be one of the most […]
  • Lavar Ball Needs Daymond John for BBBLavar Ball Needs Daymond John To Make Big Baller Brand A Big Baller Brand
    I wanted to get right to the point on this one Lavar Ball needs to contact Daymond John Let’s face it, by now we’ve all heard about Lavar Ball and his ‘brand’, the BBB. This brand is ‘based on’ his 3 boys, all […]
  • white power rebellionWhite Power Fights Back: Charles Blow Nails This One
    It’s Bigger than Mueller and Trump by Charles Blow, is a Super important read.  It may take less than 10 to 15 minutes really ::: and then spend a few days, or weeks if need be, to LOOK into the claims made; as there have been several reports […]
  • Anyone Following The Eric Sheppard Story?
    Any of my people’s following my the #EricSheppard story? Got a real good video that I just came across;  — https://youtu.be/pSQmGAmapmg https://twitter.com/jbcday/status/595538088669147138 Does the American Flag symbolize White […]