Diving Into All Angles Of Conversation

  • white america loves black sellouts who support crime fantasiesHow Crime Comforts White America At Black People’s Expense
    A ted talk, about how white america uses the police for safety at the expense of black people’s lives. A break down of the entire process from start to finish, which usually involves race. I for one wish that everything was not about race, but […]
  • Donald Trump Gives Russia Classified IntelDonald Trump Endangers National Security Revealing Classified Information
    Developing story: Donald Trump has endangered the National Security of the United States. He recently disclosed classified information to Russia in a meeting that he didn’t allow United States Press to cover. He did allow Russian press to […]
  • Confederate Monuments Are Like ISIS Flags
    Commentary from TBA (The Black Authority) here on how Confederate Monuments are like ISIS Flags.  They mark off territory and let people know in spite of what others may think, we run this. TBA nails it in this excellent conversation on all of the […]
  • Why All The Katy Perry Outrage Yesterday?
    Yesterday, or … Last Night, there was a Tribute to the Beatles – and apparently, some Controversy and Outrage over the way Katy Perry chose to sing one of their famous songs – Yesterday. Here is Katy’s performance of the […]
  • Pledge For Peace: I am Nelson Mandela
    Please everyone keep Nelson Mandela in your prayers. Yes he is 94 but we need to pray for Peace for him as he is battling this serious illness. I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way. I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day. I […]
  • Do Black Lives Matter Anywhere In the World?
    Ever since the killing of Mike Brown, a popular talking point has emerged. Black Lives Matter. My question is simple – Do Black Lives Matter anywhere in the world? Because while it’s a nice talking point, it’s a great message, like […]
  • Power in Politics Needs EconomicsNo Power In Politics without Economics For Black People
    Power in politics is impossible without economics, the two go hand in hand. In order for black people to truly participate in the American System they must get caught up economically. This is a platform that Dr. Claud Anderson has stood on for […]