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  • Lavar Ball Needs Daymond John for BBBLavar Ball Needs Daymond John To Make Big Baller Brand A Big Baller Brand
    I wanted to get right to the point on this one Lavar Ball needs to contact Daymond John Let’s face it, by now we’ve all heard about Lavar Ball and his ‘brand’, the BBB. This brand is ‘based on’ his 3 boys, all […]
  • Fyre Festival Ja RuleRecapping Fyre Festival From A White Privileged Perspective
    In case you missed it, Fyre Festival happened, and boy it was hilarious. At least, for those of us who didn’t get ‘scammed’ out of our money. When I first read about what happened at fyre festival the first finesse that came to […]
  • Markeis McGlockton dies over Stand Your Ground LawMarkeis McGlockton Was His Name (Not A Man Shot In Florida)
    It is no secret that mainstream media coverage of race relations has been poor. Recently, Markeis McGlockton, a father and protector got into a short scuffle in a parking lot. A deranged and evil white man started a fight with his girlfriend.  With […]
  • Bring Back Discussion To America
    Discussion is a long lost art. It’s time we bring discussion back to America. Today we live in a nation that is divided on issues that could easily be discussed. These discussions may not always lead to a Conclusion, or to Agreement, but we […]
  • White People End RacismWhite People Are The Only Ones That Can End Racism
    That is a quote from none other than Randi Rhodes, from her show today on the Premier Networks. Today I was reminded again of why I love Randi Rhodes so much. She’s been one of the few consistent voices of reason both during the Bush years and […]
  • Brainwashing Takes Time But Time Will Pass Anyway
    Got a few related videos that I’d love to share with you… from “The Trap, What happened to our Dream of Freedom?” This is going to be good – Brainwashing The masses takes time – but that time will pass anyway 🙂 […]
  • Is User Privacy Just A Facebook Responsibility? (Mark Zuckerberg On Trial)
    Is User Privacy really entirely the responsibility of the platform or the user of the platform? This is the real question at the heart of this hearing that took place today, where Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook testified before […]