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  • When White People Stopped Liking Barack Obama
    To me this was the moment when white people stopped being a fan of Barack Obama. When he stepped to a podium at a press conference to speak on what happened to Professor Henry Louis Gates.  President Barack Obama was addressing issues that America […]
  • Racist White People Caused this TragedyToo Many Racist White People In America
    There are too many Racist white people in America. If you’re one of the white people in America who isn’t a racist, and you cannot wait to jump up and tell us, please sit your ass back down. I’ve had enough of white people rushing […]
  • racism while doing businessRacism While Doing Business Is Just Business
    I’ve been in business myself, since 1999 and racism while doing business is a reality. What is also a reality, is several black people choose to ignore racism, in hopes of making money. These black men and women would rather position […]
  • Jason Collins Announcement Forces Athletes To Talk About Sexual Orientation Instead Of Sports
    Asante Samuel came on the Loose Cannons (Now called Fox Sports Prime Time)  today … and gave perhaps the best quote I’ve heard in the past 48 hours – that we really shouldn’t be talking about who sports figures sleep with in […]
  • Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs?
    Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs? I have long-awaited to address this issue, first and foremost, let me say I always try to back our brethren’s given the nature of what black people endure in the United States of […]
  • The mother of Kenneka Jenkins with LawyersOutrageous Kenneka Jenkins Reactions To Video Surveillance Let’s Me Down
    The following is My response to the ongoing ‘conspiracies’ surrounding the apparent, accidental death of Kenneka Jenkins. smh – we are really making ourselves look bad right now; Please – My people; Let us stop with this […]
  • What is NOT Money? What is Currency?
    What you see is a Blue Silver Certificate — which you could once trade for Silver? notice on the bottom it states PAYABLE in Silver. The Currency you have today is Federal Reserve notes in which is NOT backed by Silver—SO you GET NOTHING […]