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  • fear of black men is costlyFear of Black Men: Lavar Ball to Terrence Crutcher
    The Fear of Black Men is real in this country, in spite of overwhelming evidence that this fear is irrational. In the same week, this fear of black men was once again front and center in two separate cases. You have Lavar Ball and Terrence Crutcher, […]
  • A Message to Those Who Need It
    Being a child of God is Essential but the time that we live in we have to modify our nature to better protect ourselves & sometimes our family as well. In Spirit I am still and ALWAYS will be a Child of God but while I am on Earth it pains me to […]
  • Brian Whit – A White Man On White Supremacy
    Brian Whit speaks openly and honestly about White Supremacy.  FEAR OF A BLACK NATION Posted by Brian Whit on Saturday, April 4, 2015 I saw the video on a friends page on Facebook; watched it – and immediately thought to myself – […]
  • Why Blacks Need Businesses
    Dr. Claud Anderson has really been waking some people up as of late. He’s been around for a while, but in this 4 minute clip so much Knowledge is Shared that really … it’s the answer to everything that will help the black community […]
  • I don’t Think They Heard You Yeezy – Blood On The Leaves
    Kanye West – Blood On the Leaves … I don’t think They Heard you Yeezy! http://youtu.be/SPhsSzfAoBA Uhhh … yea … Fuck Them Other Niggas cuz I’m Down for my Niggas — I don’t think people even realized he […]
  • Game of Thrones - Missandie and GreywormGame Of Thrones Returning And Season 7 Will Be Lit!
    Can we take this wait any longer? Game Of Thrones Returns to the airwaves of HBO soon, and fans of the show cannot wait. In case you’re under a rock, off the grid, or have another good reason for not already seeing this, here’s the […]
  • George Zimmerman Above The Law
    So THIS just in ::: George Zimmerman Threatens His Wife Shellie with a Gun :::: I am not surprised. George Zimmerman thinks he is Above the Law. And all of you who supported him are to blame for this one. I said this to friends during the aftermath […]