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harriet tubman film vilifies black men

Still Not My Harriet: Cynthia Erivo Anti ADOS Makes Black Man The Villain

I want to lead off with a video, going viral, that really sums up my thoughts on this new Harriet Tubman film, with anti-ados star, Cynthia Erivo. This, super insightful take on why ‘slave movies’ and related filmed content continue to be made. Paraphrasing what she said about “Harriet”; with what I’ve also seen from […]

Kanye West Finesse

Kanye West Politics Religion Finesse Game

Kanye West is running a finesse game on the world, using politics and religion. I hate to have to do this to him, as Kanye ‘was’ one of my favorite artists. The ‘art’ he is putting out as of late, specifically his gospel album “Jesus is King”, isn’t really art at all. Kanye, has been […]

Amber Guyger treated as the Victim; by Mammy Tammy

Amber Guyger: White Victimhood On The Stand

(The first part of this article was written as the Amber Guyger trial was getting started … and the commentary runs through the disappointing decision.) The trial of Amber Guyger, who murdered Botham Jean in his own apartment, started this week. We should all be familiar with the case. Amber, claimed she was tired, and […]

Security Purposes : Customer Service Frustration

Security Purposes: Doing Too Damn Much

These customer services are getting more and more complicated ‘in the name of security’ — all of them want Pin Numbers now …. smh? GoDaddy hit me up the other week; I renewed an old domain I have there; that I’m about to move …. but they hit me up, I thought something was wrong; […]

the agent plant we know (tekashi by the door)

Tekashi The Agent Plant They Sat By The Door

All Tekashi 6ix 9ine Jokes aside; all that’s come out has had me thinking something, that I’ve since seen Others confirm as well …. He just may have been Plant. Sadly, black people are still NOT fully aware of how this ‘war on black people’ goes; especially when it comes to Gangs; We don’t understand […]

Killer Mike Responds to T.I. & Candace Owens

Killer Mike Responds To T.I. and Candace Owens at Revolt (Still Massa)

Diddy held a summit recently (this weekend) called the Revolt Summit. He partnered with at&t, and speakers included Tamika Mallory, T.I. (Tip Harris), Candace Owens, Killer Mike, and many more. Make America Great Again comes up, and simply Candace was asked to tell black people when that period was. If there is any chance you […]

truth about facebook

The Cat In The Truth About Facebook (Needs More Views)

The Truth About Facebook, explained to you by a nice non threatening cat … literally. It’s probably one of those videos that, at first, you may not even think is all that serious. Then you start to realize, it may be one of the most serious videos on YouTube, right now. If you want to […]

white america loves black sellouts who support crime fantasies

How Crime Comforts White America At Black People’s Expense

A ted talk, about how white america uses the police for safety at the expense of black people’s lives. A break down of the entire process from start to finish, which usually involves race. I for one wish that everything was not about race, but the reality is – most things are. We are the […]

Dear Extra Woke black Folks 4th and Juneteenth

Extra Woke Black Folks on July 4th and Juneteenth

Yes, saw the ‘dear extra woke black folks posts’ – YES those were hilarious; But YES I still celebrated #Juneteenth on the 4th 🙂 :: I figure … Juneteenth was all about us hearing about our freedom Late … so .. might aswell Celebrate a couple weeks later too. I couldn’t find the photo but, […]

Shaun King Coverage Over Fox, CNN, MSNBC News

A lot of black people do not like Shaun King; but I have no issue with the guy; folks are mad at him because he’s really a white dude. That’s the dumbest reason to dislike someone; makes you just like the ‘enemies’ of black people; It’s one thing to call out those who are actually […]

Black Jesus exposed the Black Church

How Black Jesus Exposed The Black Church

A few years ago, a television show aired called Black Jesus that was by all means, very controversial.  We live in a world, where for the most part, those who do believe in Jesus, think of him as a white man. This is controversial as well, especially when you dive into the story of Ceasar […]

white privilege exists even if a lie is repeated that it does not

Reality: White Privilege Exists Even If Whites Do Not Think So

The reality we all need to come to an agreement on, is that White Privilege Exists.  It exists, even if whites get on soapboxes, forums, reddit and twitter to declare it doesn’t!  With so many whites using social media to scream otherwise, it may seem that all of these people have a point. They do […]