FBI Crime Stats do not explain police brutality by racist mostly white police forces

Are FBI Crime Stats Accurate or Half the Story?

If you’re educated you already are aware that FBI Crime Stats are not the full story. The stats are simply showing the number of arrests that were made. What they fail to show you is how many of the people arrested and found guilty of crimes, actually are guilty. Again if you are educated you know studies have found over 50% of black men are wrongfully incarcerated.

Why then, do white supremacists always quote the FBI Crime Stats?

Anytime we are discussing that black lives matter, or injustice within the legal system, the FBI Crime stats are brought up. Most racist white people use them to justify the mistreatment of blacks in América. The way they see it, blacks are more likely to be criminal and therefore Police have logical reason to fear for their lives.

Just as Michael Moore brilliantly exposed years ago in his documentary Bowling for Columbine, white people are a scary group. They are scared of everybody. Unarmed black people, even if they don’t have use of their arms and legs, frighten them deeply.

When they see black people marching, demanding better treatment in this nation, it scares the bejesus out of them.

Those FBI Crime stats confirm their fears too. Just look at how criminal the black race is! Being just 13% of the population, how can they be responsible for so many crimes!! It must be some kind of inherent gene they possess and pass down. THIS IS WHY they had to be enslaved!!

It’s white victimhood formula to the core. White people start shit, by over-policing black neighborhoods. Their systems of injustice see to it that more blacks are sent to prison for the same crimes that whites commit, without facing Prison Time. We can look at Jonathan Majors as one of the more recent examples of this. He was found guilty in spite of mountains of evidence that he was innocent. She also displayed white victimhood, after starting some shit, then pretended to play the victim.

Other whites always believe that their fellow white person has been wronged.

Most legal experts have weighed in, and the crimes Majors was charged with, often do not merit trial.

However the exceptions are always made for black people.  This is a huge reason we cannot rely on the FBI Crime stats alone.

Blacks are put on trial for ‘crimes’ that whites are never put on trial for, and are often put in jail for crimes whites often get probation for.

Sentences handed out to blacks are longer and more harsh than their white counterparts. If you’re a racist white supremacist however, none of what I’m saying matters.

Blacks are criminals, deserve harsher punishment, cause just look at the FBI Crime stats!!

Many interactions with these people cause me to wonder, seriously, if they are retarded. I know better however, they are intelligent enough to commit to wrong doing for the outcome of ‘white privilege’ and unfair advantages.  I learned long ago that being ‘nice and kind’ is actually not very wise.

It may ‘feel good’ to take the high road.

However it seems the people on the streets get to their destination with fewer interruptions. FBI Crime stats tell half the story, but it’s good enough to make racist white people feel better, about the wrong they’re often involved in.

FBI Crime Stats do not explain police brutality by racist mostly white police forces

On the police officer study, you’ll see even more interesting stats presented. We also need to consider, in most industries with that high of a concentration of white employees, only ‘certain types’ of black people feel comfortable. Sellout Toms and Coons that we discuss on this site often, are going to be the vast majority. Cause any black person with any semblance of morals, will butt heads with people hellbent on oppressing and harming black people.

Cause, the FBI Crime stats make them feel like it’s the right thing to do. In spite of all the evidence, that what they’re doing, is often wrong.