Anton Daniels tomming it up for Candace Owens -

Anton Daniels Coons For Candace Owens Insulting Black IQ

Anton Daniels coons for Candace Owens, who recently went on The Breakfast Club, and insulted the IQ of Black men. If you ask Anton Daniels however, this did not happen. He’s willing to insult black people who heard otherwise as well. Recently watched his ‘reaction’ to the news that was going around, and I found it interesting.

Daniels was already defensive on behalf of Candace Owens, before seeing the clip.

Let’s get right to that clip, which begins around the 27:00 minute mark. Asked if she’s heard of Dr. Umar Johnson, why she’s talking about ‘the black family’ when she’s married to a white man.

Before I show the clip of Anton Cooning for Candace, I want to unpack what Candace says here. First, she does the typical false dishonest lie of saying she does not see her husband ‘as a race’.  Again, this is a flat out lie, she see’s his race and his race is what she weas attracted to most. But, just cause she ‘says’ that wasn’t a factor, it’s good enough for the coons of the world, like Anton Daniels.

“Look she said she doesn’t see his race!” – Anton Daniels

Coons like Candace Owens often get protected from others like Anton Daniels -

Yea, no way she’s lying about that Anton.

Candace then goes on to talk about all these intellectual traits her husband possesses. Again, the question she was asked, is why didn’t she marry a black man. Talking about the intelligent qualities of her white man, is in fact, suggesting that she could not find a black man with those same intellectual qualities.

No, she did not come flat out and say black men have lower IQ’s than white men. Like most ‘white supremacist’, Candace also practices the Southern Strategy, taught to them by Lee Atwater. Those who understand this, can tell that her entire answer is absolutely suggesting this. She is fully suggesting, inferring, ‘saying’ that black men have lower IQ’s than white men.

But don’t tell the coons of the world like Anton this; He says we’re just hearing what isn’t there.

Candace says that when two black people are dating, it’s ‘probably’ cause they’re of the same IQ. 

Again, the context is about why she did not marry a black man, and her answer, is about Intellect. Then, Charlemagne says, “it’s a good thing you’re not attracted to him then….” – cause yea, she went out of her way to NOT mention a physical attraction.

One thing about Candace, she knows how to answer questions. She uses language in a way to give plausible deniability to the things she is saying, without saying them. Such as the case here, where she flat out insinuates she could not find a black man with a high IQ – without saying those Exact words.

The Coons of the world like Anton need those exact words to be said though.

Cause he’ll tell us all that she never said it, she pointed out how she’s into him as a Person, and not a race. But then Candace follows that same comment up, with a remark on why two black people would date. Suddenly she see’s race? How does she know IQ is the reason two black people are dating??

Candace then went on to also state that there is a lot of toxicity associated with black men, and black women. Again, why does she suddenly ‘see color’ when it comes to black people? Anton and other coons like him won’t see that however. She said she’s not a racist, and so that’s good enough for them.

Coons for Candace go along with anything she has to say – she’s their hero.

Owens is a tool of white supremacy. She’s been one of their loudest mouthpieces, and has built her entire career from it. In many ways, she is what Anton hopes to become some day. I’m sure he’ll deny it, just as he denies that Candace is saying, what she is clearly saying. When asked why she’s not with a black man, since she has so much to say about the black family, her answer, is all of a sudden, she does not see race. But she see’s race when talking about black people. To say she only married her white husband cause they have similar IQ, is not ‘also’ suggesting no black men are of her same IQ level, ‘should’ offend Anton.

But I’m sure he secretly believes white men are more intelligent, as well.