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Racist White People Caused this Tragedy

Too Many Racist White People In America

There are too many Racist white people in America. If you’re one of the white people in America who isn’t a racist, and you cannot wait to jump up and tell us, please sit your ass back down. I’ve had enough of white people rushing to seek Congratulations for not being like the rest of […]

Colin Kaepernick needed More Support

Why Colin Kaepernick is Missing Black Athlete Support

Unless you’re under a rock you’ve heard that Colin Kaepernick cannot get a job in the NFL. We all knew this was coming after his stance to protest the National Anthem. He pointed out this nation’s racist roots that are celebrated in our anthem, and used his platform to speak out against Police Brutality. The […]

Black Wedding Game of Thrones

Bran’s Flashback To The Black Wedding on Game Of Thrones

On last night’s 3rd Episode of Game of Thrones, now in it’s 7th Season, Bran shares his thoughts on the Black Wedding. Spoilers abound for anyone who’s not all the way caught up on their Game of Thrones, which has had some pretty interesting Weddings. There was the Red Wedding, which didn’t end well for […]

O.J. Simpson from his 1995 Trial

The Perceived Infamy of O.J. Simpson Vs. The Media

It’s no secret that O.J. Simpson has been a hot button topic in our society for the past 20 years. Most of that has been entirely created by The media, from the very beginning of the ‘trial of the century’ as they called it. After 20 years had passed since that trial, where O.J. Simpson […]

Money Matters: Bitcoin is booming

Let’s Discuss Money Matters For A Moment

You may have noticed the ‘ads’ around SoPoCo are bitcoin related as of late. That’s because we’re fully on board with what may just be the future of money. Money Matters is an area of discussion we’ve touched on lightly around here.  We have addressed the need for black people to concern themselves with business […]

dr. umar johnson and Roland Martin

Did Roland Martin Ambush Dr. Umar Johnson on TVOne

Dr. Umar Johnson is one of the more controversial figures within what is often referenced to as the conscious community.   Some of his views and opinions come off a little strong, and are often the cause of debate within the black community as a whole.  Just last year, he got into a beef with another […]

But Her Emails With Don Jr. As Russian Collusion Clouds Clear

But her emails was the nonstop chant that we heard before, and following the election of Donald Trump.  What’s most clear to me as I watch everything unfold, is that white people of America no longer care about America. It’s all about white supremacy, and they are just fine aligning themselves with the white nation […]

Bill Cosby: Would All These Women Lie? Short Answer: YES!

Let’s talk about Bill Cosby for a moment and the prevailing talking point that somehow proves he did it.  “Would all these women lie?”.  The short answer is YES. It’s almost inconceivable to me that with all the education people have, this one is not landing with people.  What do you mean would all these […]

#ShutUpTariq featuring Coon Some_BlackGuy

Shut Up Tariq Is More White Trolling On Display

Shut Up Tariq is a clear example of more white trolling on display.  We wrote about how White Trolling goes the other day on SoPoCo.  Not suprised by the development I’m going to cover now.  #ShutUpTariq was ‘trending on Twitter’ this weekend. Out of no where, white trolls who are usually upset at the things […]

dashcam footage shows Philando Castile was Murdered

Dashcam Footage Proves White People Are Problematic

The Dashcam footage for the murder of Philando Castile, by the police proves once and for all that white people are the problem. A jury, mostly made up of white people looked at all the evidence, which included this dashcam footage of the murder of Philando Castile. That same jury, decided they saw ‘nothing wrong’ […]

Trolling White Supremacy Must Be Taken Seriously

What is Trolling White Supremacy and why must this be taken seriously?   – Let’s get into it.   I’ve said this for years but have often been talked badly about because of it. People have called me a hot head, and accused of loving to argue. I’ve been told that I’m wrong to confront racism, but […]

Comey Day arrived

Comey Day on SoPoCo Featuring Twitter

Let’s get right into it because we know what day it is. It’s Comey Day! (or #ComeyDay on Twitter) Here it is, presented by ABCNews on YouTube Trump's damage control team r digging a bigger hole for Trump and his affiliates. Trump's a liar! #ComeyTestimony #ComeyDay #ComeyHearings — Rocki (@OLipstickBandit) June 8, 2017 It's […]