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Marathon Bombers Uncle Calls Them Losers

When speaking with the press today, the Uncle of the 2 Marathon Bombers, explains their actions in a simple way. Being Losers. Wasn’t I just talking about losers the other day? These people who just wanna go around hating on others, causing problems for others – the Uncle really hits the nail. Watch the Press […]

Lakers in the 7th seed

Reporting from Los Angeles. Lakers made the playoffs. All is well.

The News Gets Even More Interesting Today – Boston Marathon Suspect Denies Charge

Today a photo was released showing what the media feels is one of the suspects from Monday’s Boston Marathon Tragedy. However the man in question, a 17 year old teenager who is apparently one of the men in that photo, was upset by this – because he says, he is not the one. Teen: I […]

Internet Offends Me

Does The Internet Offend You Too?

Does the Internet Offend you Too? : Some of these opening statements┬ámay just offend you…. I just read an awesome blog post shared on Facebook, by a business coach. The title caught my eye, and I’ll tell you why. I have used the internet since 1996, and there is one ongoing theme that has always […]

gun reform laws and President Obama

Obama Not Pleased – Gun Reform Laws Shot Down

In light of recent events the President began pushing for gun reform laws that would make it more difficult for people with mental illnesses, and criminal records, to purchase guns. That reform law was shot down today in Congress, and the President was not too pleased! Here is the video from today’s press conference, via […]

Boston Marathon Explosion Does Not Help Gun Law Debate

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the events concerning the Boston Marathon Explosion. Several days have passed and the answers have been slow to come out. So far this is what I have learned, and honestly it’s not much. Boston Marathon investigation: FBI has bombing suspect, authorities push back on arrest […]

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