Sleep shallow minded people are too loud

Choices Are Complex: Shallow Minded People Don’t Understand

People are so shallow minded, and it makes talking about things more difficult than it needs to be. I’ll give you an example. The topic of Choice.

Most people – are shallow minded – as they over simplify Choices; Decision making — cause with many issues, this is how most shallow thinkers reason; that the person should have Chosen differently.

‘Yea’ while that may be true – it’s not always so simple….. however the shallow minded can’t think past this point.

They’re ready to argue cause YES TF it can be simple; to their shallow mind;

Choices are complex … Decision making, is impacted by so many factors;

Each Individuals Experience in life is going to color their perceptions of the world around them, the moments they are in, and especially, the Choices and Decisions they make In those moments.  It’s going to Vary for each of us, cause our Experiences are Not the same.  None of us have entirely the same experiences … even if similar they are not the same.

A decision ONE person may make, that grows up on the same block as another – can be altered by the differences happening within the House of both individuals. Same neighborhood; same opportunities around them; Same community, and yet the dynamics of their household are not the same. Two people within that same ‘different household’ – go out into the world and have different friend circles with different experiences, different conversations, different interests. The outcome is a very different person from the other, even though they are in the same house. All 3 will be different from each other even coming from the same neighborhood.

Choices and Decision making is complex … asf…

It’s not simple like the shallow minded believe it to be ….

It does not make the wrong choices people make, ‘right’ either. It instead, informs us about the ‘reasons’ that people make the choices and decisions that they make.

We can then, build societies, communities, neighborhoods that have Different INPUTS for people in order to “Help” with better decision and choice making. Especially to help balance out the variables that are bound to exist. Understanding this can help us meet the obstacles head on; to improve the “ODDS” of better outcomes when it comes to the choices and decisions that people make ….

A LOT goes into it. Almost none of the outcomes we see are by ‘mistake’. Social Engineering is a reality.

We need more of the shallow Minds to be quiet, so that the people who actually THINK about these things can come up with the right solutions. They need to go ‘back to sleep’, just like so many of their leaders are suggesting with all the ‘anti woke’ narratives we hear lately.  I’ll give ‘some merit’ to it as, many people who should not be talking are, very loudly while wrong, and it’s cause they ‘think’ they are more aware, awake, informed etc., than others.

Solutions are being drowned out in an information age with too much access to misinformation.

Our Deep Thinkers have much work to do! Which may need to include considering ways to develop more DEEP THINKING individuals cause who knows what type of decisions and choices will be made, here on this earth… with people who Understand complex topics like, choice.

The “Matrix” is absolutely producing more shallow minded people. As the Merovingian put it, Choice is an illusion created between those with Power and those without. Powerful people are absolutely the driving force behind it all.  We have written about much of that, here at Our articles sometimes touch a nerve as the comment section reflects. This is especially true with topics on race.  We can indeed all make better choices and decisions, especially when we ‘get’ how it ‘all’ is related.