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Jeff Sessins full Klansman mode

Jeff Sessions In Full Klansman Mode

Jeff Sessions sounding like the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, Washington D.C. division, talked about several things that should have us all on the edge of our seats! Speaking in Arizona, the state notorious for not recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (until recently, and still …. smh …) Arizona is the same […]

White Supremacists Love Trump

White Supremacists Fox News Producers Called Out

We all know that Fox News has been totally pushing white supremacists agenda. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the Fox and Friends crew all lean towards pleasing the white supremacist base. They’re all violently against anyone black being in power, support the police 100% of the time, and feel black lives matter are terrorists. They […]

Sean Spicer and Holocaust commentary

Sean Spicer Calls Death Camps Holocaust Centers

This actually happened today folks. Sean Spicer, who has been full of gaffes at the mic, did it again today. This ‘may’ have topped all of his efforts so far. “He brought them into, the Holocaust Center”. I mean, this guy is just continuing to make an ass out of the office of President of […]

New Media Threatens The Status Quo

Excellent commentary from Professor Black Truth on how New media threatens the old, status quo. *Unfortunately this video was removed from youTube* – largely due to how modern Black media threatens the status quo; Look into other articles from SoPoCo on social media censorship like twitter and youtube — (updated on 2/4/19 :: original article […]

Alec Baldwin Now playing Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin Is A True Thespian: Playing Donald And Bill on SNL

Are you not entertained? Alec Baldwin is a true thespian, who does comedy ‘from time to time’. Leave it to Saturday Night Live to capitalize on the ‘timing’ of all the news coming out. With more than enough mess going on already, in the life of our newly elected President, why did he get involved? […]

Trump Rumors in his first 60 days

Trump Rumors From First 60 Days Foreshadow What’s Coming

We don’t have to sit around wondering what a Trump Presidency would look like. These first 60 days have been full of Trump Rumors, Mishaps, False News stories, attacks on Real news stories and not much progress at all. Then out of no where, we launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria which only added to […]

Pepsi Lives Matter Barrows From BLM Inspiration

Pepsi Lives Matter Exploits Black Life For Profits

Today, Pepsi Lives Matter has dominated much of social media. Sadly, whether or not the new Pepsi commercial, featuring Kendall Jenner is exploiting black life is being debated. I’d say that I cannot believe it, but I would be lying. So much of what we have already discussed on SoPoCo explains why this is a […]

Big Little Lies: Commentary On White Privilege

I wasn’t going to watch Big Little Lies which just wrapped up it’s 7 episode series last night on HBO. Nothing was on and while channel surfing I decided to check out the first show and see if it was worth watching. With all honesty, from the very beginning Big Little Lies pulled me in.   […]

Donald Trump Considers Resignation Rumors are flying

Donald Trump Considering Resignation Rumors Now in Circulation

Is Donald Trump Considering resignation or are these just rumors?  This is an op ed so as you get into this, don’t start saying that we’re floating any fake news over here. The entire story of Donald Trump Considering Resignation is starting to swirl because of all the bizarre events that continue to unfold! With […]

fall of america

The Fall of America’s Empire

(“The Fall of America’s Empire” – original opening wrote 1/12/2017) No one likes to face the reality that all things come to an end. Some day this nation will as well. Our problem, as Americans is we talk like previous Empires never fell. They all fall. We may be witnessing it right now, even though […]

Russia Hearing Suddenly Cancelled

The Russia hearing suddenly was cancelled making things look even more suspicious! David Packman on this bizarre story that won’t go away. More from this bizarre investigation. David Packman thinks he knows why this hearing was abruptly halted. He thinks it was to stop Sally Yates from testifying. It’s possible.  The first few months of […]

angela rye defends black women at work

Angela Rye Defends Black Women At Work On Tom Lemon’s Show

Angela Rye defends April Ryan, and as she points out, it’s a damn shame she even has to!  I follow Angela Rye on Instagram and caught the screen shot. I could not wait to find this clip! Maxine’s Angels reporting for duty. #TeamMaxine #BlackWomenatWork A post shared by Angela Rye (@angelarye) on Mar 28, 2017 […]