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People Don't Care How It Works So Long As it Works

People Learning How It Works Matters So Much Right Now

The Facebook Hearing seems to be mostly about explaining how it works to the law makers of the land.  It’s the second day of Testimony for Mark Zuckerberg in Washington D.C.. Today I saw a post on Facebook from Propublica, about how some of their research came up during these two days. The work they […]

Is User Privacy Just A Facebook Responsibility? (Mark Zuckerberg On Trial)

Is User Privacy really entirely the responsibility of the platform or the user of the platform? This is the real question at the heart of this hearing that took place today, where Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook testified before Congress.  NBC’s replay of the Live stream (all 4 hours) is below. Please feel […]

Fox Digs Up Old OJ Simpson “Confession” Tape

File this away in the ‘since everyone else is talking about OJ Simpson I will too’ folder.  Fox decided to Dig up an Old OJ Simpson ‘Confession’ Tape, and twitter went wild. The hashtag #DidOjConfess is full of all sorts of debates on whether or not the former NFL Player murdered his Ex-Wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson […]

young people, the change angents we need

Young People Always The Change Agents We Need

I was watching Dan Rather putting together some commentary for The young Turks network. He pointed out something about young people I had not truly considered. Throughout time, wit all the much needed change that has happened, in the front have always been the young people of that time.  Whatever time period it was, and […]

policing blacks vs policing whites

Policing Blacks Versus Policing Whites: How Law Enforcement Fails America

Out the gate I ant to apologize for the long title of this one: Policing Blacks versus Policing Whites: How Law Enforcement Fails America. It’s important to make sure we draw the connection early in this one so you understand the points I am making throughout.  The way Law Enforcement ‘enforces’ the laws of the […]

guns and people

School Shootings: Why Gun Laws Won’t Stop Them

Today we’ve had another school shooting, this time in the state of Florida.  It’s been reported that this is the 14th one already in 2018, and we’re just 2 weeks into February. The problem is a problem that has been a problem for far too long. But I’m here to tell you that gun laws […]

The I Don't Know Card (Kamala Harris vs Kirstjen Nielsen)

White Supremacy Plays The I Don’t Know Card on Kamala Harris

Playing the I Don’t Know Card is one of the most consistent plays by white supremacy. Most recent example we have seen is when Department of Homeland Security Secretary claimed to ‘not know’ if Norway was mostly white. She knows the demographic of Norway, but is fine with pretending to be ignorant of these facts. […]

Jeff Sessions Perjurer (Lying Under Oath)

Was It Perjury? Jeff Sessions Confronted by Ted Lieu and Hakeem Jeffries

Did Attorney General Jeff Sessions commit perjury? By the time Senators Ted Lieu and Hakeem Jeffries finish questioning him, the answer ‘should’ jump out. What also jumped out about this exchange is that our Attorney General knows the law, very well.  Knowing that each Senator only has 5 minutes, he takes as much time as he […]

tyrese crying on social media

Why Is Tyrese (Gibson) Crying On Social Media

Tyrese has been making all sorts of news lately for crying on social media. Yes, SoPoCo is Not A News Site, however, this is something that we need to all take a moment to discuss, together. Primarily because it’s not really news at all. Tyrese seems to be using social media as an outlet to […]

SoPoCo is Not A News Site

Just a quick one here from the Mind of KingC. SoPoCo is not a News site. I thought it’s important to make that statement, somewhere public where it can be referenced. The pressure of trying to ‘keep up’ with the latest happenings often take our minds off things that just happened. Far too often, those […]

Greg Poppovich Responds To Trump’s Racist Tirades

One white person who is fully aware of his privilege is Greg Poppovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs.  Sports has always taught us these lessons, that human beings really are all the same. Through sports, either you’re good or you ain’t!  Color truly does not matter on the basketball court, or the football field. […]

Forcing Blacks to LOVE America: A Very White Privileged Thing To Do

The white privileged of our society are in rare form these days, around athlete protests. If you are one of those ‘rare’ people who truly do not understand what it is, pay attention to the entire conversation. We know this started when Colin Kaepernick decided to sit down, and later kneel during the National Anthem. […]