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The Mind Of KingC – Thoughts on a Monday Morning

Game of Thrones was off the chain … It really got interesting tonight as Tywin Lannister “the Hand” showed the Queen of Thorns who the Boss Really is … meanwhile his Son, who lost his Hand, got one more reminder about popping off at the mouth – especially during times of war. The Red Preistess […]

Chris Broussard ESPN Days

The Chris Broussard Interview (Context Matters)

You know … it’s a real shame but we all know what is coming. They can’t go and fire him right away because it’s going to be too Obvious and it might even cause a stir – ESPN is going to look bad either way it seems; BUT they set it up; They actually asked […]

Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Expression

Freedom: I was browsing my facebook feed, does anyone still do that? I came across a photo that was rather timely – Gonna share it with you all here, and of course, share my thoughts as well. Right? This is one of the main reasons that this website was created – we cannot allow the […]

Jason Collins Announcement Forces Athletes To Talk About Sexual Orientation Instead Of Sports

Asante Samuel came on the Loose Cannons (Now called Fox Sports Prime Time)  today … and gave perhaps the best quote I’ve heard in the past 48 hours – that we really shouldn’t be talking about who sports figures sleep with in the first place; we should keep the focus on the game; on the […]

Hound Fights Fire

Game Of Thrones Review The Hound Fights Fire

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is well underway with Episode #5 “Kissed by Fire”. The Hound fights fire, literally in this episode.  Starting off with perhaps one of the best one on one fight scenes we’ve seen in the entire Series so far! The Hound, of House Clegane who has a huge fear of […]

Jason Collins Comes Out The Proverbial Closet His Aunt Already Knew

The Gay conversation has become an ongoing aspect of our society hasn’t it? I realize that whenever it is suggested that the media has an agenda to push and promote homosexuality, that suggestion is often met with ferocious opposition. Anyone who dares suggest it, is called several names, and is vilified by that very same […]

Lakers Season Ends with Dwight Howard Getting Tossed – Perhaps a Sign?

It’s been an Odd Season and Now it’s Finally over – paraphrasing John Barry, commentating on the end of the Lakers 2012-2013 Season. Dwight Howard went out with a bang too. Getting himself ejected from the critical Game 4 to stave off elimination by the San Antonio Spurs. Here in Los Angeles a winning effort […]

the impact of the one child policy in China

The Young Turks Talk Jimmy McMillan and Economy

I tend to enjoy the commentary from the Young Turks. In this brief clip they discuss Mr. Rent Is Too Damn High, Jimmy McMillan. When he ran the last time he got 40,000 votes, say the Young Turks, but his YouTube videos where people re-mixed what he was saying during the debates got 7 Million […]

Bring Discussion back

Bring Back Discussion To America

Discussion is a long lost art. It’s time we bring discussion back to America. Today we live in a nation that is divided on issues that could easily be discussed. These discussions may not always lead to a Conclusion, or to Agreement, but we have an opportunity to be Mature – and respect the opinions […]

The Boston Fallout

The news from these recent events in Boston continues to get wilder. So much was happening so fast, that I wanted to wait to see more and more before commenting much further. I mean, this is one of the wildest stories ever. Two kids who were living the good life here in America, decided to […]

The Rent Is Too Damn High

He’s Back! Jimmy McMillen of The Rent is Too Damn High Party … which I think is a political party that he made up. IF you’re not familiar with this candidate and the party he represents, then allow me to introduce his 2013 campaign to you, which is now making some noise on the internet […]

Coming Soon To SoPoCo.Net

SoPoCo.Net is all about commentary. Not enough of us are talking about the things we should be talking about. This site will become a forum for it. I wanted to give you a quick preview of what will be making it’s way to the pages of Literally covering it from all angles, you can […]