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African American Threat by Dane Calloway

African American Threat by Dane Calloway

Dane Calloway has created some powerful content, that I recommend you support financially as well as with your views. In parts one and two of “Untold Truths: How African Americans Are The Biggest Threat to American Society”, it’s crystal clear what’s happening today. A plan, hatched several decades ago, to ‘conserve’ the way things were. […]

black man racially profiled

Black Man Racially Profiled At Arizona Movies

I’m glad he told the Coon Cop to shut up… A black man racially profiled at the movies, trying to see Captain Marvel, truly upset me. Most of all, the coon ass sell out cop in this video who chimes in, to defend the white people present, Upset me more than anything. I cannot stand […]

dragons are metaphors

The Dragons Are Metaphors (Game of Thrones Reality)

Dragons are Metaphors. Game of Thrones released the trailer for the final Season today. Prepare yourselves … we have reached the end. All the players on the chess board are in position and the ‘game’ is ready to be played. It’s time for the conclusion, and there actually are a handful of people who are […]

dog park debbie

Dog Park Debbie: More White People Calling Police on Blacks

I also Saw Dog Park Debbie … along with her sidekick; always on code; Again all of these are JUST reminders, that black people go through this every day in this nation — the only thing that’s NEW is Cell phones, and 4g Internet speed .. —- Hopefully allll these videos are helping people […]

battle of qohor dothraki & unsullied unite

Battle of Qohor (Fictional Fight: Dothraki vs Unsullied)

Watching a ‘preview’ for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones, and I overheard a story about the Battle of Qohor. This is a time when the Dothraki and Unsullied faced off in a battle. It gives context to a line uttered in Season 3 by Ser Jorah Mormont, about the time the Second […]

Michael Cohen Testifies before Congress, looking like Rust Cohle

Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress (Racism of Trump)

Michael Cohen Testifies before congress today, and one of several early reactions is that, Donald Trump is a racist. I’ll be the first to tell you nothing about that is new, or newsworthy. This has been known (in my Dothraki accent) since the man ran for the office. We all know, and have known, that […]

Church of Umar Johnson Cult

Ironic Church Of Umar Johnson Cult Scam Community

May the congregation rise as we begin this morning’s Order of service, for the Church of Umar Johnson….  All who have been turned against your brothers and sisters who are Not okay with you being scammed out of your money, we welcome you on this day.  You have been told by brother Pastor Umar that […]

Umar Johnson Not Scamming, Just Crazy

Black Dot Says Umar Johnson Is Not Scamming You

Great channel to follow in case you’re not already, The Black Dot and his Son are putting out quality content. Be sure to let us know if you agree with The Black Dot on Umar Johnson Not Scamming you, below. Umar Johnson Not Scamming You :: He’s just crazy … I happen to agree with […]

Jussie Smollett is a liar but should not go to jail for it

Jussie Smollett Should NOT Go To Jail

Simply put, Jussie Smollett should not go to jail for what appears to be, an elaborate hoax. Right now that’s what we are seeing all over social media. I personally do not like how much input social media has in these matters. It would actually suck to see him go to jail for this, when […]

still work to do; still bamboozled

Still Work To Do: Till Black People Wake All The Way Up –

Still work to do: I had something to say today on my facebook. I figured I’d share these thoughts with you as well. In response to so many of the recent controversies over the past year to 3 years. Most recently is the ‘story’ around the clothing brand, Gucci.   This white owned fashion company is […]

Black Avengers Assemble

The Black Avengers Assemble: Tariq, Prof. Black Truth, TBA

This was quite possibly one of the blackest conversations to take place in 2019. I am thankful my ears were blessed by it. Someone in the comment said, ‘The Black Avengers Assemble”. That’s what this was like, when Tariq Nasheed had The Black Authority (TBA) and Professor Black Truth BOTH call in, to discuss the […]

Facetime Spybug predicted Ed Snowden

Facetime Spybug Predicted by Edward Snowden 5 years Ago

More than 5 years ago Edward Snowden predicted the Facetime Spybug that Apple admitted to just the other day. None of you should be surprised, but sadly too many were. Edward Snowden told us about all of these incredible problems with our privacy, years ago – yet what have we done about them?  We lined […]