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Special Master Trump vs DOJ fake news

How Fake News Really Goes – DOJ vs. Donald Trump

Gonna be honest with you and say, I have no idea what a Special Master is. However it sounds racist. Apparently, it is a ‘legal term’ that I’m gonna need to google, before I finish writing this one. As I dive into, how fake news really goes.  For the past few months, we have all […]

Fix White Culture asap - punk mf with police in Buffalo after killing 10 innocent unarmed black people

Gun Laws Won’t Fix White Culture: The Real Problem

White Culture is the real problem, and until white people fix their culture, nothing will change. Many white people will read that opening statement and find offense. They will say I’m being a racist or a race baiter, and you must understand, that is how whites avoid addressing the problem.  They call people names, insult […]

Black Voters Are Declining

Black Voters Sitting Out Elections Because …

Let’s talk about black voters sitting out elections.  I Voted yesterday, but … Voting yesterday Sucked. I did not know most of the candidates running for offices and I hate that. I hate casting a vote for a total stranger and I don’t know if it’s my fault, for not getting more informed on each […]

War on Misinformation - Social Censorship -

War On Misinformation: Social Censorship

Social Media’s War On Misinformation. Excellent stuff from Bill on this; he’s been off (target) on a lot of stuff lately but he’s right on the money here. Fresh from the news of Elon Musk buying Twitter to ‘save free speech’, Bill questions why free speech, isn’t free to begin with, on social media platforms.  […]

Wack 100 The Feds: Cointelpro

Wack 100 May Be The Feds: CoIntelPro Continues

Since the unfortunate passing of rapper, and business mogul Nipsey Hussle, Wack 100 has made several suspect statements. We’re not going to go into all of them however, I do want to deal with a few of his most recent comments. The comments he makes, has me wondering if he’s a modern day agent of […]

CHris Rock is a Tom - even if we have liked him

Chris Rock Is A Tom

Let’s get something straight, black people of the world, cause that is who I’m talking to.  Chris Rock is a Tom …………….. I’ll admit I’m a fan of his comedy, have been for years, but also cannot ignore, that He’s a Tom …. Tom’s can be funny; Toms can write jokes that make us all […]

Covid19 Pandemic Vaccines May Never End (Pfizer)

Covid19 Pandemic Thoughts In March 2022

Almost 2 years since the world entered the Covid19 Pandemic, I had a few thoughts I wanted to get off my chest. As some of you know, I decided to quit arguing with people about the Panoramic at least One year ago if not more .. and I’m so proud of myself. I’ve resisted several […]

Jussie Sentenced to more Time than Karens and January 6th Terrorists

Jussie Sentenced Not Suicidal No Justice Served

Jussie Smollette was found guilty for staging his own confrontation with MAGA terrorists.  The incident, never happened, was completely made up and, nobody really knows what drove him to do such a silly thing.  We talked about Jussie’s case here on SoPoCo, cause while we felt it was silly, it did not warrant an entire […]

Ryan Cooglar Bank of America Mix up

Ryan Cooglar Wake Up Call At BofA

Out the gate, these are a Few thoughts on the Ryan Cooglar Bank fiasco…  The director of Marvel’s Black Panther, was arrested at a Bank of America, back in January.  You’ll come to see that I do not feel this  is a ‘bank of America’ problem. This is a people in society problem, compounded by […]

Coon Toms Sellout for More White Benefits; Emmanuel Acho - exhibit A

Coon Chronicles with Emmanuel Acho: Sellout Tools For Hire

I honestly do not know what to say, but we’ve discussed this before on these pages.  Who is this Coon, Emmanuel Acho? Wait, let me stop you before you try to shift this discussion away to what names I should or should not call, this tap dancing Coon here. That’s what he is. Do not […]

Pro Black is just a cool saying

Not As Pro Black As You Thought You Were

Late night thoughts I had … on being Pro Black Not every black person who considers themselves pro black, are actually pro black; They think that, since they only date black people; only watch black films and tv shows; only listen to black music; shop at black owned businesses – attend black churches – celebrate […]

Negroes and Jews, with Whoopi and Nick Cannon

Negroes and Jews: Nick Cannon to Whoopi

Oh, we are gonna deep dive into this topic on here, during 2022. Negroes and Jews, is actually a pretty fascinating subject. Lots of you who are willing to do some research will learn some very eye opening things.  That however does seem to be the common problem we face in society however, these days. […]