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Covid19 Pandemic Vaccines May Never End (Pfizer)

Covid19 Pandemic Thoughts In March 2022

Almost 2 years since the world entered the Covid19 Pandemic, I had a few thoughts I wanted to get off my chest. As some of you know, I decided to quit arguing with people about the Panoramic at least One year ago if not more .. and I’m so proud of myself. I’ve resisted several […]

Jussie Sentenced to more Time than Karens and January 6th Terrorists

Jussie Sentenced Not Suicidal No Justice Served

Jussie Smollette was found guilty for staging his own confrontation with MAGA terrorists.  The incident, never happened, was completely made up and, nobody really knows what drove him to do such a silly thing.  We talked about Jussie’s case here on SoPoCo, cause while we felt it was silly, it did not warrant an entire […]

Ryan Cooglar Bank of America Mix up

Ryan Cooglar Wake Up Call At BofA

Out the gate, these are a Few thoughts on the Ryan Cooglar Bank fiasco…  The director of Marvel’s Black Panther, was arrested at a Bank of America, back in January.  You’ll come to see that I do not feel this  is a ‘bank of America’ problem. This is a people in society problem, compounded by […]

Coon Toms Sellout for More White Benefits; Emmanuel Acho - exhibit A

Coon Chronicles with Emmanuel Acho: Sellout Tools For Hire

I honestly do not know what to say, but we’ve discussed this before on these pages.  Who is this Coon, Emmanuel Acho? Wait, let me stop you before you try to shift this discussion away to what names I should or should not call, this tap dancing Coon here. That’s what he is. Do not […]

Pro Black is just a cool saying

Not As Pro Black As You Thought You Were

Late night thoughts I had … on being Pro Black Not every black person who considers themselves pro black, are actually pro black; They think that, since they only date black people; only watch black films and tv shows; only listen to black music; shop at black owned businesses – attend black churches – celebrate […]

Negroes and Jews, with Whoopi and Nick Cannon

Negroes and Jews: Nick Cannon to Whoopi

Oh, we are gonna deep dive into this topic on here, during 2022. Negroes and Jews, is actually a pretty fascinating subject. Lots of you who are willing to do some research will learn some very eye opening things.  That however does seem to be the common problem we face in society however, these days. […]

January 6th Whites Rioting in DC

What Do We Do With January 6th? (One Year Later)

What we calling this one? Happy Insurrection Day? Happy Failed Coup Day? Happy White Privilege Day? – (cause they’ve barely locked up anybody; close to 10,000 people there and not no where near 10,000 or even 5,000 people have been charged; with anything; at all … added to the fact they even did it, to […]

Woke Culture Does not Exist

White Appropriation of Woke Culture – Whatever That Means

The way Whites use the term “Woke Culture” bothers me.  These are a few reasons why. There is no such thing, as woke culture. This is yet another word, appropriated FROM Black people, by whites, and misused by whites – as if THEIR definition is the right one. Used to get in arguments with whites […]

Can't say this on facebook while Black

Facebook Censoring Black People Out Of Control

It is literally out of control. Facebook censoring black people is a topic that barely breaks through white owned media outlets. White people ignoring black people, extends to them ignoring complaints about social media censorship. The problem, really, is sites like facebook use robots and algorithms to ‘police/monitor’ their social platforms. Yes the excuse is, […]

Justice for Martinsville Seven 50 years too late

Justice For The Martinsville Seven 50 Years Too Late

I saw this story about the Martinsville Seven originally on Shaun King’s instagram. I feel its important for us to discuss here on  Charles Blow, also covered it for BNC News – scroll down to read my thoughts on all of this. Justice 50 years too late! America has had a problem for it’s […]

whites owned slaves and passed down hate to descendants

Not All White People Owned Slaves; It’s True

It’s true, that not all white people owned slaves. No white person alive today, owned slaves nor are they responsible for slavery. This is the common reasoning white people tell us, when sharing why they are against reparations. Mostly because of a guilty conscious, knowing full well they are carrying on the ‘legacy’ of slave […]

Bishop Talbert Swan Trolled by Racist Whites

Bishop Talbert Swan Being Trolled by White Supremacists

Bishop Talbert Swan, is a very outspoken preacher and pastor on these, social media internets. He’s so outspoken, that similar to the comment section here on SoPoCo, he becomes targets of hate speech, by white supremacists. Listen, I am not getting into the semantics of whether or not, these backwards, inferiority complex having white people […]