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Are White People and Black People Related?

I Love the video I am about to share with you, which discusses whether or not White people and black people are related. It features Dr. Booker T. Coleman being interviewed on a New York Street – through a channel on YouTube that I’m pretty familiar with; However the following video also combines an extra […]

Duck Dynasty Markets to Racists

According to an article on Yahoo News, a spokesperson for Phil Robertson spoke out on his behalf, saying that Duck Dynasty Markets to Racists. For those who are out of the know, Phil Robertson, a member of the hit A&E television Show “Duck Dynasty”, recently came under fire after making what seem to be, anti […]

In Lighter News …. Reincarnation and The Boy Who Remembers

This is something worth thinking about – Do we live forever? Is Reincarnation a reality or just a fantasy? Ran across a story on facebook; which caught my attention and when I Shared it a business partner of mine reached out to tell me about the Documentary I shared above. “The Boy Who Lived […]

black businesses in america

A Discussion On Black Businesses in Black America

Here at SoPoCo we do not shy away from discussing topics that other websites and other ‘authors’ are too afraid to confront. That explains why most of our writers have been MIA – honestly, many are just too afraid to tackle these serious topics – like the one I’m about to get into now; A […]

Straight Men Have No Rights In America Anymore

Yet another ripple effect of the homoseuxal ‘gay rights’ movement, is that fewer and fewer straight males have rights. In fact, I would argue we are heading toward a day soon, and may be there already – where Straight Men Have No Rights In America Anymore. Just the other day I read a story about […]

The Game is The Game; My Name is My Name You know … The Wire really was one of my Favorite shows; SO many awesome ‘quotes’ that I could RUN with if I chose to… Like that awesome line from Marlo … “The Game is the Game” … and the even more awesome response from Avon – “Always”…. In this scene we see an […]

My Real Attempt to Answer The Question: What is Intelligence?

We are not perfect people – Human beings are flawed. Therefore, Intelligence is the ability to recognize our flaws – and work on them. Is that summing it up well enough for you? Think about all of the… stupid people you know.  For lack of a better word, the reason we consider them to be […]

The Affordable Care Act is Like Derregulation in Telecom

Watched Bill Maher’s show last night – and realized I can no longer end posts … with JS I also learned more about the Affordable Care Act – which I wish people would call it by it’s proper name; Seems like what happened to the Phone Industry when Derregulation came in – More Competition = […]

Breaking Bad Coming To An End

On the heels of winning an Emmy for the Best Drama on TV, Breaking Bad is Coming to an End Next Sunday. What an end it’s coming to, too … Gotta say, for me I loved Robert Forrester showing up as “the guy” – the guy that disappears people. In fact, I’ve been a fan […]

The “A” Team and The Crystal Controversial Skull

So… for starters, let me share one of my Favorite TV Shows as a child …. an episode from The A Team, called The Crystal skull, which begins with our A Team’s general Hannibal and Mr. T … B.A. freshly ‘lifting’ a Crystal Skull … and well here’s the Whole Episode … Pretty Damn Cool […]

George Zimmerman Above The Law

So THIS just in ::: George Zimmerman Threatens His Wife Shellie with a Gun :::: I am not surprised. George Zimmerman thinks he is Above the Law. And all of you who supported him are to blame for this one. I said this to friends during the aftermath of the George Zimmerman Trial, where GZ […]

Why Blacks Need Businesses

Dr. Claud Anderson has really been waking some people up as of late. He’s been around for a while, but in this 4 minute clip so much Knowledge is Shared that really … it’s the answer to everything that will help the black community recover from everything that has happened to black people since arriving […]