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Markeis McGlockton dies over Stand Your Ground Law

Markeis McGlockton Was His Name (Not A Man Shot In Florida)

It is no secret that mainstream media coverage of race relations has been poor. Recently, Markeis McGlockton, a father and protector got into a short scuffle in a parking lot. A deranged and evil white man started a fight with his girlfriend.  With his son in the car, Markeis went into protector mode and shoved […]

Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson: Tomming Posterboy

Continuing to discuss ‘tomming’ being out of control, let’s get to the Tomming Posterboy, Jesse Lee Peterson. As discussed on our website before, this is an integral ‘role’ in American society. We oversimplify everything including racism. This is what makes these problems so difficult for us, as a society, to tackle and solve. Racism doesn’t […]

Swatting Tariq Nasheed & David Hogg

This has been an interesting few days in the ‘world’ of Swatting. Just last week, Tariq Nasheed was the victim of Swatting by a white (fragility) supremacist group. Then today, ‘seemingly’ the same group has targeted David Hogg. The Swatting attempt today ‘could’ have just been a copy cat. Or it could also be the […]

diamond and silk tomming hard for white culture

Diamond And Silk Tomming For Rosanne

Here’s Diamond and Silk, “Tomming for Rosanne”.  I mean, we just told you that Tomming is out of control…. If you needed an example of High Level Cooning, look no further. When Trump Insults people … ‘that was during the primary’ … Making ‘exceptions’ is the entire game.  Treating white people one way, and blacks […]

Racist Rosanne Never Should've Been Hired

Racist Rosanne Reactions

How did Racist Rosanne get a tv show, again, in the first place?  That was my first thought, upon hearing she was getting her old show back.  I’ll be the first to tell you I have not seen a single second of the new season. I just learned, due to the recent controversy, that they […]

dishonest administration allowed to run america

Dishonest Administration: 4,600+ not 64 Dead In Puerto Rico

The dishonest administration strikes once again, leaving me to wonder how many strikes they get? We know that absolutely none of what we have been tolerating from the dishonest administration would have been tolerated under Barack Obama.  Had Hillary Clinton actually won, she’d already be impeached or locked up by now, had any of this […]

Tomming at an all time high - paris dennard & jess hilarious acting like diamond and silk

Tomming At An All Time High: Paris Dennard & Jess Hilarious

This week … or month in Tomming, brings us a familiar face. Paris Dennard, known for Tomming as often as possible, recently went to an all time high even for himself. While appearing on Don Lemon’s show …. (Don has gotten blacker by the month since Trump has been in office) … Paris took his […]

making america garbage again

Trump Making America Garbage Again

Making America Garbage Again: One constant from so many people observing all of this, is the ‘shock’ that it is happening. Naturally that ‘shock’ is coming from one demographic, while others are not shocked at all. Too many of us warned the rest of the nation what was happening. Even, Glenn Beck said supporting Trump […]

tariq nasheed on anti-hetero black male agenda

Anti-Hetero Black Male Agenda Addressed by Tariq; RIP Cynthia G & Toure

Tariq Nasheed decided to address the anti-Hetero Black Male agenda, an agenda who’s existence often is denied.  It’s almost like white people with racism. We all know that racism is a problem and yet white people never admit it. Ask any white person if racism exists today, and they’ll play it down 90% of the […]

white people calling the police on black people

White People Calling The Police on Black People

This whole white people calling the police on black people ‘thing’, is yet another issue that’s been happening for decades.  Like with police beating black people up, or worse, the only thing that is new are cell phones, faster internet, and social media. Now people can record and share what happens. People are going live, […]

this is america: childish gambino, interracial dating and pro blackness

This Is America: Childish Gambino, Interracial Dating and Pro Blackness

This is America, Interracial Dating, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and Pro-Blackness …. opening thoughts. This topic gets way too Oversimplified ….. I was on IG recently talking about new revelations; stuff i never knew that I became aware of because of people ‘hating on Donald‘, saying he isn’t pro-black, ‘because of who he dates’ therefore […]

twitter is pro-nazi white supremacist platform

Twitter Is A Pro-Nazi White Supremacist Platform

You may have heard of Nazi White supremacist platforms like stormfront and 4chan. Well go ahead and add Twitter to that list as well. Twitter is a pro-nazi white supremacist platform. Our twititer handles, @kingceo_sopoco and @sopoconow were Suspended, because we recommended Punching Nazi’s.  White supremacists on twitter got upset, and flagged our accounts. Because […]