Jonathan Majors audio reveals he wants a great woman to support his goals

Jonathan Majors was Not asking Ex To Act Black

Contrary to popular opinion, Jonathan Majors was Not asking his white gf to behave like a black woman. That’s the agreed upon consensus however, especially within black America. However, by now many more have heard the audio for ourselves. Black media outlets and outlets that cover news in black society, really created more division.

Already, black women were mad at Jonathan Majors for dating a white woman.

We’ll have to get into that topic sometime soon. However we have discussed before, how dating and marrying black don’t mean pro-black.

Several black men who date or marry non black women, maintain their pro black mind. I know that sounds weird, when so many black people have already made their minds up this cannot be true. It is based on the argument that you cannot marry a non black woman, and produce black offspring.

Is that statement true though?

When has Barrack Obama ever really been seen as anything but a black man? Back to Jonathan Majors, what did he mean by mentioning Michelle Obama, and Coretta Scott King?

Again, there is already a consensus formed that Majors was asking his white ex gf, to act like a black woman. I didn’t hear that. What I hear is a man asking his woman to know who she’s dating, and act like it.  (the context of the audio, involves her drinking too much and bringing home strangers!)

Just cause the two women he named are black women, does not mean all, or even most black women embody any of their characteristics.

Majors was referring to their ability to put their man’s vision first. Those women carried themselves in ways that did not bring negative attention to their man. As we hear in the leaked audio, he is talking about a need for a ‘great woman’ to match his aspirations to be a great man.

I’m almost upset that black people missed that.

Emotional thinking has black people more upset he was with a non black woman, than mad he’s being framed. The white ex gf isn’t even the one doing the framing, it’s the NYPD. Once again, like with Bill Cosby, we have had the opportunity to ‘get on code’ and support our brother. Just like last time, it would appear we have failed to do just that.

Nothing is wrong with a man wanting a great woman in his life. Something is very wrong with black women assuming that the name drop automatically means they’re on either of those two women’s level.  Most aren’t even on Meagan Good’s level. Perhaps she’s what & who he’s been looking for all this time.  It may have taken a bad relationship to help him find … a good one.

A verdict will be in soon.

SO far it ‘seems’ like Jonathan will be fully exonerated. Yet, at the same time we are unsure as a jury can go either way. All while the ‘court of public opinion’ will continue to slander his name. Black people, mad ‘they think’ he said something he didn’t say, will allow the slander to happen too.


*updated with Commentary from RivahTV above.  Her comments support my view of the audio as well, that Majors was not telling Grace to act like a black woman. RivahTV goes as far as to suggest Grace set Jonathan up, by recording this audio.  She was hoping to use this against him some day.