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No Charges in the Shooting death of Unarmed Teen Tony Robinson, Jr.

Officer Kenny Faces No Charges in Shooting Unarmed Teen, Possible Murder by Conspiracy?

No Charges for Officer Kenny: According to CNN, May 12, 2015 the Policemen who shot Tony Robinson Jr. 7 times will not be charged in the death of the unarmed teen. Pursuant to the police report, Tony Robinson was allegedly in the midst of an altercation with another person at the time the COP(Constable On […]

Anyone Following The Eric Sheppard Story?

Any of my people’s following my the #EricSheppard story? Got a real good video that I just came across;  — Does the American Flag symbolize White Supremacy? That is the very center of this protest – Eric Sheppard started a movement on the campus of Valdosta State University in Atlanta, Georgia. Outrage has […]

D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives

D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives It was refreshing to see D.L. Hughley make a return to Bill Maher’s Real Time this past Friday, on HBO. Here’s a clip from that show which I feel is quite possibly Some of the best 8:15 you’ll spend for the rest of this year […]

What is NOT Money? What is Currency?

What you see is a Blue Silver Certificate — which you could once trade for Silver? notice on the bottom it states PAYABLE in Silver. The Currency you have today is Federal Reserve notes in which is NOT backed by Silver—SO you GET NOTHING in the past you could trade in YOUR PAPER FIAT for […]

Unrest and Riots in Baltimore Following Freddie Gray Funeral

This just in, a state of emergency has been declared in the city of Baltimore, Maryland as Unrest and riots are being reported following the Funeral for Freddie Gray. JUST IN: State of emergency declared in Baltimore #BaltimoreRiots — The Hill (@thehill) April 27, 2015 As usual these days, I’ve been getting a […]

What About Social Security? Should African Americans Wait On SSI Benefits

The truth about Social Security, primarily there exist many misconceptions and myths about the benefits. Quite frankly, I myself would not encourage anyone to remain in the old paradigm of working 40 hours a week retiring on 40% of that income after a 40-year work career. In our day and age, it is far too […]

Blacks Are The First True Americans You Can’t Go Back To Africa – Hidden Lies in History

The hidden truth is that the first Americans are the so-called Black people who occupy the ghettoes, slums or poverty-stricken areas in all parts of America whether it be North, South or Central America. Keep in mind that the land mass of Earth was once all connected as Greeks called it Pangea a time before […]

Change is Constant: The Universe Is Always In Motion

Have I mentioned that I Really Enjoy Agents of Shield?? #Spoilers — in the following scene, Skye (aka Quake, aka Daisy Johnson) learns ‘what happened’ to her in her Transformation; and I loved this explanation; Was ‘commenting’ on a friends wall and this Scene came to mind; because it speaks to some Truths that so […]

Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs?

Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs? I have long-awaited to address this issue, first and foremost, let me say I always try to back our brethren’s given the nature of what black people endure in the United States of America. Nevertheless Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith have dug themselves […]

Do Black Lives Matter Anywhere In the World?

Ever since the killing of Mike Brown, a popular talking point has emerged. Black Lives Matter. My question is simple – Do Black Lives Matter anywhere in the world? Because while it’s a nice talking point, it’s a great message, like so many previous attempts to end racism, it is being ignored. Quickly people on […]

wars to come in game of thrones

Review: Wars To Come in Game of Thrones (Season 5, Episode 1)

Our Review for the Game of Thrones; Season 5; Episode 1 – Wars to Come; SUPER good; but probably not for the ‘casual fan’ who doesn’t realize that there were 4 previous seasons; for everything we saw last night to be in Context; SPOILER WARNINGS for all who didn’t see the show…. Context matters. If […]

Will Smith Son’s In A Dress? — Does Hollywood Influence Black Men To Be Feminine

First and foremost, let me say I cannot condemn this young man because I realize this confusion is a result of historical identity theft and spiritual degeneration perpetrated by the Europeans upon their arrival to all parts of America. This can also be linked to the agenda by the Roman Catholic papacy to get our […]