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conservative whites created this house of cards

The Irony Of Reopen America Protests; Conservative Whites Caused It All

Some strange Irony here… Got into a ‘debate/argument’ with a white lady who’s part of the ‘push’ to #ReOpenCalifornia :: like many of these whites from Orange County – an Affluent area of California, they are pushing a narrative that THEY need their jobs back too. I for one; am skepitcal; I know too much; […]

covid19 fussing frustrrated 5g

Fussing and Frustrated Through Covid19

I’ve been fussing and frustrated through the covid19 experience. There have been far too many people who are Entirely uninformed, but want to argue with those who are very informed. It’s annoying. My Apologies if it seems like I’ve been ‘fussin’ at y’all; but … I have ………. been trying to grapple with all of […]

white privilege exists (paycheck to paycheck)

Why White People Don’t Believe White Privilege Exists

I understand entirely why white people don’t believe white privilege exists.  As usual, when the term ‘white people’ is used it does not apply to ‘all’ white people. Several actually do acknowledge this reality, while many others refuse to. But I fully understand. I want to dive into a few of those reasons – but […]

Coronavirus Could Inspire Change In America

The coronavirus could inspire much needed change in America.  I was looking into Singapore and how they are dealing with all of this. They have a reputation for being one of the Cleanest cities in all the world. And it shows – they have a SUPER LOW number of infections and last I checked – […]

Kobe Bryant's Parents

Kobe Bryant’s Parents Memorial Mess at Celebration of Life

Kobe Bryant’s life was celebrated on Monday, February 24th, 2020. Also his daughter Gigi, was remembered with several moving moments from speeches to unseen video footage.  Lots of celebrities and Sports Royalty were in attendance, with NBA stars, Lakers Family, and naturally including Kobe Bryant’s parents.  Famously, and unfortunately the relationship between Kobe and his […]

oprah protects white men

Oprah Attacks Black Men In Power While Ignoring White Men

Black men in power have always been a ‘threat’ in white society. It appears that white power, is only possible by denying power to other groups. Oprah Winfrey is in controversial waters, as she once again goes after black celebrities, but never white men. Should Oprah do some docs on her powerful white male friends […]

watchmen hbo episode 3 - space junk

HBO’s Watchmen Review: Episode 3 (Killed by Space Junk)

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the first 3 episodes of HBO’s Watchmen.  I actually enjoyed the film by Zack Synder too. That one gets a lot of flack however, mostly from the comic book readers. In so many ways they remind me of the people who read the books for A Song of Ice and Fire. […]

harriet tubman film vilifies black men

Still Not My Harriet: Cynthia Erivo Anti ADOS Makes Black Man The Villain

I want to lead off with a video, going viral, that really sums up my thoughts on this new Harriet Tubman film, with anti-ados star, Cynthia Erivo. This, super insightful take on why ‘slave movies’ and related filmed content continue to be made. Paraphrasing what she said about “Harriet”; with what I’ve also seen from […]

Kanye West Finesse

Kanye West Politics Religion Finesse Game

Kanye West is running a finesse game on the world, using politics and religion. I hate to have to do this to him, as Kanye ‘was’ one of my favorite artists. The ‘art’ he is putting out as of late, specifically his gospel album “Jesus is King”, isn’t really art at all. Kanye, has been […]

Amber Guyger treated as the Victim; by Mammy Tammy

Amber Guyger: White Victimhood On The Stand

(The first part of this article was written as the Amber Guyger trial was getting started … and the commentary runs through the disappointing decision.) The trial of Amber Guyger, who murdered Botham Jean in his own apartment, started this week. We should all be familiar with the case. Amber, claimed she was tired, and […]

Security Purposes : Customer Service Frustration

Security Purposes: Doing Too Damn Much

These customer services are getting more and more complicated ‘in the name of security’ — all of them want Pin Numbers now …. smh? GoDaddy hit me up the other week; I renewed an old domain I have there; that I’m about to move …. but they hit me up, I thought something was wrong; […]

the agent plant we know (tekashi by the door)

Tekashi The Agent Plant They Sat By The Door

All Tekashi 6ix 9ine Jokes aside; all that’s come out has had me thinking something, that I’ve since seen Others confirm as well …. He just may have been Plant. Sadly, black people are still NOT fully aware of how this ‘war on black people’ goes; especially when it comes to Gangs; We don’t understand […]