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Jews Big beneficiaries of Civil rights act of 1964

Were Jews Biggest Beneficiaries of 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Professor Black Truth never holds back. He makes the case that Jews were the biggest beneficiaries of the 1964 Civil Rights act. Brought on by comments from Bill Maher, who’s been real anti black as of late. Along with more racist comments from Juliana Margolis. Both have been attacking black America for not ‘supporting’ Israel […]

kamala harris hates black people

Kamala Harris does not care about Black people

Kamala Harris proved with one tweet, what many black voters have been saying. We need politicians with ‘for black people only’ agendas, or no vote. Reports are already out saying that Joe Biden and Harris have lost the black vote. Sellout Toms like Roland Martin (of Hattian descent) and other handlers are shaming black people. […]

The Tom or Sambo debate is a distraction that we need to leave in 2023

SoPoCo on Facebook: Tom or Sambo?

Tom or Sambo? Also before we get started, Yes, in case you were not aware you can follow SoPoCo on Facebook. Got into a few ‘arguments’ just recently, and it was pointed out to me that our facebook does not have enough likes, followers, or whatever Meta calls it these days. If you notice we […]

fake woke on Holidays in black America

Fake Pro-Blackness on Holidays (Fake Woke)

These American Holidays, are the only times when most people are off work, home from school, businesses are closed – most of the excuses NOT to be able to come by and spend time with your family are out the window :: If you’re black, you’re most likely Not gathering on Thanksgiving to celebrate Pilgrims […]

atlantis found in Africa

Did Jimmy Find Atlantis And What Does That Mean

Atlantis has been found and it’s been hiding in plain sight.  A channel on YouTube ‘Bright Insight’ run by Jimmy Corsetti, broke the story a 5 years ago. Since releasing a video that explained, in pretty good detail, that the Eye of Africa matches the description of Atlantis to a tee. From the 3 concentric […]

Kev On Stage Karma strikes after bashing Kevin Samuels

Karma came for Kev On Stage? Kevin Samuels gets Revenge?

Let me start out saying, I really enjoy Kev on Stage. To me he’s pretty funny when it comes to a lot of his online content. I did, unfortunately also see the ‘clip’ that is in the video I’m abou tto share, from Oshay Jackson.  Oshay has been a real close friend of Kevin Samuels […]

Is Bill Maher a white supremacist now? Perhaps he always was?

Bill Maher Supporting White Supremacy Now?

Let’s talk about the curious matter of Bill Maher, and his HBO television show, Real Time. A few years back, Bill Maher wanted to say Nigga, and I’m sure that included the hard er version too. There was plenty backlash. It became pretty clear to Bill that he had ‘maybe’ crossed a line. So what […]

Cornel West for President 2024 - can the black vote win

Can The Black Vote Put Cornel West in The White House?

I’m a black voter :: been voting since I was old enough to. So I remember when Cornel West and Tavis ‘fell out’ with Eric Michael Dyson over Obama NOT having a Black Agenda. I did NOT agree with them back then; looking back on it however, both of them were right. This is also […]

Elon Musk is Not Intelligent, just Rich

Elon Musk is not intelligent. He just has a whole lot of money.  This allows him to do whatever he wants to do for the most part, whether it’s a good idea or not. Many of his ideas, are not good ideas. Most of the successful businesses he owns, were created by someone else. Elon […]

Who slapped First Lady Loretta Jones in church?

First Lady Slapped in Church – What is Going On

What is going on in the House of the Lord? The Black church, at one point in the history of the U.S. was a place of refuge. With all of the forces of evil white supremacist hate filled anti black racism, threatening black people at very turn, church was a safe place. We son’t get […]

Episode 1, Secret Invasion - -

Secret Invasion Comes Out Swinging (Episode 1)

Going to ‘try’ not to post spoilers but, same time, if you’re online knowing this came out, you are taking a risk. Secret Invasion, staring Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury is out. Personally I feel it was a strong opening episode. Once again, just in case people dropped by here and have not seen the […]

what is a woman debates

What Is A Woman? America Has Gone Crazy

Let me start out by saying, America has gone crazy.  I’m about to share content from someone who, I’m pretty sure I would not agree with on several subjects. Especially any topic that comes to race or racism, like many conservatives, Matt Walsh is pro white supremacy. Meanwhile, most liberals, especially the white ones, are […]