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Is Bill Maher a white supremacist now? Perhaps he always was?

Bill Maher Supporting White Supremacy Now?

Let’s talk about the curious matter of Bill Maher, and his HBO television show, Real Time. A few years back, Bill Maher wanted to say Nigga, and I’m sure that included the hard er version too. There was plenty backlash. It became pretty clear to Bill that he had ‘maybe’ crossed a line. So what […]

Cornel West for President 2024 - can the black vote win

Can The Black Vote Put Cornel West in The White House?

I’m a black voter :: been voting since I was old enough to. So I remember when Cornel West and Tavis ‘fell out’ with Eric Michael Dyson over Obama NOT having a Black Agenda. I did NOT agree with them back then; looking back on it however, both of them were right. This is also […]

Elon Musk is Not Intelligent, just Rich

Elon Musk is not intelligent. He just has a whole lot of money.  This allows him to do whatever he wants to do for the most part, whether it’s a good idea or not. Many of his ideas, are not good ideas. Most of the successful businesses he owns, were created by someone else. Elon […]

Who slapped First Lady Loretta Jones in church?

First Lady Slapped in Church – What is Going On

What is going on in the House of the Lord? The Black church, at one point in the history of the U.S. was a place of refuge. With all of the forces of evil white supremacist hate filled anti black racism, threatening black people at very turn, church was a safe place. We son’t get […]

Episode 1, Secret Invasion - -

Secret Invasion Comes Out Swinging (Episode 1)

Going to ‘try’ not to post spoilers but, same time, if you’re online knowing this came out, you are taking a risk. Secret Invasion, staring Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury is out. Personally I feel it was a strong opening episode. Once again, just in case people dropped by here and have not seen the […]

what is a woman debates

What Is A Woman? America Has Gone Crazy

Let me start out by saying, America has gone crazy.  I’m about to share content from someone who, I’m pretty sure I would not agree with on several subjects. Especially any topic that comes to race or racism, like many conservatives, Matt Walsh is pro white supremacy. Meanwhile, most liberals, especially the white ones, are […]

Jill Biden gives a Man an award on International Women's Day

The Agenda is Real. Quit Lying to Ourselves About it

It’s way past time people get real, and quit lying about it. The agenda is real, and it ‘might’ already be too late.  On International Women’s Day, something happened at the White House, that solidifies a pattern that has been unfolding in our society. Men are taking spots away from women.  It has gone, far […]

Ja Morant - NBA Players

Ja Morant Influenced By White American Media

Let’s discuss how Ja Morant was influenced by white American media. It’s a common story, that not enough black people understand. Images of black people impact how we see ourselves, how we see each other and how Non black people see us.  If you are here, reading that opening line, and don’t already know that […]

Umar Johnson hated Wakanda Forever

Umar Johnson Hated Wakanda Forever – Was He Right?

It’s no secret, Umar Johnson is a controversial figure. He gave his thoughts recently on Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Marvels’ Black Panther.  His commentary is worth a listen to, however we do not endorse sending donations to Umar Johnson for his school. We will talk more about that, in a few moments. Stating that […]

Avatar Way of The Water is a worthy sequel

Avatar Way Of The Water Review by

If you have not seen Avatar Way of the Water yet, it’s Thursday.   You really should not be on the internet, unless you want spoilers.  This will not really be a in depth spoiler, just a reaction to what I saw, this past Sunday.  I was on YouTube, saw a poll from Screencrush; about 45% […]

Jake Lockley hiding in plaine sight - Moon Knight

Jake Lockley is Handled Masterfully in MoonKnight

The way that Jake Lockley is handled in the television series Moon Knight, is masterful. Throughout this show we are mostly shown Two ‘personalities’ of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Speaking with an English accent, Steven is the main focus, and it seems that Marc is a wildcard. At least, that is how it’s presented […]

all falls down - white lives matter

Ye’s White Lives Matter Shirt Was Genius

Hear me out, no, you did not read the title wrong. Ye’s White Lives Matter Shirt was genius and I’m about to explain why! Stick with me though. I’ll try to hit it early and not keep you too long.   When the ‘phrase’ Black Lives Matter first picked up steam, sadly, as Mike Brown was […]