D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives

D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives


It was refreshing to see D.L. Hughley make a return to Bill Maher’s Real Time this past Friday, on HBO. Here’s a clip from that show which I feel is quite possibly Some of the best 8:15 you’ll spend for the rest of this year (update 4/8/17 the original clip was taken down and I cannot find it; it’s been replaced with two clips from D.L. Hughley’s appearance) … as D.L. starts out in this clip with so much Heat, as usual. His presence in my opinion has been sorely missed as, I still enjoy the show, however to be honest it’s been less ‘colorful’ as it used to be. Guests like Mos Def, Chris Rock, and D.L. used to show up a bit more often and so did others like Dr. Cornel West and Professor Michael Eric Dyson.

These diverse voices provided insight from the Black Experience in America. To me that is a view that is always going to benefit a show like Real Time, which is and always has been an awesome platform for non Politically Correct Commentary, on Social and … Political issues. Check out this Clip …

“More black men have been killed by the police than Voter fraud, but Voter fraud is the thing they wanted to investigate.” D.L. Hughley on how America endorses it’s treatment of black people. (added 4/8/17)

You see… this is the SIMPLEST point in the world that is being skirted around, and skirted around, and skirted around by far too many white people… (in the original clip, D.L. Hughley was cut off several times, while making these brilliant points. Including  other quotes below.)

I have stated in the past, right here on this blog that White People are the Only ones who can End Racism

In the clip from the show, D.L. Hughley started out by saying that he wished you guys (Republicans and conservatives) hated the Police Union as much as you hate the Teachers Union. That was a real jab and hopefully you have HBO and can pull up the entire episode.  That back and forth is even better in it’s entire context. But what a point out the gates that so many people keep trying to express – but keep getting ignored. This nation refuses to get up in arms and mobilize to simply put an end to racism.

But those teachers are making far too much money – and their unions must be stopped!

D.L. Hughley raised another point; that You’ll never see a #BlackLivesMatter T-shirt at the Republican National Convention.

So much talk from conservatives online, when it does come to Black Lives Matter isn’t positive. Instead you’ll see a lot of attempts to suggest that All Lives Matter – which is absolutely a slap in the face to the awareness that the other message is attempting to spread. We are well aware in this nation that all lives matter.

Michael Vick served time in prison over the treatment (and deaths) of pitbulls. We value the lives of animals, with more vigor and verve than we do Black life.

Something is Wrong with that picture …

One of the things I have always appreciated about Bill Maher is that for the most part (not always but usually) … he gets it.

He understands the real plight of the black man and woman in America.

When former Senator Jane Harmon chimed in about … “the Successful Negroes” …

Bill responded on que, letting her know that kinda comment, doesn’t really ‘make things better’.

He’s right – it’s a patronizing comment.

Quiet down Negroes, you can be a success if you JUST work hard enough; Look at President Obama!

… look at D.L. Hughley

No seriously, look at him – as he retorted, he’s done pretty well in America too; BUT – the ultimate point that “A FEW BLACKS MAKING GOOD MONEY, DOES NOT MEAN ALL BLACKS OR EVEN MOST BLACKS HAVE THAT SAME OPPORTUNITY” …. Continues to go unheard …. by those who seem to have no Real understanding of why it’s WRONG To oppress people of color;  THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND why it’s WRONG to continually murder people of color – why it’s Absurd to bring up a small % of blacks who have … ‘made it’ … because, just as Bill Maher pointed out; Chris Rock joked about the reality of this situation…. Sometimes, it’s better to use a joke to get a serious point across.

Oddly enough, this routine has turned out to be pretty Prophetic.

“Black people have No Fucking Wealth …. Shaq is Rich; the white man who signs his check is Wealthy!” – Chris Rock

Prior to hitting home, on how huge the Income Inequality is in our nation; so many years before recent studies were done, showing us what so many knew – that the dispariage between what the average white man and woman earn, compared to what black men and women earn – is HUGE.

Check out this chart, from 2012 … (The Wealth Gap and Race – courtesy of CNN.com)


For those who read this article, you’ll see that the average white household is making $110,729 (as of in 2010), while the average black household, according to Census Bureau figures at that time, came in at Under $5,000 …  This Lack of money, explains nearly every single problem that, racist white people want to bring up …

Black on black crime … which racist white people (and non-blacks … and tom blacks) love to point out as a Bigger Deal than Police Killing Blacks – is directly tied to black people NOT having any money…

The lack of Fathers in the black home – which Racists …(I’ll just call them … people) LOVE to bring up; suggesting that would STOP blacks from committing ‘so much crime” … is directly tied to black people not having money; to the income inequality that has been created FOR black people, by a supremacist system, set up to give advantages to some.

The blacks who are locked up for selling drugs, ARE WORTH  a lot of MONEY To the private prisons so many of them are in. Jobs are being created for police officers to keep an eye on the prisoners; jobs are created for Judges, Lawyers, who often happen to mostly be white. Doctors stay in business, as do Coroners and Funeral Homes. Tow Truck companies are always making money from towing cars of people who’ve been arrested.

There are a lot of people, mostly white, who benefit from the mistreatment of black people in America……

And often it is these same, racist people who are the loudest, when asking “Why are they burning down their own communities…?”

They refuse to understand why these young black men and women do not feel the Same about America, as whites who are making 22 times MORE money, than they are.

Prophetically, as Chris Rock proclaimed … we are looking at a society where Medical Marijuana is a reality in many States in the union. Coincidentally most of the areas that have allowed it, are predominantly white. The rules and regulations that have been put in place, make it difficult for anyone who is black, brown, or convicted of a felony to participate in the Green Rush, as it’s currently being called.

Also the main thing keeping black people out of the game, are the fees associated with getting a Medical Clinic up and running.

So, they finally allow brothas to sell weed ‘legally’ – but, as usual, make it way too expensive for brothas to get a piece of the pie.

When you get a moment, read these powerful reports exposing the truth about how blacks are being shut out – Once again!

and also read an article which I feel presents the “other Side” – for those of you who are African American – understand that just because white America has historically sought to keep you out; you can still FIND ways to get in; and the following article actually talks in detail about that; along with the future of this industry which will create many of the future Billionaires.

Education and Opportunity are sorely lacking in the black community to circle back to the top – another point that D.L. Hughley slipped in on his return to Real Time. With so much opportunity around, it doesn’t matter if people are not educated to ‘spot’ opportunity. People need to know what opportunity looks like, and literally what to do to benefit from it. A lot of bad information has been given to the black community, in order to cause them to continue stumbling.

That is one of many reasons that this platform was established.

That is why we must all continue to fight for Net Neutrality, to keep this Internet free and open – so that we can continue to share, and discover Good information; more accurate information. That’s what education actually is – in a nutshell it is information. Just as blacks are often given bad information, whites are too. White people are victims of racism, just as are other ethnicities caught up in the mix.

White people have been told that racism is over, and that no obstacles are in a black man’s path.

Asians are told that blacks are poor because they are lazy, do not trust them or do business with them.

Hispanics are even being put on a higher pedestal, because ‘divide and conquer’ is the name of their game.

Just as colorism impacts black people to this day – the divisions are what keep us from coming together.

It really is that simple; putting what we are told are differences aside – to find out how much we are actually all alike!

If those police officers saw Freddie Gray as a human being, they would have treated him the way they would have wanted to be treated; they would’ve called for Medical help right away. They would’ve strapped him in, so he would not slide around. They would have got him to the destination they were headed to, rather than take several side streets and make additional stops. This is why HT’s like #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter are so disingenuous.

The very same logic, that a Police officer has the right to come home to his or her family – applies to a black man and woman too.

bottom line …


Only right to leave you with more from D.L. Hughley, in his return to Real Time – commenting on “Opportunity Costs”; we’ve spent Billions on War; that could’ve went to fixing the problems in Baltimore, and everywhere else –