3 Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Secrets that Influence Present day U.S. Society

One of the most advanced civilizations since our inception on Earth is Ancient Kemet/Egypt. Let us examine a few questions that reveal many of the sacred teaching for instance, 1. Why does the Sun Set? Egyptian occult knosunset finalwledge teaches that the Deity Amun was loyal to the Gods of enads of Egypt and it gave him the title Amun. When the Sun Diety manifested Amun evolved to Amun Ra, as the word “Ra” in Egypt is related to fire. Within the  Egyptian family, in the Bible it teaches Moses confronted the family of Gods in Egypt. He came into Amun and Ra, but also the Deity Osirus. Osirus was considered the God of the Underworld, but Osirus brother “Set” wanted to be the true God of the underworld. So this is why the Sun Sets. Because as the Sun falls the world is filled with Darkness; this is why we say that the Sun Sets.

2. Why in all religions the Mosque, Churches and the Washington Monument are shaped like a Lighthouse? It dates back to Egypt when the Deity Isis desired to birth a Son, she was considered without a son, sunless therefore without light because her mate Osirus was killed. Isis began to seek out Osirus whom she used his Penis to birth their first born son, later on many doctorates of society mimicked and transformed this into the Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus or Yeshuah. Since Osirus was murdered by his brother Set final monument(Immaculate conception: ancient teachings convey that women could birth children without a man(very controversial). Tall Cathedrals in Christian Churches, the tall Minaret in the Mosque and the great Library in Egypt (Library of Alexandria or Al Iskandariya) it contains the largest lighthouse in the world because the Lights symbolizes the Semen from Osirus Penis, which brings forth the light. The birth of the son symbolizes the Tower of light(Lighthouse). This is relative to the Bible script: final isisSt. John Chapter 1 it states the light is the life of Man.This explains why all Lighthouses and religious structures are shaped like the penis.




3. Did the Flag of the United States of America come from Egyptian law? Originally ancient Kemetic/Egyptian Crowns of the South were red. Referred to as the Deshret. It encompasses a uraeus; rearing cobra. Egyptian Pharoahs of the desert Red Land and other areas donned this red crown. Analyze the photo of the White Crown a headdress of Nekhbet and Horus(Heru) Pharaohs in the Northern area of Egypt flag2finalizewore them. Since time and memorial White is a color of divinity, purity as your ancestors and their descendant (you) are still pure. Notice the Blue Crown, symbolic of battle related to the Masonic system of governance, common way of life and a relation to the unifying of different regions of Kemet/Egypt, orchestrated Narmer a Pharaoh in 3200 B.C. The Blue headdress; Khepresh, is a symbol of war.

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