Bankers commit crimes

Corporate White Privilege, Bankers Commit Crimes and do NO Time

Bankers Commit Crimes and do NO Time

At first glance when I read the article on these six Banks; Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Barclays Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Plc who were sued and plead guilty. I thought maybe the Federal Government is finally trying to bring justice to corporate criminal activity. Nevertheless, I was extremely wrong in assuming (we all know what happens when you ASS-U-ME!) and the government did not disappoint me after again failing to deliver due justice. Watch the video. Notice that the representatives of these Banks were not given any jail time nor were they even identified for that matter.

They plead guilty and were forced to pay back 6 Billion between six different Banks. So trust, six Billion dollars is a setback, but not much of a dent in their operations being that you can pull the finances of these Banks. They earn Millions in late fees alone from Banking customers, not to mention interest and other investments which they profit from.

For those who may not study law understand, that these Banks plead guilty. There was no lengthy trial and the investigation has more evidence that was disregarded due to the fact that the Banks entered a plea agreement. Therefore it was a Plea bargain on the table. Analyze that for a second! How can one bargain with a crime?

Either you are guilty or innocent. No one should be able to bargain when they commit wrongs that affect the livelihood of human beings. It is clearly another instance of Corporate White privilege, especially if you compare recent current events where 3 Black School Teachers were sentenced to 7 Years In Prison In Atlanta for a teaching scandal.

Corporate White Privilege: Keeping White People Safe, Matters!

The fraud and double standard are obviously noticeable, in the case of these banking institutions, I did not see any names named or Bankers receiving time in prison in fact, I am willing to bet these owners of these institutions are private investors to the profit for prison phenomenon.

Make no mistake about this, honest clients who invest money in stocks/currency et cetera are affected. When Banks manipulate currency rates so they themselves do not lose profit. It is like a child playing a video game.  They can enter a cheat code and breeze through the entire game and ultimately be the benefactor of cheating.

Authorities of the United States have rarely pursued criminal convictions against notorious global financial institutions. Which no one in their right mind can deny, this negligence is by designing and conspiracy.

We have seen Black Fathers jailed for failure to pay a child support debt, which is not even 1% of the money embezzled by these Banks.

When do we hold society responsible?

Better yet, when do our public officials; Senators, Congressmen, Politicians and law enforcement officers prosecute these criminals instead of choking Eric Garner to death for smuggling a few cigarettes? All in all, as usual, it seems that what’s good for the Goose is not good for the gander.

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