Why Do Most White People Hate President Obama? is it because he is Black?

I am sorry, but as the old adage goes, “Call a Duck a Duck and a Spade a Spade”. Recently we have seen an enormous amount of clear blatant prejudice, hate and discrimination towards our Commander in Chief Barrack Obama. Even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see, since Obama’s Inauguration and even during the Presidential debate most White people have clearly shown their true colors. Instead of attempting to spread lies in to ignite racial tension, let me just show the facts of the hate and racism towards Obama.

Now before viewing these disgusting racist attacks on the President I want all viewers to take notes on what race of people are mainly inducing these racist remarks via twitter. (Why Do They Hate President Obama?)

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o4they hate president obama tooFurthermore, we also have been informed that even white people have infested the Google search engine with their hatred for Obama, “Type the word s “nigga house” into Google Maps, or the more explicit version of that phrase, and watch the mapping service direct you straight to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’d have to say even through all the racist remarks I have witnessed against the President, the one that was the icing on the cake was the picture posted of the President in a noose being hung. Americans truly do not realize how viscous and atrocious slavery was in the Union State societies, Women and Children were hung like animals, I cannot stress enough how deeply unaware people are of the severity of what happened during the times of slavery. I feel some things are just off limits and should not be made a mockery.

Socially the evidence of our society in the U.S. moving one step forward and going two steps backwards when we think about the issue of race is clear as daylight.

Final Hung Obama (hate for the president)

Take a look at the hateful propaganda that was shown towards Barack early in his election.

Again please take note that most of the people making these comments are white! Of course, one could say that not all White people hate Obama. But I charge those white people who don’t dislike Obama to call out the racism of their peers, because it seems most Whites act as if his skin color is not an issue. “The silence of good people is more destructive than the vicious behavior of those who are bigots” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The madness doesn’t stop there take a look at this video where this woman not only calls Obama a Nigger but wishes he be assassinated (sick twisted mentality). She even tries to justify her racist remark by claiming she is not racist and if Obama was assassinated she would not care.

That for one is a threat and considered a felony, of course the women was not charged with the crime she committed.


Let me put forth the challenge for anyone to show me Assassinate FInal (they Hate President Obama)Black people who have displayed this much racism towards any White President?

Classic footage of the Presidential election where most Whites admitted they did not want to see a Black man in office. What boggles my mind is that most of these people clearly expressed hatred towards Obama without logical reasoning. Typically in the United States the stereotype of Black males is that they are lazy, abusers of welfare and uneducated, now we know this is NOT a fact, nevertheless, President Obama is well-articulated and highly educated yet most Whites still seem to have hatred for him, I know this statement may sound overly judgmental but what other conclusion can one come to when you see footage like this!


Conclusively, there will always be hatred and prejudice in America this seems to be a fact, Most people claim that the world perceives Black people as our own worst enemy, but clearly when you look at all of the Black leaders who are assassinated like Malcolm, Martin or Marcus Garvey to name a few, it is apparent that people in high places hate to see Blacks prosper.

Even worse racism is being taught at the dinner tables in private homes. Hatred is learned and the sad part is Adults put this sick racist information into the minds of naïve children and it enters their brain unmolested at an early age.

This is the essence of the problem, when will it end?

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