Kev On Stage Karma strikes after bashing Kevin Samuels

Karma came for Kev On Stage? Kevin Samuels gets Revenge?

Let me start out saying, I really enjoy Kev on Stage. To me he’s pretty funny when it comes to a lot of his online content. I did, unfortunately also see the ‘clip’ that is in the video I’m abou tto share, from Oshay Jackson.  Oshay has been a real close friend of Kevin Samuels since before his untimely passing. Again, sadly, a lot of black women disappointedly celebrated his passing. Unfortunately, as we see too often, several black men followed the lead of those black women.

Kev On Stage, had jokes for Kevin Samuels’ death – but has it backfired??

To see Kev on Stage now BEGGING for people to spend money on his patreon is really something. Hard not to say, this just may be karma for hate. Putting hate out for people who’ve done nothing to you is never going to go well.  All the attempts to pander to black women in his audience, and those black women are not contributing financially to his platform.  This is very interesting indeed.

I wasn’t one of Kevin Samuels’ god children. He was no god father to me. Cause really, he was saying things that men have been talking about internally for years. He jus said them on camera, and said them to several women who needed to hear what he had to say. What he said however, bothered several women. 

The problem however, with all of it, is that we as a community are not discussing if what Kevin was saying – was true.

Reports are circulating right now about the rate of divorce in lesbian couples. Interestingly they have the highest rate of divorce, while gay men have the lowest. Kevin Samuels would often speak on how over 50% of black men are childless and have never been married. Also over 70% of women initiate divorce and leave marriages.

What is the common factor in lesbian and heterosexual relationships?   – Women –

Perhaps, Kevin Samuels was right in what he was trying to tell women.  Kev’s cohost here, stated that Kevin’s commentary had men treating women of a ‘certain age’ as if they are worthless. But, in the videos I saw, Kevin often pointed out how women in fact, go out of their way, to make men feel worthless. Especially if those men are not making a ‘certain amount of money’. This wasn’t new information for the male community. We still remember when TLC made ‘No scrubs’

Terms like ‘high value man’ were used to describe the kind of man women want. It wasn’t describing all men. Several men had issue with the term, since it was based on finance and not character. The term however was about what women wanted in a man, and high value character is not high on their lists. That is a problem for women.  This kind of mentality leads to women choosing men who are not going to be faithful, for one, cause those men have more options than other men have. Choosing a man based on what he has, over who he is, never ends well.

But are women even listening when men talk?

Answer to that question tends to be no, unless you are saying what women want to hear.

Several women have gay male friends, who often spew extremely hateful things about straight males. Things they say, ‘agree’ with what women want to hear. Also there are men like Derick Jaxn, who build entire platforms off talking bad about men, to impress women.  After years of Derick Jaxn calling men fuck boys to please, often unhappy, single women, we found out Derick was the fuck boy he was describingHe had been cheating on his wife, with women he was meeting through the platform he created.

Yet, those are the kind of men most women are listening to and being influenced by.  Should they instead, have taken Kevin Samuels more seriously?  Perhaps Kev on Stage would have gained more support had he taken a different stance aswell.

Maybe, instead of seeking to pander to women, or thinking he would lose his audience for supporting Kevin Samuels, perhaps he should have taken a stand for men.  Again, with 75% of lesbian marriages ending in divorce, largely for the same reasons heterosexual relationships end, it tells us men, are largely not the problem when it comes to relationships. I know women don’t want to hear that. Hearing it from Kevin Samuels caused them to hate that mans guts.  But, as some men have also said for years now …. Women hate truth.

Of course, there are men that hate truth as well. There are also women who love & embrace truth, several of which were openly supportive of the message Kevin Samuels was sharing.

*my hope in sharing this is that women will sit down, and consider, if maybe they can be better than they are.  Again, this does not mean all or most men are perfect. Men however, are not ‘as bad’ as men have been painted to be.  Just as we ask men to be better, to work on themselves and improve; We need women to be better as well.  It will result in us shaping better men and women and build a better world for the future…..

Most of these conversations are met with anger from women.

Something Kevin Samuels would say is it’s SIGN Language. Shame, Insults, Guilt, Name Calling. We see this play out when these discussions happen. Men are insulted, shamed, called names, or blamed for all of the problems. Yet, as the video below points out, men lie, women lie, numbers do not.

Lastly, the comments in these videos, are not necessarily mine. However these are worth your review. One more video for the road.