Who slapped First Lady Loretta Jones in church?

First Lady Slapped in Church – What is Going On

What is going on in the House of the Lord? The Black church, at one point in the history of the U.S. was a place of refuge. With all of the forces of evil white supremacist hate filled anti black racism, threatening black people at very turn, church was a safe place. We son’t get into all of the things that have occurred over these many years, but as of today, the black church is a far cry from what it once was. Many will blame the preachers of these once, holy gathering places. Several feel today, most are entirely about the money they can make – while there are still a few, doing ‘right’ by their congregations.

Bishop Noel Jones, falls into an interesting category.

He’s actually one of the most dynamic preachers to ever grace the pulpit. His ability to preach and teach, is up there with the very best. If you’re actually looking to understand more about the bible, about what Christianity is ‘supposed to be’ about, his sermons are a great place to start. Not here to convert anyone today. I realize people have various beliefs already. Once again, many are turned entirely off by Christianity, due mostly to how poorly it has been represented, by those who call themselves, Christians.

Saying all that to say, just what the hell happened here?  Apparently, a woman came into church and assaulted the first lady, Bishop Noel Jone’s wife, Lorretta.

This commentary below, talks more about it – Be prepared to laugh however – Very Unserious commentary of a serious matter. Who Slapped the First Lady?

*obligatory – the views expressed in the video above, are not my own.

I laughed so hard at this man’s version of these events.  This is, however, a very serious matter.  I do no condone nor endorse attacking people in public places. That’s one of our problems as a society – our inability to disagree without resorting to violence. Feeling violence will solve the problems we are having, only to create more.

Also, the ‘reasons stated’ here, do not sound coherent. Giving her daughter cancer after she stalked her for a year? It would appear, that this woman is entirely crazy. Yet, another increasing problem in our society, which does not have adequate help for people struggling with mental illness. One may ask, what role can or should the church play in assisting people with mental health matters?  Depending on the church, several actually do lend assistance.

“The Church” is the congregation however, something most people tend to forget.

Meaning, if a group of people come together, and decide they want to help address these issues – they can. If they want to run those kinds of programs through a church, that too is possible. Collective efforts have incredible results. But often issues in society spill over into churches. No longer a refuge, church is often more of a mirror. Over time, the ‘beliefs’ of the church have been attacked. Many are not as ‘strict’ as they used to be, in an effort to retain members.

Some could also argue that, the changes they’ve made to hang onto members, have pushed members away.

All the divisions in society have spilled over into divided churches, with differing doctrines. In a world that needs ‘more unity’ and not less, let us hope the church can get itself together.

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