atlantis found in Africa

Did Jimmy Find Atlantis And What Does That Mean

Atlantis has been found and it’s been hiding in plain sight.  A channel on YouTube ‘Bright Insight’ run by Jimmy Corsetti, broke the story a 5 years ago. Since releasing a video that explained, in pretty good detail, that the Eye of Africa matches the description of Atlantis to a tee. From the 3 concentric circles, to the entire mystery surrounding ‘how’ it was formed, even the mountain ranges surrounding the area, almost everything about it looks about right.

Let’s get into it. Did Jimmy Find Atlantis and What does that mean?

In the rare event that you are here and have not seen the video, let me link that to you here. Most likely the video won’t play on here.

His guest, David Stig Hansen went all the way in, here on Rumble. Jimmy is one of those conservatives who doesn’t really like YouTube due to the censorship that does happen, depending on what you’re talking about. This is the “Full” stream which includes the Opening portion from YouTube – and the entire conversation that concludes on Rumble.

This story has been a ‘mystery’ since I was a child. Confirmation that this city existed has significant meaning. It means that humanity, as many people theorize was far more advanced than we are today.

Atlantis found in the Eye of Africa

Yet, as you are hearing in this video, Jimmy has gotten significant pushback from the ‘established’ officials. People like, Randall Carlson, who is mentioned often in this video, uses his influence to shoot down all discussion that the Richat Structure is Atlantis.

That said, just listen as both the original video released (5 years ago from today) and this updated conversation, as people go to the area, evidence is all around. From the names of the locations to the size of the area. Something important comes up as well.

Mali, Mauritania and .. Mansa Musa – the richest man to ever live. These were Africans and that is where the problem is. White society has hidden the truth from everyone. Since Jimmy is a conservative, like a lot of white men he has racist anti-black views. He doesn’t really express those that I know of so I could be wrong. But it’s the unwillingness to call out other white people for their racism that I’m referring to.

Instead he and his guest, and others like them, all remain befuddled as to why they keep getting pushback.

The answer is racism, like it is with so many things. In order for whiteness to continue to believe it is superior to everyone black, they cannot tell the truth about history. Other archeologists like Graham Hancock do this too. They speak on how ancient structures prove that a far more advanced society of ‘human’ beings lived on earth. He and others challenge the accepted belief that these were more primitive people.

All of them continue to ‘wonder aloud’ why their theories are not being taught as mainstream by now. The answer is simpler than they want it to be. White people do not want to acknowledge that any other people were greater than Greece and Rome. Even with all the evidence that if anything, Egypt gave rise to both.

There is evidence to suggest another civilization also lived on earth.

According to a distant relative of Plato, that civilization was known as Atlantis.  It was a global ’empire’ which may explain many common structures found all around the world. Many also having similar ‘drawings’ as well. In addition to that, several ‘spiritual’ beliefs also are very similar in all of these ancient civilizations, some of which are still being ‘uncovered’.

What many of these historians have found, in all of their searching, is life on earth may just be far more extensive than we’ve been told. The part most of them leave out is that much of that ‘life’, was black. This is why none of the established historians want to acknowledge what Jimmy has uncovered.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, who tends to clique with known and suspected white supremacist, probably has not considered this angle. Apparently no one else has told him. He’s ‘so focused on exposing the truth, and others are doing all they can to keep the truth covered in the sands of the Sahara.