tariq nasheed on anti-hetero black male agenda

Anti-Hetero Black Male Agenda Addressed by Tariq; RIP Cynthia G & Toure

Tariq Nasheed decided to address the anti-Hetero Black Male agenda, an agenda who’s existence often is denied.  It’s almost like white people with racism. We all know that racism is a problem and yet white people never admit it. Ask any white person if racism exists today, and they’ll play it down 90% of the time.  The reason they don’t admit it, is to keep whatever advantage they get from it in place. It’s a tactic.

Literally, it is an agenda to maintain power over others. If white people start working with us to end racism, they may have to actually earn their keep. Having to compete on an equal playing field is never the goal, for them. Unfortunately, it would seem that the homosexual population in our nation is being propped up by the media. This is not to speak negatively on their chosen lifestyle. I’m not here to say if they were born that way or what, nor am I here to judge. However, when we look at what ‘role’ the media is playing, and has been playing, how are we even debating this?

As of late though, the media has gone from simply promoting pro-gay ideas, to now, increasingly, promoting Anti-Hetero Black Male ideas.

This is layered, and historical in it’s context. For those of us who truly understand, as much of human history as is possible to know. I don’t mean whether or not people were  sleeping with the same sex in antiquity. I’m talking about the idea, that gay black males are ‘safer’. These men are seen as ‘less of a threat’ to white supremacy. I’m talking about the historical context of how this ‘card’ is used, to divide black unity.  We talked about it before here, when stating that VerySmartBrothas.com was Very Wrong about Straight Black males. Notice, the word ‘straight‘ was thrown into their smear piece, very anti-hetero black male.

You have to see the full video On YouTube –

To truly understand the Anti-Hetero Black Male agenda, is to understand History. We need information and knowledge to understand things in our reality now. Too many people are going through life without real context. For example, Professor Kaba Kamene appeared on The African History Network to discuss Kanye West. His recent comments, actually, also fall into this same historical context.   It’s all part of this ongoing conquest to control black society, and black men. Kanye West, declaring that he is free, was challengned by Van Lathan. Van pointed out, he’s anything but free!

Listen to this discussion now —

Slavery did not exist in Africa. The word Slavery, comes from Slav; The first to be enslaved were people in Europe. Cultural Servitude existed in Africa, but that exists now. It’s called being  maid or a butler.  But that was different from slavery.” …. paraphrased from above – Professor Kaba Kamene quoting – “World’s Great Men of Color

Slavery was a whole ‘new level’, that the world had not seen before. Breaking a slave, so that he or she would not rebel was the goal. Systems upon systems were put in place to keep slaves in their place.  The system of slavery started in Slavic Nations – (The Roots of Slavery, BBC.co).  No man or woman who was a slave, chose to be that. Many chose to survive so that some day, future generations would be free. Several generations later, that fight continues, but in different ways.

Throughout this struggle, there has been a theme. The anti-hetero black male theme is abundant in U.S. History. It’s especially picking up steem in the Present.

That is where Tariq’s issues with TheRoot come in. I’ll be the first to tell you I have no idea how this all began.  It sounds like, listening to the commentary from Tariq, TheRoot took issue with some of his comments About anti-hetero black male agenda laced articles on their website. Michael Harriot, apparently responded saying all the writers are straight black males. This then caused Tariq to respond, with evidence that several writers for TheRoot are gay men. Not that their sexual orientation matters. However Tariq’s point is, when these men are gay, and bashing straight men, it’s a problem. I happen to agree as well.

If gay males do not want straight males attacking them and their lifestyle, can we get the same in return?

I write this as a hetero black male, with several people in my life who identify as homosexual. They’re all wonderful people, as many of us know. As a society we have evolved to the point where we understand that people chose to sleep with whomever they wish. Their sexuality, isn’t the issue.

Unfortunately there are people in their communities who are ‘not so wonderful’, as human beings. There are spiteful, bitter gay people who have an issue with straights….  maybe people around them made fun of them as kids and they vowed to get revenge. On All straight people … Who knows? However, that’s how it looks when they go out of their way to get into positions of influence in media, and express views that are very anti-hetero, all the time.

I can remember when Tariq Nasheed was talking about Catcalling. That whole discussion was all about hating on black men. There were entire videos that ‘went viral’, that all painted black men in a negative light. What was said then, is still true now. That white lady in the video just didn’t want black men talking to her. If a white male came up to her, she would be more receptive.

That being said, years later, the ‘marketing’ seems to have worked. It’s now, known as being a ‘toxic male’ with ‘entitlements’ if a man approaches a woman.  Women are now calling compliments from men, sexual harassment. Do you know how we got here? From gay males in the media telling women that Straight males are creeps, perverts, dogs, potential rapists, and all sorts of negatives you can think of. Unchallenged, for nearly 20 years now, their ideas have soaked deeply into society.

And people like Tariq Nasheed, who dare says anything about it, is almost on an Island – prime to be attacked.

In so many ways (again, I promised you correlated context right?) – This is how white people kept black slaves on the plantation.  Through isolation methods for blacks and propaganda for whites.  They turned one group of society ‘against’ another. Whites were told that blacks were happy to be slaves, weren’t fully human, and this was ordained by God. Slaves were ‘also’ given propaganda as well. Restricted from reading, punished if they were caught with a book, all used to beat them into mentally believing all was well.

Then came the early versions of anti-hetero black male agenda – taking the man out the home. Leaving the black woman unprotected and vulnerable. Raping her, and using black women to produce mulatto children to work the fields.  Also, raping the black boys, to lessen the number of, …. you got it … straight black men, who would stop them from raping the black women.

Everything goes together …. agendas are real, and for certain. People use them, and stick to them, abiding by them, because agendas work. Agendas get goals accomplished. Shout out to all my … Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished black men and women. Thank you for stopping by to read this. I also hope you watched or listened to Both clips. More are below…

Twitter is onto the anti-hetero black male agenda …. 




REST in Peace Cynthia G. Please leave Tariq alone …. that prayer and the goFundMe for the wig is too much. Stand down please….

Below is a clip of the Cynthia G. Burial Ceremony Roast….

That was entirely too much… I actually felt bad for her, after I got done laughing. (Sorry… but it’s true. I laughed way too hard…)

Rest in Peace Toure, who yes, has been a sellout for several years. His anti-hetero black male agenda vibe has been present throughout his media/journalism career.  He is one of those early versions of a ‘safe negro’ who whites accept into their spaces. Sunken place negroes who can be used as tokens to speak against the black community, are an old trick … Here is that commentary Tariq mentioned, of Toure hating on 2pac, during his rape case. He sat down with VladTV to share some thoughts. Look at how ready he is, to attack Tupac. Just like that other piece of shit who he worked with at MTV, Tabitha Soren. (media Agendas against strong, straight black males, are historical in context…)

You can also read his 1995 article from Toure, about Tupac. (a reprint from his Village Voice article)

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before here, but I’m not the biggest fan of VladTV. So I’m sure they also, could not wait to team up with Toure for this segment.  How does he not know the name of the Accuser when he covered the case is beyond me. However, once again the ‘media’ is not letting this man rest in peace. The woman who may have been paid for this story, was shown to be dishonest in the trial. However, Toure does say that he ‘called himself’ covering who Tupac was. He says it was ‘performance art’, and tries to clean it up. However, to say that is to take away from his trademark realness.

Perhaps, that is the goal…..

Because the anti-hetero black male agenda is … a unfortunate reality.

Lil Boosie, on VladTV talking about how ‘the rape allegations of the 90’s are back’ …..

“Everybody ain’t do all these rapes man …..some of it might have happened, but a lot of them probably said yes …. Remember the early 90’s, with Mike Tyson, 2pac and all that, it’s starting to come back around.” – Lil Boosie

Related, closing out, Nick Cannon. Also sitting down with VladTv, talking about Men in Power. No parts of this article is to suggest that all men are innocent. There are straight males who are not living right in our society. But there are also other people, playing ‘off’ of that power. Everyone has … agendas.   While discussing dark energy in Enertainment, the anti-hetero black male agenda again, comes up.