diamond and silk tomming hard for white culture

Diamond And Silk Tomming For Rosanne

Here’s Diamond and Silk, “Tomming for Rosanne”.  I mean, we just told you that Tomming is out of control…. If you needed an example of High Level Cooning, look no further.

When Trump Insults people … ‘that was during the primary’ …

Making ‘exceptions’ is the entire game.  Treating white people one way, and blacks entirely different is the foundation.  Notice how these two Toms are calling for punishments to be handed down on blacks, for insulting people. Then when it’s mentioned that Donald Trump has been calling people names, they’re quick to defend him. They are here defending Rosanne for making a racially offensive remark on twitter. She apologized, so it’s all good, and no punishment should come. But, if that’s what we’re gonna do get the black folks too … Diamond and Silk said.

Black people call them names too, they said. They just got called a boot licking coon, by a ‘comedian’, they said.  If comedians are allowed to insult people, then all insults should be allowed! Sounds like sensible arguments!! Well crafted ‘talking points’ that will please white people’s ears.  That is what Diamond and Silk are all about.  These two toms will say anything to make white people smile…. It’s literally how they pay their bills.

This includes, acting as if black people calling one another monkey, coon, bitch, hoe or of course … nigga … are all “just as bad” … if not WORSE … than what Rosanne did.

Calling “names” is not All Equal ….

If a white person wants to call a black person a nigger, we know historically that is all bad. Using that word, white people decided they were more ‘human‘ than blacks were. It was used to justify enslaving, raping, and using blacks as property. They broke black families apart, creating generational dysfunction.  To back up their ideology of hate, white people used various forms of propaganda. Through printed media, movies and eventually television, whites pushed the hate.  They created the entire narratives that plague us, to this day.

Calling black people niggers, makes white people feel like they are, somehow better. They’re not better.  Historically, we can see that the white race is mostly a very Violent race. They are insecure and feel threatened by the existence of non-white people. They use all forms of warfare, including words towards the derogation others, to dominate over them.

So to accuse us of being violent is like accusing a man who is being lynched, who is being hung on a tree, simply because he struggles vigorously against his lyncher, the victim is accused the violence but the lyncher is never accused of violence.

And I only point this out because the various racist groups that are set up in this country by whites and who have actually practiced violence against blacks for 400 years are never associated or identified or made synonymous with the term violence, but whites speak of Muslims almost synonymously with violence. Whenever Muslims are mentioned by them, violence is brought up, but it’s not connected with any other group.

This is a sort of a propaganda tactic or what I would call psychological warfare to in some way make the image of the Muslims in this country the violent image rather than a religious image – Malcom X

Calling blacks derogatory names is a form of psychological warfare.

They lost that ‘right’ to use those words, but being who they are, white people continue to use them anyways.

They’ll continue to say offensive things to & think negative things about, black people.  In and of itself, that is not harmful. However, when white people are in positions of power, as white people tend to be, those offensive and negative thoughts turn into ‘actions’.

This is how no black actors are nominated for their hard work, when Oscar season comes around. The people making decisions, hold negative views of black people, and naturally this spills over into how they see black talent.

White people holding, sharing, and expressing negative views, in a society where they have been ‘empowered‘ to preside over almost all of it, is not ok. It’s also much different for people without power, to do the same things. NO one is here to say it’s right. I’d agree that black people ‘should’ find a different word to use.  I’d love to see black people never insult one another. However, rarely are black people ever in a position of power to ‘do’ anything to another black person. Therefore, calling one another the N word for example, is not the same.

The context is entirely different.

A black person calling another black person a name, is not to suggest that one is ‘better’ than another.  Diamond and Silk know this.  White people know this, but love to pretend they don’t. So do other non-blacks, who also want to disrespect blacks, with the usage of this word, specifically.

Terms like bitch, hoe, and etc are terms all races use. But, Diamond and Silk are high level Toms, who know to ‘muddy the waters’ and mix everything together. That’s their whole goal, with acting like there ‘is no context’…. when there is always, context.

Pretending that Blacks Insulting one another is “the same thing” as Whites Insulting Blacks – is Whole-fully Ignorant.

“I might see Trinidad James on the street and call him ‘my nigga.’ You know why? Because he is my nigga. And the difference between Trinidad James and you, is that Trinidad James has to deal with the same oppressive situations. He was born into a world where anti-black racism prevails. He lives in a world where police might shoot him on the street no matter how much money he has. We share a collective condition known as ‘nigga.’ White people don’t.” – Marc Lamont Hill

This entire ‘talking point’ of, ‘if whites can’t use it, blacks can’t either’ … that racist white people throw at us, is repeated by the Toms.

Tommand and Tom-silk, are no exception to that rule.

They are such an exaggeration of the most common forms of boot licking coons we have grown accustomed to. The Ben Carsons, and Paris Dennard’s of the world, are no different from a Larry Elder-Tom. We’ve seen their ‘mold’ before. I’ll perhaps suggest that getting a ‘double dose’ of coon from two women may be what’s making this ‘effect’ slightly different. More, expressed than usual. I mean even when Stacey Dash was cooning …. what am I saying … it’s always been this bad.

I think that’s the big issue with it. There are black people who are able to ‘hide’ among us, simply by not being ‘as overt’ with their boot licking.

White people want to be able to continue insulting, oppressing, and withholding opportunity from black people. These have always been their justifiable reasons to do, what they’ve always done. Because of boot licking coons, black people ended up in chains.

If we aren’t careful, history, as it usually does, will repeat.

If you pay attention to the interview, Diamond and Silk say ….

“That’s what we’re Hearing…” – These two sellout b*tches, Diamond and Silk are an Act.  They are Entertainers … with a ‘target audience’.

Ending their idiotic tirade with saying “We were ‘conditioned’ to vote Democratic” ….. as if these two dingbat broads were unable to think for themselves.

The larger picture, is this ‘talking point’ is spun to offend the intelligence of black people at large. These two boot licking coons have no problem with playing that role. We’ve already exposed them, they are on the ‘payroll’ …….. So they’re more than ready to put forth, all the talking points on this matter. Suggesting that black people need to ‘ditch the democratic party’ is full blown talking point central. Naturally the purpose of repeating a lie over and over is to ‘make it truth’.

Even if it’s not truth.  In “Racist Rosanne Reactions” we dive into this deep. We remind you of Hypernormalization in “The Fall of America’s Empire”, and shared an article on a study of what lying does to our brains. When we get lied to enough, eventually we stop ‘fighting’ all the lies. We start to allow lies to creep in. But, a system set up by people who use psychological warfare know this…..

The question is … do You know this …. ?

Let’s Go deeper, and close this out. More Psychological warfare: How The talking point of “White Genocide” is used to unite white people, against non-whites. With Professor Black Truth.


*P.S. Being that no respect was shown to black people… No respect was shown to them, in this commentary.

diamond and silk tomming hard for white culture