white people calling the police on black people

White People Calling The Police on Black People

This whole white people calling the police on black people ‘thing’, is yet another issue that’s been happening for decades.  Like with police beating black people up, or worse, the only thing that is new are cell phones, faster internet, and social media. Now people can record and share what happens. People are going live, and unfortunately, catching these horrid events as they unfold. None of this is new though, but it’s nice that people are starting to notice.

I was on Instagram reading through a post, of intelligent ‘tweets’, on this topic.  In fact, I’ve seen several tweets the past few weeks since the two black men were arrested at Starbucks. If you’ll recall that same week, a black woman was manhandled at Waffle House. What ‘some’ white people began to realize, finally, is they are the problem. I mean yes, black people have been telling them for a while now. It took cell phones and social media to wake them up?

Suddenly, several white people are now trying to talk to one another about this. They’re saying, let’s stop calling the police on black people all the time…. It endangers their lives.

No shit….. sherlocks ….


The white woman on the phone clearly says, it’s illegal to have that kinda grill at the park.  This white woman takes it upon her self to police black people. She feels that calling the police on black people is going to work so she does it. After 2 hours, the police finally arrive, and the white woman goes into a sobbing act.  Ladies and Gentlemen, please refer to the White Victimhood Formula that we gave you a while ago.   White people start shit, then play victim.

White people waste police office resources with this bullshit.

Instead of focusing on real, actual crimes, police are out here harassing black people.



Sadly, white people needed this tweet to be made.  It’s from someone who appears to be black, so hopefully white people hear the message. They tend to only respect a message from a white messenger, most of the time.  The reality of the situation is that white people are a huge obstacle for black happiness.  The black people at the park in Oakland were just trying to enjoy the day. Whenever black people are enjoying life, here come white folks calling the police on us. It is beyond being uncalled for.   Sadly, white people need to be Instructed on what is and what isn’t an emergency.


I literally was on Instagram reading these tweets from someone that screenshot them. Of course, a white guy in the comments starts saying how it’s not necessary to tell white people when to call the police.  He goes on to assert how he should be allowed to call the police if he see’s a strange person looking into a neighbors house. So, I woke up, and responded to that white man. I told him, again, not your job. I went onto talk about how you white people don’t know who that black person is. That black person might WORK for the neighbor, it isn’t your business.

Just the other day, in fact, a black Physical Therapist was making a house call in a predominantly Asian neighborhood.

I was telling the white guy this on Instagram, but I doubt he’ll listen. He ignored all these tweets, and still felt like he can call police when he damn well pleases. So let’s talk more about why calling the police on strangers in your neighborhood is ignorant. The Doctor’s name is Jeremy Aryee. Here is the video….

(The video was removed – possibly related to the Legal Case which you can read here – terminated in September 2018) *update 2/20/19

This habit of Calling the Police extends to Asians as well.

Too many Asian Americans in this nation identify as white. They also, harbor many of the same racist ideas about blacks, due to white propaganda over centuries. So this black doctor was in the neighborhood doing his job. He’s a professional, and even then, still questioned?  Read more about the racial profiling of this black Doctor by the LAPD on NBClosangeles.com


Before I continue on this commentary about white people calling the police on black people, let’s go back.

Paul Mooney broke this issue down decades ago.  As I said, the issue is decades old. While talking about how White people ‘can act’ …. this white lady brought back memories. “White people can cry and faint!”  Paul Mooney said black people need to learn these skills too. White people know all the answers to give in court, even when they are guilty. He talks about how crazy white people are, and this is one of the reasons he’s considered one of the greatest comedians of all time.

Paul Mooney is a motha fucking genius. This comedy set is from at least 20 or 30 years ago.  Through jokes, his social commentary has always been filled with truth, especially about white people. Paul discusses their system of white supremacy brilliantly. As we know a black man can commit the same crime as a white man, and face more jailtime than the white man. Paul Mooney jokes that white people just know the right things to say in court. He also points out that, the judges respond to what whites and blacks say in court, entirely differently.

It’s the same with Police being called on blacks.

When the interact with black people they show far less respect. White people calling the police on blacks, makes them just as guilty of what happens. Let me tell you, the reason Alton Sterling and Eric Garner are dead, is this habit of calling the police. Some white person saw them existing, and figured they shouldn’t.

When white people make the ridiculous statement, that not all white people owned slaves, remember it’s not relevant. Owning slaves required money most white people did not have. However, white people for the most part, fully supported and participated in slavery. If a slave left the plantation, white people were calling the police. Back then it was the ‘slave patrol’, that literally became the patrol, now known as … the police ….



White people have been calling the police on blacks, for centuries. They see nothing wrong with it, and I doubt it’s going to stop now. It really needs to, but I doubt it. You read these tweets and saw a mention of police being called on a black person, while sleeping right? Well let’s close this out, with that one. Yes, a black woman was asleep at Yale University, and a white woman felt endangered. That is right, a black woman sleeping, made a white woman feel nervous! She even said she feared … for her life …

What is wrong with white people?

Why are so many of them, like this …..?

Yale Incident highlights Uneven Burden on Law Abiding Black People. The black woman, was a STUDENT at Yale. As she said, she’s not about to justify her presence on the campus, where she pays Tuition. Sadly, the police had a token black officer that they used to tell her she was not being harassed. But, being asked why you are where you belong, by people who don’t know you is harassment. As you’ll hear her say, the same white woman called the police on her roommate a few months earlier.

White people should go to JAIL for this shit … that ‘might’ teach them to stop doing it. Problem is, will white police officers lock up white people, for calling the police on black people???

Hate to say, we know the answer to that. Closing out with some tweets below ….


This next tweet I’m about to share …. was ‘almost’ right. The lead off was a bit misguided.

Before getting to the point, which I agreed with, they had to throw the disclaimer in there of “If this is true….“. WE need white people to cut that out too. It’s 400 years too late to be giving white people the benefit of the doubt that so many of you want. I get it, none of you want to be called a racist just for being white. I promise you that all black people understand how that feels. We go through this shit, literally, all the time. We can’t even live out our fucking lives, from white people calling the police on us, to bother us, just because we are black. Black folks are sick of being lumped into groups, and treated like we are all ‘criminals’, because of our skin.

So we get, that none of you white people wanna be considered ‘racist’ just because of your skin. But at some point, white people gotta be real about their role in all of these matters. Including the high rates of black people in prison. Black people getting criminal records, mostly because they could not afford to fight the charges. Usually, all stemming from someone white, causing these problems For black people……

It’s like, they wanted to safely discuss it. I’ll give them props for that, because it’s better than silence.

We just need them to cut that whole ‘if it’s true’ part out. Black people are not making this shit up. White people have to do something, about white people. White people have to stop letting each other off the hook.  Policing Whites, has to start to resemble how they Police blacks. What kind of Nation could this be, if white people weren’t this way? How much happiness would we all be enjoying right now? How many people would still be alive, and free, to contribute to the betterment of society?

No, white people you aren’t making America ‘great’ again. America was never great, largely because of the shit white people do.  Continuing to do it, is why the nation continues to sink deeper into the sea. We know about the stories that have made the news, but below is just another day being black.

In closing, it does appear the woman ‘filming’ this white woman calling the police in Oakland, was also white. That explains why the police didn’t immediately shoot her when he got out the vehicle.  As we’ve stated here …. Only White people can End racism – because white people only respect, other white people.  You’ll see a white lady filming her, in this video, from the incident.



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