Covid19 Pandemic Vaccines May Never End (Pfizer)

Covid19 Pandemic Thoughts In March 2022

Almost 2 years since the world entered the Covid19 Pandemic, I had a few thoughts I wanted to get off my chest.

As some of you know, I decided to quit arguing with people about the Panoramic at least One year ago if not more .. and I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve resisted several temptations; Posts that were Clowning folks, who aren’t into getting shots …. cause I mean, I’ve never been about that life; never got a flu shot in 44 years … going on 45 … just not my thing …

BUT several in our society became convinced that everybody better go get this other one; or ELSE They stupid and a million other insults – again, had to just let people talk.
As we sit upon the reality that, the companies who made these, are never gonna stop – and folks are gonna have to continue to get these shots; but hey, the Flu Shot been enjoying that business model for a few decades; Why not get in on that game??

Supply and Demand afterall; and the demand is there.

But they keep that ‘supply’ low, so mfs beg for it; rush out to get it; try to hurry fore it’s gone; The Psychological aspect is brilliant; These puppet masters just be playin mfs … and it’s wild to watch.

The other day I was over at a cousins house; and one of people was goin HAM about how everybody need these shots; I just stood there and listened; let him talk … again, proud of me.
Cause as a Libra, it’s a real struggle, NOT to speak some ‘real shit’ in the midst of some bullshit ….

Most of us are not built that way; Some are; but I see it all the time – in too many Libras; the silliness of the world just gets under our skin; we feel like someone gotta say something or nobody will …

— I’ll take a moment to repeat a few things I’ve been on since March 2020 ……..

I’m cool with masks; yea I don’t ‘like’ them either but, I’ll rock one of those if it’s going to keep me from breathing in a potential deadly virus;

I support social distancing; I don’t know why some of y’all just GOTTA talk all up in another mfs face; but you do – It drives you nuts that people be asking you to back up; but Damn.. .why tf are you all up in somebody face talkin! ……. (dude who was goin HAM was that way too; I actually did ask him to back up, cause got damn bro .. why in tf? I can hear you from where you standing at…)

That being said, trying to mandate shots is going too far. It violates some people’s belief systems; cause not everybody ‘trusts’ the Hospital Industry like that – regardless of what ‘else’ they put in their body; fact is, they trust that MORE than they do these mfs who call themselves scientists …. and I don’t know why that’s been so hard for people to simply accept …
it’s true, Doctors tend to know more than the rest of us do; but it’s also true that Doctors get bought off; and paid to push b.s., just like every other human does in this flawed society; so that discernment gotta be turned ‘on’ at all times; Cause nothing is black and white out here in these American streets….

with the exception of our Racist Justice System…

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