Internet Offends Me

Does The Internet Offend You Too?

Does the Internet Offend you Too? : Some of these opening statements may just offend you….

I just read an awesome blog post shared on Facebook, by a business coach.

The title caught my eye, and I’ll tell you why. I have used the internet since 1996, and there is one ongoing theme that has always annoyed me about the internet. Losers.

I’m not calling myself better than other people, however if you have any kind of self confidence, it will bother and annoy a Loser.

Losers do not keep it to themselves though. Losers have to let you know how they feel about you. They have to try to take stabs at your confidence so that you can feel more like how they feel; Losers want others to feel like Losers too.

One of the reasons SoPoCo had to be created is simple – FREEDOM OF SPEECH must be RESPECTED even and especially when we do not agree.

If you’re a loser and you hate listening to winners talk – that’s your problem. You need to learn how to deal with it in more positive ways, than attacking winners.

The internet has made it way too easy for this to happen. I get it too.

social media user responsibility

Let’s say you take a website like Facebook – the prime example used in the article from… The Internet Offends Me (the real story behind facebook moderation)  …

One of the features that facebook includes makes it possible for users in the Facebook Community to Help Keep the community Clean.

If you read the article you’ll totally understand why this is a necessary feature to have. Most Websites have them.

HOWEVER you wanna know what the problem with this really is??

I’ll Sum it up in Two Words …. George Zimmerman.

Losers who have NO Training in keeping a community safe do not know HOW to keep a community safe.

Allowing ANYBODY to have this much power is a real PROBLEM.

FOR ME I first discovered this problem on AOL – Then later, I had this problem on Yahoo.

For me, most of this problem was always around the topic of Racism.

Racism Online is OUT OF CONTROL – and Over the years I have Confronted people making racist remarks, only to be Reported, Flagged, and Ganged up on –

I’ve made enemies over the years, unintended, because I spoke out against wrong doing, or cyber bullying – Only to be done wrong and cyber bullied myself.

The Internet means well – but these Websites MUST do a better job of Hiring and Empowering the RIGHT people.

Take the Police Force for example….

To be on the Police Force, one must go through many years of rigorous training. They spend years in the Academy, Years learning from a Senior Partner, they don’t just go into it overnight. There is a process that takes place – and this process prepares them for the Job they are about to take on.

The problem with the Internet, sites like YouTube, Facebook, and others over the years is that they are super lazy when it comes to policing their own websites. They mean well, creating a website the masses can use – but like anything, perhaps trained officers should be the ones policing the net – not the community.

I’ve always been a fan of Moderators that are Vetted properly.

Sometimes the wrong person gets awarded Moderator status and gets power hungry.

Sometimes this happens with the real Police force too – an Officer starts thinking he/she is above the law – and forgets about “Protecting and Serving“…

Because of this, bad things that really deserve their attention – get over looked.  Just as the awesome article (on facebook moderation, above) points out.

Now I do not want to spoil it for you – So go read it yourself – I’m sure you’ll agree that something needs to be done, about these George Zimmerman types, running around the internet thinking they are chosen Saviors; when really all they are, is a Loser.

In the famous words of Carmelo Anthony …. Stop Snitchin.

*Update :: 4/10/18 – Since writing this a lot has happened in the world of social media. Recently, after the election of Donald Trump there has been controversy over how our data is being used. In so many ways this is a result of what we first wrote about, almost 5 years ago. Below are recent and other related  “Does the Internet Offend You Too?” articles:

We have to do a better job of not letting the internet offend us to the point we start calling for outside regulation. Also there must be more efforts put on researching any information that comes our way. This may seem like common knowledge, but clearly no knowledge is common these days. Knowledge is Power afterall.  Can the internet offend or mislead you when you take the time to inform yourself? Sound off in the comments below.