White People End Racism

White People Are The Only Ones That Can End Racism

That is a quote from none other than Randi Rhodes, from her show today on the Premier Networks.

Today I was reminded again of why I love Randi Rhodes so much.

She’s been one of the few consistent voices of reason both during the Bush years and during the Obama years as well.

I’m looking to track down the recording of today’s how; I’m seriously tempted to purchase a monthly membership JUST to download the .mp3 – the show was that good. Finally I heard the words I’ve been wanting to hear from white people. The very thing I have been saying myself on forums all across the web since the late 90’s – that White People Are the Only Ones that Can End Racism.

I’m telling you, I was so happy to hear this on the radio today because it ‘might’ be starting.

When it comes to Modern Racism this is a tough topic; mostly because those who are impacted by racism are often treated as the racists for addressing it.

While those who benefit most from racism often ignore the topic all together or, deny it’s still occurring. The few who are in between admit racism is still happening but often add, that it’s not as bad as it used to be.

The nation wide reaction to the Trayvon Martin Case shows us all it’s still pretty bad.

Bad enough to where a black child can be killed for no reason other than him being black.  It says something about our society today, and has sparked outrage from people of all races; not just black. That if anything is the silver lining in this very dark cloud.   Perhaps for once this nation might finally confront its biggest Demon. Racism.

It’s great to see images like this – which went viral on my facebook feed.

White People End Racism
A Tribute to Trayvon Martin, RIP – from a white family who understands what role they play in ending this evil disease.

The caption with this photo, was addressed to the Family of Trayvon Martin and was found on a group called Justice for Trayvon Martin.

“As a white mother of a white son, I do not pretend to know what you must be going through right now. I respect and honor our differences. My neighbors and I have taken these pictures because we want you to know that you are not alone. We have all wept for your son. We dress our children in hoodies because we want them to grow up to share the burden we feel. We want them to know that if a child or a group of children are not safe in this world then we are all responsible. We want them to know that today, at this moment, we are all Trayvon.”

It’s also been stated that it may not be fully possible for a white person to grasp what it’s like to be black in America the thought counts.

This shows me that there are indeed many white people who woke up when this verdict came down.

Those who were asleep or standing by silently, are speaking out. That’s what it’s going to take to end it. So when Randi Rhodes took to the airwaves today, saying the things she said, it was a High Moment in the History of America. We will see how much of an IMPACT she had. Let’s hope this day is remembered for quite some time.

Randi Rhodes Homework from July 18th

In her ‘homework’ links for the day, you’ll find all the reference points – including the historical paper by Peggy McIntosh, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

I’ve personally never heard of this paper until today. It’s yet another reason that I love Randi Rhodes.

There’s a short list of famous white people who speak candidly on the issue of race, and racism. They include people who are usually targets of negative rants by Conservatives.

For me they include Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and more recently, Tim Wise.

More and more, being a conservative seems to be a calling card for those who hate black people. So naturally when these “liberals” chastise white people for continually oppressing the black race – they are attacked in every way possible.

Being part of the majority means that you outnumber the rest. So when the majority sticks ‘together’ on racism, they may appear to be right; the truth is they just outnumber everyone else.

Until white people take up this fight; there isn’t much that can be done by those most impacted by racism. (as they are outnumbered….)

I have a lot more to say, but I’m going to try and hunt down that Podcast first.

Thank you Randi Rhodes; I hope you spark a movement that literally makes America a land of TRUE Equality.

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*Update 6/26/17 – Since I wrote this back in 2013 so much more has happened, which proves white people are complicit in this problem. While there may very well be good white people, there just aren’t enough of them to combat evil white people.  If white people aren’t going to stop white people then I am unsure of what the outcomes will be for Humanity.

You see, there is nothing a black man/woman can do that will change how white people view black people….

A black man or woman can rise to become President of the United States, have no scandals for two terms, and white people will still call him a terrorist.

Even when it comes to police murdering us, white people continue to do nothing.  A jury, mostly made of white people saw a policeman murder a black man (who cooperated) and they still let the police officer go. Dashcam Footage Shows How Whites Are Problematic. For all their talk of how they can’t really do anything, when given the POWER to do something, white people still fail us. White people love to tell us how they’re not responsible, but who is?

*Update 4/8/19 – Recently Kyle Korver, NBA champion and former All-Star penned an important article.  It’s about, the importance of whites, talking to other whites, about ending racism. It’s called “Privileged” – we recommend reading it. 

I’d also recommend checking out this Conversation featuring Kyle Korver, and some of his teammates.

We are in a climate where ‘Overt Racism’ is emerging once again.

Utah, has always had a rocky relationship with race.  The most popular religion there, for many decades taught openly, overtly that black skin was a curse. So it’s no surprise that over the years, in a sport that has been predominantly black, Utah has had to ban several fans, for racism. Most recently, another fan was issued a lifetime ban by the Utah Jazz, the team Kyle Korver is currently playing for.

Sadly you will see there is plenty of evidence that there are even more fans who deserve to be banned.

Several white people can be heard shouting very offensive things to black players. No doubt the Trump/MAGA climate has made racist bigots comfortable with misbehaving again. Truly it is sad when you really think about the potential we have as human beings, but …. racism.

It’s going to take white people talking to white people, to bring this insanity to an end. Right now, to be honest I am unsure if we are heading in the right direction. … finally. As with everything, time will tell.

*Update May 27, 2020 – due to recent events, such as the ongoing murder of unarmed black people in America; it’s more obvious than when I wrote this in 2013, that white people, are still, the only ones who can end racism. Black people voting and marching, or organizing themselves, just won’t get it done. No matter what blacks do, so long as white people harbor hate in their hearts for black people, the black race will never be left alone.  Here are 75 Things white Folks Can Do to bring about Racial Justice and Equality. The only question is, as usual, how many will take these matters to heart?