Rachel Jeantel Takes The Stand in The Zimmerman Trial Saying Trayvon Was Followed

This should be an Open and Shut Case.

However in America we have Justice – right?

Let’s just put it this way… the more money you have the more time you can Buy yourself… Literally speaking. Many people waited several months for The Zimmerman Trial to begin; now that it has it’s gotten off to a real bang. The first day included a terrible joke that no one laughed at. The Second day featured the head of Neighborhood Watch who basically explained Protocol.

Never Leave The Vehicle.

To me that shuts the case. But of course the media is being sympathetic to George Zimmerman. I guess they do not want to rush to judgement on him being a racist. American media is VERY slow to call people who appear to be racist towards blacks; racist – such has been the case with the Tea Party for several years…

In fact, Bill Maher says “Denying Racism is the New Racism” – Read More :: Modern Racism; George Zimmerman, Paula Dean and The Voting Rights Act

And it’s true – recently I wrote that I’m NOT upset at Paula Dean because at least she was HONEST in her deposition; however after seeing her on The Today Show this morning, she’s been asked to Deny it now… and to say she’s ashamed of it now … and while that’s a topic for another Commentary, that’s something I definetely want to discuss. It’s all some what related though. This approach of Denying Racism towards black people – is perhaps even WORSE than when people were Openly Racist. Because now we have to have back and forth discussions, where seemingly anyone who is not black Sides with the non black person – and that’s what seems to have been happening ever since this story happened.

Watch the ABC Coverage of The Zimmerman Trial Day 3 –

She Heard Him Say “this guy was following him” —- There is a pattern that has been proven that He calls whenever he see’s blacks in his neighborhood. He breaks protocol. He shot a black kid in cold blood after provoking a situation, that may have resulted in the scratch on the back of his head; OR perhaps he fell and scratched his own head; none of us were there; we don’t really know – but it Should have been Obvious from the Original Call; as well as what the Witnesses reported – that this kid was murdered by a racist.

I think America gets uncomfortable with confronting this issue – but imagine how uncomfortable Black people are, having to face it all the time – While it gets denied over and over again.

The Watch For Justice Continues …

Speaking of the other witnesses – another took the stand; one who heard and observed the incident.

“Yes, as I was pressing 911 I heard very clearly the 2 yells for Help!” – Judy Surdyka took the stand earlier on Day 3, saying she felt it was the boys voice. Again this ‘should’ be an open and shut case; but we have to go through the procedure I guess. We don’t want to send a man to jail for defending himself from a young kid armed with skittles.

That’s why this case touched off a nerve.

I believe black people are sick and tired of being treated this way.

Black people are tired of White society signing off on this kind of behavior.

Black people want White people to come to their defense and help them fight these battles, which black people do not have the power to fight on their own.

One has to wonder if a Black Police Officer would have made a different decision, from the White police offers who seemed to have given him a Pass; and helped create this entire mess in the first place – Rather than lock him up immediately and charge him with murder.

Clearly George Zimmerman is getting some Financial help to FIGHT the charge that has now come against him; and That is upsetting to black people, I’m sure, as well.

Naturally I cannot speak for all black people.

But, this is a bothersome reality that black people are constantly facing; if it’s not THIS situation is another one like it; and it’s happening to black people all the time; In spite of being ‘free’d’ and having laws changed; the attacks on the black community in America continue; and this is just One of Several Cases; it’s just one that gets the most attention. However the most unfortunate reason it gets attention, is the HINT of injustice that has surrounded this case from the beginning.

My Watch for Justice … continues.

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