Too controversial for its own

Is SoPoCo too Controversial for The Writers?

SoPoCo may be way too controversial for most of the people invited to Write for this site. As you can see, most of them have been absent. This article dives into what happened with one of those writers. Several others may have also felt the same way. Perhaps, the ideas that were being expressed here were more than they bargained for. Could have been other factors too.

When this site was started, the goal was to discuss several issues in our society. It was to be a place to have a commentary on the reality we all share – this society we are all part of, and co-creating.  But sometimes people do not want to be part of “Controversy”.

They’d rather fit into the box, and be accepted by society.

I think that’s why most things do not change. People want things to change; they just want OTHER people to do all the changing.

If you do not mind controversial topics, and want to help lead the debate, and participate in discussions we NEED to be having; feel free to reach out and let me know that you’d like to be one of our Lead Contributors and/or Lead Writers.  We eventually want to have writers covering a wide range of topics – so long as they’re not afraid 😉

I’m ok with “Controversial Ideas” – I think the attempt to SILENCE Them is why we’re in such bad shape; Take the famous “banned Ted Talk” from Nick Nanauer. SO much controversy erupted over the decision NOT to show it, that it ended up getting seen – and is now a very popular video, not only for its content – but for the surrounding facts, that even TED didn’t want this idea to circulate. I can see why. Rich people have a LOT of money; and the last thing most of them want, is an Educated Population.

Nick Hanauer discusses the REAL Job Creators – which was Too Controversial for TED

This idea that all of us must agree on things is silly.

The fact that so many of us cannot disagree, and remain respectful towards those we do not agree with, speaks to the vast immaturity sweeping our nation. I won’t name names, but one writer came to me, complaining about things that they wanted to see added to SoPoCo – and since I didn’t drop everything in my life to make those changes, this writer has refused to contribute more to the site.

The essential answer I gave this writer, is I’d be happy to make those changes and additions; but I need more contributions from you and others before I put too much into that – a simple, Small disagreement, and yet this writer decided to be very immature about it.

First, the writer suggested I was “just angry” — a passive aggressive way of telling me I am wrong; and that I should drop everything in my life, to make every little change this writer wanted; in spite of how much the writer was contributing (very little at the time) —- and yet, that’s the society we live in.

How many of us throw fits, and treat people badly when WE do not get OUR way? Such an ungrateful society we live in. I give this writer a FREE Platform to promote their ideas; and speak about whatever they want; and they show their gratitude, by treating me Like I am in the wrong.

It’s a silly society.

This is why we cannot fix issues like Racism, and Poverty.

Same reasons for why we cannot stop the divorce rates from Climbing.

We can even say this is why Wars continue to be fought. Human Beings are too immature; too fearful; too disrespectful towards each other; and seemingly too Unaware – to really turn things around on this planet.

Here’s to the hope; that a good discussion May slowly wake some of these slumbering citizens up; who in turn, can awaken others.

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