The Game is The Game; My Name is My Name

You know … The Wire really was one of my Favorite shows; SO many awesome ‘quotes’ that I could RUN with if I chose to…

Like that awesome line from Marlo … “The Game is the Game” … and the even more awesome response from Avon – “Always”….

In this scene we see an aspect of ‘the game’ being played out…

Two businessmen, doing business. Illegal business, but business still the same.

The rules of business are universal; relationships matter – Always.

Respect matters too …

Later in the ‘story’ of The Wire, another awesome scene – Marlo was def one of the hardest cats on this show; You see the respect he commands in this cell; and without giving the ‘story’ away – Marlo was handling some bigger business, and wasn’t close to the streets – so when he found out that people were Talking about him – hey …. that’s not respectful.

All talk must be respectful; or that talk must be silenced – because “My name is my Name” …….. Always

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