Umar Johnson Not Scamming, Just Crazy

Black Dot Says Umar Johnson Is Not Scamming You

Great channel to follow in case you’re not already, The Black Dot and his Son are putting out quality content. Be sure to let us know if you agree with The Black Dot on Umar Johnson Not Scamming you, below.

Umar Johnson Not Scamming You :: He’s just crazy …

I happen to agree with this point from The Black Dot, suggesting that ‘in his head movies’ this is real. Umar Johnson really see’s himself opening a school, and executing this plan of reeducating black boys. With each 24 hour period it becomes more and more obvious this ‘dream’ will never happen. That is why it begs to question whether Umar Johnson is defrauding people out of their money. Namely, single mothers who tend to be swayed by his messages of keeping kids protected while learning. The school systems in this nation are truly dysfunctional. Racially speaking, black boys often are funneled into what is called the “School to Prison Pipeline“.

That there is even a ‘name’ for it tells us something is wrong. it’s a problem that needs to be fixed, and that’s why Umar’s message resonates so strongly.

Mental health Issues are real and worth discussing …

Getting back to what The Black Dot is saying here .. Umar Johnson (in his opinion) is not scamming anybody. The guy is just crazy.

That’s the most plausible conclusion. Even many of the youTube channels that are covering every aspect of Umar Johnson’s FDMG Academy, often say, he’s crazy. The emotion of being ‘taken’ often make people resort to anything they can to ‘feel better’, even ‘name-calling’. While many will insult and call him crazy, ‘perhaps’ we are all taking the wrong approach. This is clearly a brother in need of some help, and perhaps the mere fact that too many black people are supporting the ‘delusion’ is keeping him from getting that help he needs.

Supporters of Umar Johnson are Uninformed and/or Illogical …

What’s said above, that almost 80 to 90% of what Umar says in his videos makes sense, is the main point here. Too many of the people who continue to support Umar are ‘ignoring’ the other 10-20% of what he says, and does. So again, this is ‘not’ to call names, or make fun, but these ’emotional decisions’ are not … logical ones. Also, let me point out that it’s The Black Dot saying this, about Umar Johnson Supporters. I do, happen to agree.  Again, not to insult anybody for wanting to support a ‘message’ that you believe in. I get it, and fully understand it, because I was a huge supporter and fan of him, until ‘questions’ about the school first came up, on ‘another scammers channel’, Boyce Watkins. (disappointing how that went, a story for another time… Both tend to do the same thing however. They touch on real topics, move our emotions, and peddle a dream … hope … not reality.)

Below … a perspective from someone who DOES think Umar Johnson is scamming you …

(*update 9/4/2022 – the video on Youtube was removed; however there are plenty of videos on this topic – it’s now 2022 – and his ‘school’ has never ‘opened’ …*)

That Umar Johnson may have a very real mental health issue, again, is nothing to joke about. We should consider if enabling him, is really the path we want to support. Because, as pointed out over and over, by those who still love the guy, like Black Dot expresses, to those who cannot stand him, as you can probably tell from the other video shared, this school is not coming.

You’re not running a school for $1 Million Dollars. The renovations he talked about, won’t be done in 6 months. There is no staff, still, and no way is a review and hiring process going to happen, in the next 6 months. How many of Umar supporters are really sending their child, to Delaware? Meanwhile, the entire ‘experiment’, in theory, because that’s truly what it is, may not even pan out. The state just may shut it down…  as they did to the owners of the ‘previous location’ of the school, Umar Johnson ‘claims’ he recently purchased.

The Message, sometimes comes from the wrong Messenger …

An online academy absolutely would have made much more sense for Umar to have created.  He could have had one up by now, truth be told. I’m sure he’s met web designers, and people who could help him create something like that, where pre-recorded lessons could be shared with those paying tuition. Great suggestions from The Black Dot throughout, as he paints his case for why Umar Johnson not scamming you could be the reality.

Meanwhile, it shows how enabling people can do harm to both the enabler, and the enabled. Umar seems, to be growing crazier, and crazier. Some people are reporting that, he’s trying to raise money to pay back folks requesting refunds from GoFundMe. His school walk-through video shows him about to use a key to open a door, but he never inserts that key. We never see him unlock ‘that’ door, with that key. Clearly in about 3 months or less an ‘excuse’ is coming on why the school won’t work out. Another 3 to 5 years may pass.

… and Umar Johnson Not Scamming you will still be a topic, as I’m sure several people will continue to lose their money. 

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Because, often we put the ‘messenger’ on pedestals.

This is what disappoints us when those messengers, turn out to be human. Flawed, imperfect, and perhaps well meaning, perhaps not. Time, always tells… What has ‘time’ told us about Umar Johnson’s school?  Simply that his ‘message’ is great, but he’s clearly not the person to carry it out.  We do need to make sure black people get educated ‘properly’ however. More commentary on that subject in the links below.

If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his
action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to
concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is
inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for
he will seek it himself. If you make a man think he is justly an outcast,
you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being
told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.
(The Mis-Education of the Negro p.84)

More commentary on Umar Johnson’s school below; from 2017 and just last week – thanks for dropping by; comment below!