Greg Poppovich Responds To Trump’s Racist Tirades

One white person who is fully aware of his privilege is Greg Poppovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs.  Sports has always taught us these lessons, that human beings really are all the same. Through sports, either you’re good or you ain’t!  Color truly does not matter on the basketball court, or the football field. Donald Trump’s attacks on NFL players and NBA player Steph Curry were out of line. However they were very much ‘in line’ with the racism that he helped Open Up, once again.

Here is Greg Poppovich and his full comments on Trump’s Racist Tirades:

“We still have no clue of what being born white means. If you read some literature, there is no such thing as whiteness. We made it up. It’s hard to sit down and decide, that yes it’s like you’re at the 50 mark in the 100 meter dash. Yes, because you ere born white you have advantages that are culturally, psychologially, systemically there. They have been built up for hundreds of years. Many people can’t look at it – it’s not something they want on their plate daily. People want to hold their position, and until they give their position up it’s not going to be fixed.” – Gregg Poppovich (paraphrased) – Full audio below in case the video is ever removed.

Donald trump ripped NFL owners for ‘allowing’ their athletes to kneel during the anthem. He said, the Owners should fire those ‘sons of ….”, I won’t repeat it. He’s no ‘leader’ of mine that I look up to or follow. Sadly, the crowd he said it in front of cheered!

His racist tirades sparked a unified protest from the NFL as, the Owners did not appreciate being told what to do. He also went after Steph Curry, and that is why Greg Poppovich gave these remarks today. I agree, there must be an ongoing uncomfortable conversation for these things to change. White privileged Americans must stop trying to force blacks to Love America. Until they are willing to ‘give up their position’, and share more of the wealth this country has. Much of that wealth, off the backs of slaves, while those systems remain in place.

Whenever a black person is murdered by the police, or arrested, the system makes money. These protests will continue, until change comes. More responses from Lebron James and Kobe Bryant below: