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white privilege exists even if a lie is repeated that it does not

Reality: White Privilege Exists Even If Whites Do Not Think So

The reality we all need to come to an agreement on, is that White Privilege Exists.  It exists, even if whites get on soapboxes, forums, reddit and twitter to declare it doesn’t!  With so many whites using social media to scream otherwise, it may seem that all of these people have a point. They do […]

Pro Life people and inconsistent views on immigration and black lives

Pro Life Abortion and Immigration

Cold game here…  (thoughts on, Pro Life, Abortion & Immigration) I’ve actually reached out to a few conservatives; on a few platforms; telling them that their views are inconsistent; this is one of those examples of inconsistency. I’m pro-life myself; that’s why i share awareness of the dangers ‘black lives‘ are in on the daily. […]

Mad Queen Daenerys Arrives

The Mad Queen Set Up we Should Have Seen Coming

Setting up The Mad Queen: Game of Thrones is almost coming to a conclusion. What an epic run this has been, even in a very shortened final season. The people in charge had a lot of ground to cover to bring this story to a close. Unlike others covering this and tweeting about it, I’ve […]

From Banning Blacks Only To Banning Alex Jones, Milos & Farrakhan

Banning blacks on facebook has been ‘a thing’ for several years.  By now you may have heard, that Facebook has banned  what they are calling ‘dangerous people’ such as Alex Jones (Infowars), Milo, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson … all who express anti-black positions. All of them express pro-white nationalist positions. While I do not […]

Bernice King, MLK's Mother, Nipsey Hussle, and CoIntelPro Questions

Bernice King, MLK’s Mother, CointelPro Conspiracies

Bernice King tweeted out a photo of her grandparents, as they mourned the loss of their son, Martin Luther King, Jr. She also included a sentence that many people may be unfamiliar with. I actually just learned of it a couple years ago myself. The mother of Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed […]

Brie Larson Looks Like Virginia Gardner (Captain Marvel & Karolina Dean)

I’m a big fan of Marvel, and just finished up Season 2 of The Runaways. This show is actually pretty good in my opinion; but what stood out to me having also seen Captain Marvel a couple of times, is just how much Brie Larson looks like Virginia Gardner. These are the actresses who play […]

government involvement breaks up truces

History of Government Involvement In L.A. Gangs (Bloods & Crips)

The History of Government Involvement in L.A. Gangs …. To really understand CoInTelPro … is where it begins. It’s a link between the distant past; and the present. CoInTelPro never stopped; and if you understand why it was created; why it was put together; and what it did/does :: then you won’t be arguing with […]

Trevor Noah on Reparations

Trevor Noah on Reparations, White Privilege & ADOS

During a break, Trevor Noah was asked by an audience member, about his thoughts on Reparations. Should they be for black people ‘only’, or go to everyone in a certain socio-economic bracket. Unfortunately, far too many white people in this nation continue to look for ways not to pay black people back. They just don’t […]

white power rebellion

White Power Fights Back: Charles Blow Nails This One

It’s Bigger than Mueller and Trump by Charles Blow, is a Super important read.  It may take less than 10 to 15 minutes really ::: and then spend a few days, or weeks if need be, to LOOK into the claims made; as there have been several reports now for several years, about the GLOBAL […]

Democrats are Soft

Democrats Are Soft; Bill Maher is Right; ADOS Matters

Democrats are Soft: Bill has been right about Democrats for years now; They’re SOFT …. they run from the fights; they lay down and take it; Every single time they just LET the other side get away with it; The few who “Do” fight … I respect a ton; for real; got myself kicked off […]

gucci scandal addressed by red Pill

Gucci Scandal, Black People and Fashion

Did black people learn anything from the Gucci Scandal? That this is not a ‘news site’, there was no ‘rush’ to cover this story.  Issues with blacks and fashion are not new either. Kanye West and the now famous “How Sway” gif, came from a discussion on the fashion industry shutting him out. Oh, black […]

white teens call out red cup nazi friends in OC

White Teens Call Out Racist Peers For Nazi Cups

A few weeks ago we all heard about the Racist white kids posing around Nazi designed red cups at a party. We also knew, someone in their crew was a snitch, thankfully. Otherwise this would have just been another gathering of white pride celebrations; where ignorant remarks are made unchallenged. That’s literally what happened on […]