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Gucci Scandal, Black People and Fashion

Did black people learn anything from the Gucci Scandal? That this is not a ‘news site’, there was no ‘rush’ to cover this story.  Issues with blacks and fashion are not new either. Kanye West and the now famous “How Sway” gif, came from a discussion on the fashion industry shutting him out. Oh, black people are welcome to buy their clothes, but do these companies respect black people?

We know the answer … I think.

Red Pill dives into the Gucci Scandal in a must see/watch/hear conversation.

For those who ‘happen’ to not know what Gucci Scandal I am referring to, a ‘sweater’ was worn by a model on a site. it was also worn, at an Entire Fashion show! Along with this incident, we saw similar ‘mishaps’ from Katy Perry, Prada and other fashion outlets.  Was this a timed, coordinated attack on the black subconscious?

gucci scandal in blackface

The picture got out, and outrage ensued. The designer, of course, denied that there was any intent to offend black people.  He called it, a hymn to freedom…  there are so many overtones in that one.  The claim was that another free spirit is who this ‘design’ was inspired by, and none of that makes it sound any better. Meanwhile, several other big time fashion designers, and celebrities, also released offensive fashion. Most of this happened during the month designated to honor Black History.

Almost as if, it was all done on purpose ….

It happens because, of several points Red Pill makes, during his talk on this Gucci Scandal.

Starting out, by addressing Dapper Dan, who in some ways ‘caped’ for Gucci, Red Pill says ‘an uneducated consumer is an op‘.   Dapper Dan spoke about how there needs to be more inclusive in Fashion, but how long are we going to continue to have, the same conversation? Again, this shows that we are not even approaching these topics, with the Education of understanding history.

A huge aspect of slavery and Jim Crow was making sure black people were kept OUT of education. To this day, universities and secret societies and private clubs seem to exclude black people at all turns. The sharing of information, especially in today’s information age, is true wealth.

Black people are still fighting to be included in the White run systems in America. But Why?

The one thing, that seemingly has not been absorbed yet, is these people do not want blacks in their systems. If you actually follow discussions people have about Black History month, many non-black people fully object to the idea.

The lack of respect shown to black people at every turn, is part of the American way. What we saw during black history month 2019 from the fashion industry, was a real temperature check.

Just how will black people respond?

Red Pill went on to say that “Instead of talking about how we need to start, and support our own fashion designers, many got distracted with R. Kelly.” A handful of celebrities used their platforms to promote black owned clothing outlets. But have we moved on, already??

We’re deep in this ‘get the bag culture‘, highlighted by a conversation between Mo’Niqe and Steve Harvey. The discussion, ended up also taking place during black history month, of 2019 and it just as relevant to everything happening. Energy works that way oftentimes. They were discussing integrity vs. getting the bag. Steve, in typical coon fashion, told MoNique she cannot have integrity in ‘this game’. She has to worry about feeding her family. It’s a way of thought, too many black people have had for centuries now.

Someone put together a ‘mash up’ of Chicken Geoerge from “Roots” and this discussion.


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So let me get this right…. Steve Harvey brings Mo’Nique on to his talk show to chastise her about being difficult. It’s no secret that Mo’Nique has been an outspoken Hollywood actor and that has gotten her blackballed from the industry. Now you can agree or disagree with her actions but one thing is true she paid a great price due to her actions. With that being said why is Steve, a people she claimed as friend, openly rebuking her on his platform. I would struggle it’s to show the Hollywood elite, those in control of the actors, that he is still down with their agenda and he is loyal and obedient. He seems to have evolved into this modern day Uncle Tom or as I said in the meme he is currently selling out in order to stay in good favor with the people who run the industry. For Mo’Nique I think she is growing tired of being on the outside looking in and wants another opportunity to be a Hollywood slave. Why else would you go onto the persons platform that turned their back on you at your greatest moment of need? What are your thoughts.

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Below, a more in depth discussion. Get the bag ‘culture’ has been with black people for centuries.

They can’t Give us Free, we must take it.

Yous ee, these discussions play into why black people buy Fashion that is very expensive, just to ‘look and feel’ a certain way. What we value right now, is entirely out of line with what is good for us. The modern day Tomming we see from so many black people, is a way of life ‘put’ and ‘beat’ into black people.  It’s never going to get us where we want to go. “Our morals are shit, we don’t stand for shit. We sweet like bear meat, truly moving like slaves, still, not like owners.” – Red Pill

If the latest fashion mishaps and this Gucci scandal doesn’t’ do it, what will it take, for black people to start moving like Bosses?

Just what will it take, for black folks to unplug from white people’s matrix?  At any point in time, will black people stop believing the white man’s ice is colder?  That is what makes this discussion so powerful. It’s almost a good thing that so many companies did what they did during black history month. If nothing else, it sparked a few discussions that ‘might’ move the needle forward. If only we can stop laughing at the R. Kelly memes ….

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