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Why Black Lives Matter Protesters Won’t Interrupt The GOP

In the past several months we’ve seen members of the loosely organized “Black Lives Matter” movement interrupt Liberals like Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Many have posed the question, Why Black Lives Matter Protesters Won’t Interrupt The GOP? To me the answer is simple and obvious. Like so many things racial in America the answer […]

Truth – Black on Black Crime Comes From White on Black Crime

We about to give you the Truth about Black on Black Crime. How did Jack say it in that movie? Oh Yea …. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! I read an EXCELLENT article the other day on Why it’s So hard to talk to White people about Racism. I think you all should check it […]

Intelligence Meets Wisdom: Spoken Word by Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon put this together and it’s gone viral on Social Media. It’s spoken word entitled “Intelligence Meets Wisdom” Wanted to share the video along with the words below; so many nuggets in this! Enjoy. INTELLIGENCE MEETS WISDOM Once upon an element, a man named Intelligence questioned his own relevance While his new old friend […]

Finding Truth: Intelligence and Wisdom

Finding truth. Do you simply accept with others tell you to be factual or do you research what you’re told? I research and listen to several points of view. Not always do these points of view agree and often times that’s how I find truth.  Truth seems to stand out and resonate when multiple perspectives […]

Bree Newsome Takes Confederate Flag Down

Just What are Confederate Flag Defenders actually defending?

Just What are Confederate Flag Defenders actually defending? It’s a great question and I for one and thankful that a real conversation about it is happening. Clearly it’s an issue America doesn’t see eye to eye. If that were the case, there would be no debate, and no conversation taking place. We would all simply […]

KirstenPowers on Bill O'Reilly

The All White Debate on Racism : A Good Start? Or Same Ole Same?

By now I am sure you’ve heard about the recent all White Debate on Racism, that Larry Wilmore decided to interject himself into – right? If not, going to share that with you as well as the Entire interview, which I actually watched the night it aired. The next day, it made news. Bill O’reilly, […]

The Coldest Game Ever Played

The coldest game ever played on us is the ‘known history’ of the United States. Please understand something; there is so much that most of us just do not know. If it weren’t for youTube – there is so much even I would not know. For example, while I’m talking about the coldest game ever […]

Black Women’s Death In Dallas Butt-injection Case Ruled a Homicide

A sad day for the family of a young woman named Wykesha Reid, evidence conducted from an ongoing investigation lead to her death from butt-injections. The suspect being charged with the Homicide of Mykesha are Jimmy Clarke and Denise Rochelle. The two suspect operate a business which provides eyelash extensions to the public. Nevertheless, up […]

We’re Not Friends: Jon Snow And The Wildlings at Hardhome

I wanted to actually focus in on that rousing and bad ass speech that Jon Snow and The Wildlings have at Hardhome (moments before all hell broke loose). “We’re not Friends. We’ve never been friends.” There is a lot of commentary here at SoPoCo surrounding the society we’re in. There are articles about ending racism, […]

Killing and Politics : Game of Thrones Episode 8 Hits Hardhome

Game of Thrones Season 5 has been nothing short of brilliant from the very first episode, up until what ‘may’ have been their best show ever. Episode 8, Hardhome – or what I like to call, Killing and Politics.  Already this show has been getting rave reviews. Some people were starting to feel like the […]

Should The NBA Get Rid Of The Hack-a-Shaq Foul?

[youtube] Winning is the ultimate achievement at the professional level, especially within the NBA. Any strategy necessary to gain the competitive edge is never off-limits unless it is life threatening. Nevertheless, fans of the NBA have long pondered the elimination of the Hack-a-Shaq strategy. Me personally I am not a big fan and have never […]

White Denial On Memorial Day

I wanted to title this one Memorial Day Mystery but thought White Denial on Memorial Day was better. It cuts closer to the point I wanted to make. Random thought hit me early on Memorial Day; a holiday who’s origins are rarely spoke about in America. Today, most of the talk was about the men […]