Bernice King, MLK's Mother, Nipsey Hussle, and CoIntelPro Questions

Bernice King, MLK’s Mother, CointelPro Conspiracies

Bernice King tweeted out a photo of her grandparents, as they mourned the loss of their son, Martin Luther King, Jr. She also included a sentence that many people may be unfamiliar with. I actually just learned of it a couple years ago myself. The mother of Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed while sitting at the organ. Her killer, didn’t look right as I decided to look a bit more into it today. The look on his face, in the photos I’ve been able to find online, do not sit right with me.

First…. here is that tweet, as Bernice King remembers her Grandparents …

Hearts are heavy all around the nation, over the passing of Nipsey Hussle. Murdered outside of his own clothing store, in a plot of land he Owned that he just closed the deal on.  It’s a tragic story, that is still unfolding, as full on debates have erupted over the killer. Just who is he, and how was he able to pull this off?  Word on the streets, is this was just hate and jealousy. The same story we have been seeing in the streets of Los Angeles, Chicago, and other places around our nation for far too long.

We just wrote about how the manipulation of L.A. Gangs, Black Panthers, and CoInTelPro has created a decade long problem in the black community. Approaching a century of in-fighting, sparked off by black men and women, willingly working for our government.

Many, have accused Rev. Jesse Jackson of being an agent as well. The other “rev” who for years was put out in front by white owned media outlets, as the other spokesperson for black America, Rev. Al Sharpton was outed as an Informant a few years back.  That report simply confirmed what most people thought about him, and also renewed doubts in the legitimacy of Jesse as well. Seemingly, they were ‘propped up’ to lead black people, or mislead black people, after real leaders were assassinated.

A story like this, may sound far fetched to the uninformed however…

Even though this tactic has been used by the US, around the world as well. Often replacing leaders in hostile countries or nations with a person they control, is the preferred route!  I mean who wants to kill up a bunch of people anyways? It’s such a waste of precious manpower….

Yet, some lives seemingly have always been expendable in this nation. Black lives, continually are in danger – sadly, too often the threat comes from within.  That would be the case for the murderer of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mother.  From what I’ve read he claimed that ‘the church’ was his enemy ….. ?

Found this on Facebook, and it ‘confirmed’ what I was already thinking … someone put him up to this.

The Text from ‘above’ in case you cannot read it all …

Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr.: ”A case of a religious fanatic going way to far or COINTELPRO?” OK17

On Sunday June 30 1974, Alberta Christine Williams King played “The Lord’s Prayer” on the organ of Ebenezer Baptist, the church where her father, A.D. Williams, her husband, Martin Luther King Sr., and son, Martin Luther King Jr., all had served as pastors. The song finished, and most of the congregation had their eyes closed and heads bowed in preparation for prayer when they heard a shout: “I’m taking over here!” They looked up to see a young black man standing on a pew near the front of the church. He jumped down, bolted to the pulpit, faced the choir, and pulled out a gun.

The man—Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr.—fired every round in his gun, hitting Alberta King, church deacon, Edward Boykin, and congregation member Jimmie Mitchell killing King and Boykin. Chenault would later say he wanted to shoot her husband but she was closer. Although Chenault’s lawyers pleaded insanity—the young man repeatedly said he was on a mission to kill all Christians—he was given a death sentence. This was later reduced to life in prison, in part at the insistence of King family members who opposed the death penalty. He died in prison of a stroke in 1995.

Marcus Wayne Chenault emotional affect following the murder was unusual. Grinning, he asked if he had hit anyone.

He had reportedly been dropped off at the church by people he knew in Ohio. While at Ohio State University, he was part of a group known as “the Troop,” run by a Black minister and gun collector who used the name Rabbi Emmanuel Israel. This man, described in the press as a “mentor” for Chenault, left the area immediately after the shooting. In the same period, Rabbi Hill traveled from Ohio to Guyana and set up Hilltown, using similar aliases, and preaching the same message of a “black Hebrew elite.” Chenault confided to SCLC leaders that he was one of many killers who were working to assassinate a long list of Black leadership. The names he said were on this list coincided with similar “death lists” distributed by the KKK, and linked to the COINTELPRO operations in the 60s.

What in the entire fuck?

Nipsey’s mother reflected on the death of her son and the video has gone viral. I want to include that here as well …. as I feel it partially inspired the post by Bernice King today. Mourning the loss of a child, is said to be one of the worst experiences there is. All of us, are hoping the family of Nipsey Hussle can be strong, and make it through this tough time.

… however, when you consider All that black people have been through, it makes sense that people are suspicious of whether or not, the story we’ve been told is the full story.

I get it, personally. The streets have been tough, and the last thing folks in the street want, is a narrative that ‘the government did it’.  Honestly many possibly feel it would overshadow the serious issues happening in black communities. This is why the Black Lives Matter push has never gotten ‘full support’ from people in this nation. Too often, people point, to black on black crime.  So, in spite of Nipsey being a big name, doing positive things, inspiring black people all around the nation, even people of other racial backgrounds too – and working on a Dr. Sebi documentary, may really have ‘nothing at all’ to do with why he was killed.

It could have just been hate, envy and Jealousy, like Big Thundercat says, in the L.a. Times interview.

However, Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam does not know who to trust right now. What he says about the murder of his brother, should be taken seriously. In fact, that we do not look more at the shootings within black communities, between L.A. Gangs, with more scrutiny than we do. Perhaps we are dismissing far too much as ‘simply hate, and jealousy’. However, yes hate and jealousy are real, envy is real, and people really do kill others over it.

Murder all too often is random … and that too, is fueled by ‘outside forces’ that keep black communities poor.

There are conspiracies, on conspiracies …. but do you believe any of them?

Do you believe that the murder of MLK’s mother was ‘also’ just… random?  Was he an agent, hired or perhaps even brainwashed by the ‘cult leader’ he was following?  Are there still groups of black people, who are committed to killing black leaders? Also how many people in our society are EVEN asking themselves, or others, any of these questions?  I would offer up most people are NOT thinking about any of this. The simply explanations are easier to digest.

I would also say, unfortunately this is what keeps problems ongoing – as no problem can ever be solved, without facing the root cause ….

The entire goal of CoIntelPro was to prevent unity in the black community.  It is clear to many of us, they have been Preventing the ‘rise of a Black Messiah’ through any means possible. Many have long argued that the killing of Civil Rights Leaders made black people more  docile and accepting of the new ‘prison’ they are in. Free, but not entirely free… kind of equal but not really.  Seemingly whenever black ‘leaders’ rise up to challenge this, they mysteriously die.

Black people cannot afford to outright dismiss conspiracies. Everything must be questioned at this point ….