From Banning Blacks Only To Banning Alex Jones, Milos & Farrakhan

Banning blacks on facebook has been ‘a thing’ for several years.  By now you may have heard, that Facebook has banned  what they are calling ‘dangerous people’ such as Alex Jones (Infowars), Milo, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson … all who express anti-black positions. All of them express pro-white nationalist positions. While I do not personally agree with censorship of any kind, I see why facebook wouldn’t want them on their platforms.

But then, ‘for good measure’ they threw in Minister Louis Farrakhan too.  His reputation with ‘white society’ is that he is “anti-semetic”, because commenting on what other groups of people do To blacks, is always called racist, by white society.  (queue Reverse racism is the new racism, by Bill Maher)

Saw this report about the banning on twitter early this morning ………

And naturally several black people in the ‘know’ saw this coming as well …

Here’s a ‘comment’ I wrote a few minutes ago on facebook…

” They banned Farrakhan out of that false equivalency b.s that white society always pushes; that Blacks are not allowed to Critique white society — Even if what is said is TRUTH — they like to over simplify racism and say “If a black person says anything about white people; IT is Racism” ………….. false equivalency.

When we All know the RACIST things these (racist) white people say about blacks is FALSE – they LIE on us; say things about us that is not TRUE: they use these FALSE Claims against us to JUSTIFY police shootings; High numbers of Incarceration; Not hiring us; Distrusting us ……… etc ……… and when a black person Talks about THEM and their SYSTEMS — or How Unfair These things are – “They” Label us racist ….

which equals =======

A big reason why nothing is changing or getting done; THEN you got the sellout blacks, the Lost and Confused blacks, and the Uninformed blacks, who Think ‘(racist) white people talking points’ are the Truth; So they get caught up in that nonsense too; telling blacks they can’t talk about white people; ignoring if the statements are True or False;

This is why that story about FB banning blacks who call out racist white people broke Last Week; (facebook users call it getting Zucked: Banning blacks for calling out white racism) +So this is how they are “responding” By taking a few white racists off …. AND for good measure, another black user too”


Now, they’ll simply start removing MORE black people who call out racism; While racist Whites turn to Platforms that are more ‘friendly’ to their racist banter; like Twitter;  Reddit; 4chan; and other platforms blacks just don’t use….. (recently twitter said they just cannot ban alt-right hate groups without impacting conservative politicians —)


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That time Louis Farrakhan sat down with Alex Jones and said Donald J. Trump would win the Presidency, exposing the immorality (white devils) of white society.

Naturally this video clip starts out with all the ‘controversial statements’ he has made.

The things he has said over the years make white society uncomfortable.  Because no white person wants to admit that blacks have every right to ‘feel’ the way he and others like him feel. When he says things like “kill those who kill us”, he’s not saying let’s just go kill ‘anyone’. He is saying those who seek to harm black people ‘should’ be dealt with.

However that is just one point of view that has been part of black society since slavery.  Nat Turner and Denmark Vessey felt blacks should do whatever it takes to be free from oppression. Meanwhile other blacks like Martin Luther King, Jr. looked to find peaceful solutions, to overcome oppression. Of course there are also the sell out blacks, who prefer to be servants of white society.

That being said if you’re a slave owner, or agree with blacks being enslaved, you’re going to be ‘against’ violent uprisings.  Same thing goes on to this day. Whites who are in favor of ongoing inequality in society, are against any black person who talks about ending it.

Finally some reaction to others being banned … thoughts on censorship and freedom of speech.

In closing, Facebook banning blacks and now alt right conservatives, is a big reason SoPoCo exists. I’ve never been a fan of ‘silencing’ the people you do not want to listen to. Instead, I wish people would be adults, and learn how to discern, and tune out what they feel is not helpful. Let people talk, and say what they want to say. Our comment section always allows people to say whatever. It’s the only way we’ll ever get to the truth!! 

Lastly the same issue on Facebook, is found on Twitter and YouTube.

(From the Dollar Vigilante link above — ) Not supporting ‘false flag content’, about fake attacks. Just showcasing a discussion on Shadowbanning, and censorship of those who express content others do not like. Flagging people who are not in violation has been a problem for several years. Ironically flagging content that is not in violation is ‘also’ known as ‘false flagging’ –

No time to be asleep. Stay as ‘woke’ as you can; Black folks should stay Extra Woke if possible….