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Blacks Are The First True Americans You Can’t Go Back To Africa – Hidden Lies in History

The hidden truth is that the first Americans are the so-called Black people who occupy the ghettoes, slums or poverty-stricken areas in all parts of America whether it be North, South or Central America. Keep in mind that the land mass of Earth was once all connected as Greeks called it Pangea a time before […]

Change is Constant: The Universe Is Always In Motion

Have I mentioned that I Really Enjoy Agents of Shield?? #Spoilers — in the following scene, Skye (aka Quake, aka Daisy Johnson) learns ‘what happened’ to her in her Transformation; and I loved this explanation; Was ‘commenting’ on a friends wall and this Scene came to mind; because it speaks to some Truths that so […]

Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs?

Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs? I have long-awaited to address this issue, first and foremost, let me say I always try to back our brethren’s given the nature of what black people endure in the United States of America. Nevertheless Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith have dug themselves […]

Do Black Lives Matter Anywhere In the World?

Ever since the killing of Mike Brown, a popular talking point has emerged. Black Lives Matter. My question is simple – Do Black Lives Matter anywhere in the world? Because while it’s a nice talking point, it’s a great message, like so many previous attempts to end racism, it is being ignored. Quickly people on […]

wars to come in game of thrones

Review: Wars To Come in Game of Thrones (Season 5, Episode 1)

Our Review for the Game of Thrones; Season 5; Episode 1 – Wars to Come; SUPER good; but probably not for the ‘casual fan’ who doesn’t realize that there were 4 previous seasons; for everything we saw last night to be in Context; SPOILER WARNINGS for all who didn’t see the show…. Context matters. If […]

Will Smith Son’s In A Dress? — Does Hollywood Influence Black Men To Be Feminine

First and foremost, let me say I cannot condemn this young man because I realize this confusion is a result of historical identity theft and spiritual degeneration perpetrated by the Europeans upon their arrival to all parts of America. This can also be linked to the agenda by the Roman Catholic papacy to get our […]

Police are Committing Treason On Black People

Police are Committing Treason on Black People: Did you know that a Supreme Court Judge ruled in the case Kolender v. Lawson (461 U.S. 352, 1983) that a police officer could not arrest a citizen merely for refusing to present identification? The biggest issue with our people when dealing with crooked Police operatives, Judges, Magistrates, […]

White Supremacy and the Bible White face on a Black Jesus

  Being that religion is a highly controversial subject worldwide I feel it is necessary to shed light on this topic. Without doubt the Holy Bible is a widely accepted doctrine by most human beings.  Society blatantly seems to ignore the fact that it has been intentionally altered and injected with Dogma(unquestioned belief). Particularly this […]

“So Called” Black Activist Pass Revoked

I heard this story a couple days ago, and could not help but shake my head at the sheer silliness of it. A ‘So Called’ black activist attacked Kendrick Lamar for not being engaged to a dark skinned black woman.  Instead, he asked a woman who has been with him before he became famous to marry […]

Brian Whit – A White Man On White Supremacy

Brian Whit speaks openly and honestly about White Supremacy.  FEAR OF A BLACK NATION Posted by Brian Whit on Saturday, April 4, 2015 I saw the video on a friends page on Facebook; watched it – and immediately thought to myself – “hell mother fucking YES!” Just what I say we need; More white […]

5 Reasons Blackish is Better than Empire

Stay tuned for 5 Reasons Blackish is Better than Empire … A few months ago, I watched this video from Dr. Boyce Watkins talking about why Empire is Pure Coonery. I hope that you as the reader are coming here with an understanding of what Cooning is. I have no plans to explain that here […]

Steph Curry MVP Secured While CP3 Breaks Down

It was one of the nastiest basketball moves you could ever see. The serious debate among real basketball fans is, “Who’s got more handles … Kyrie or Curry?” I’m not going to answer that here; instead I’m simply going to pose a different question entirely. Did Seth Curry Lock Up the MVP while Breaking Chris […]