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3 Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Secrets that Influence Present day U.S. Society

One of the most advanced civilizations since our inception on Earth is Ancient Kemet/Egypt. Let us examine a few questions that reveal many of the sacred teaching for instance, 1. Why does the Sun Set? Egyptian occult knowledge teaches that the Deity Amun was loyal to the Gods of enads of Egypt and it gave him […]

Why Do Most White People Hate President Obama? is it because he is Black?

I am sorry, but as the old adage goes, “Call a Duck a Duck and a Spade a Spade”. Recently we have seen an enormous amount of clear blatant prejudice, hate and discrimination towards our Commander in Chief Barrack Obama. Even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see, since Obama’s Inauguration and even during the […]

Bankers commit crimes

Corporate White Privilege, Bankers Commit Crimes and do NO Time

Bankers Commit Crimes and do NO Time At first glance when I read the article on these six Banks; Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Barclays Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Plc who were sued and plead guilty. I thought maybe the Federal Government is finally trying to bring justice to corporate criminal activity. Nevertheless, […]

Lots Of Outrage Over What Happened to Sansa Stark (Black Wedding)

Spoilers …. for all of you who are not watching Game of Thrones (aka #DemThrones) Last night on Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark was raped. Today almost everyone is outraged over what happened to Sansa Stark, at what is being called, The Black Wedding. So far we’ve had the Red Wedding; where Rob Stark foolishly […]

Jesse Jackson Speaking At

Tim Conway Jr. Is Racist As Fuck for What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say

Tim Conway Jr. Is Racist As Fuck For several years now, I’ve been hearing this segment … called a ‘gameshow’ on KFI 640 a.m. radio –  What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say. It’s racist as fuck. I was talking with someone about it because, I happened to catch it again – ( I don’t […]

Tony Robinson shot Dead By Police – No Charges Filed

By now you’ve heard about Tony Robinson who was shot dead by Police officer Matt Kenny in Madison, Wisconsin. No Charges were filed – (read about it here Officer Kenny Faces No Charges in Shooting Unarmed Teen, Possible Murder by Conspiracy? I watched the video of the shooting the other night and felt outraged at […]

No Charges in the Shooting death of Unarmed Teen Tony Robinson, Jr.

Officer Kenny Faces No Charges in Shooting Unarmed Teen, Possible Murder by Conspiracy?

No Charges for Officer Kenny: According to CNN, May 12, 2015 the Policemen who shot Tony Robinson Jr. 7 times will not be charged in the death of the unarmed teen. Pursuant to the police report, Tony Robinson was allegedly in the midst of an altercation with another person at the time the COP(Constable On […]

Anyone Following The Eric Sheppard Story?

Any of my people’s following my the #EricSheppard story? Got a real good video that I just came across;  — Does the American Flag symbolize White Supremacy? That is the very center of this protest – Eric Sheppard started a movement on the campus of Valdosta State University in Atlanta, Georgia. Outrage has […]

D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives

D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives It was refreshing to see D.L. Hughley make a return to Bill Maher’s Real Time this past Friday, on HBO. Here’s a clip from that show which I feel is quite possibly Some of the best 8:15 you’ll spend for the rest of this year […]

What is NOT Money? What is Currency?

What you see is a Blue Silver Certificate — which you could once trade for Silver? notice on the bottom it states PAYABLE in Silver. The Currency you have today is Federal Reserve notes in which is NOT backed by Silver—SO you GET NOTHING in the past you could trade in YOUR PAPER FIAT for […]

Unrest and Riots in Baltimore Following Freddie Gray Funeral

This just in, a state of emergency has been declared in the city of Baltimore, Maryland as Unrest and riots are being reported following the Funeral for Freddie Gray. JUST IN: State of emergency declared in Baltimore #BaltimoreRiots — The Hill (@thehill) April 27, 2015 As usual these days, I’ve been getting a […]

What About Social Security? Should African Americans Wait On SSI Benefits

The truth about Social Security, primarily there exist many misconceptions and myths about the benefits. Quite frankly, I myself would not encourage anyone to remain in the old paradigm of working 40 hours a week retiring on 40% of that income after a 40-year work career. In our day and age, it is far too […]