Pro Life people and inconsistent views on immigration and black lives

Pro Life Abortion and Immigration

Cold game here…  (thoughts on, Pro Life, Abortion & Immigration)

I’ve actually reached out to a few conservatives; on a few platforms; telling them that their views are inconsistent; this is one of those examples of inconsistency.

I’m pro-life myself; that’s why i share awareness of the dangers ‘black lives‘ are in on the daily. As a black man, I’m fully aware of how abortion has been a hot topic of disagreement within the black community.  In many ways, for the exact same reasons it’s a divisive issue in white communities today. Abortion lowers the number of people born ‘to a race’….

I actually do wish all babies could be born; and if the mother is unable to ‘be’ a mother, that we had real systems in place to raise ‘unwanted births’, to become productive citizens in our society — but we don’t have that. This society does not function in that capacity.

We have an adoption system that, in too many cases, doesn’t do real background checks; and those kids end up being abused — or grow up unloved; and used “for a check” ….

Conservatives and Liberals end up ‘arguing’ over WHO should pay for these systems; and programs; Should it be the government? Or … the people? Conservatives will argue that the PEOPLE should decide; if they want to do it with their own money fine; BUT the government should not use our collective tax dollars to IMPROVE life for people …. that would be … welfare.

Instead, they think if we just ‘let people do it out of their hearts’ … they’ll do it out of their hearts;

Sadly, the heart of most people is self centered. Helping others isn’t their goal. Which is what I mean, about the inconsistent views….

Meanwhile … more and more evidence is emerging; that the ‘real reason’ to push against Abortions; is actually to STOP The decline of white birth rates. While black and Hispanic women still have more abortions ‘per capita’ …. white women have the most abortions in total; and that’s dwindling down the ‘numbers’ of white people …. for those who want to maintain ‘white supremacy & power’ over all other races; you cannot let your Numbers go down…

In large part, this is why the African American community continues to be harmed by so many ‘systems’ in this nation; We’re outnumbered. When we go to court, the Jury box isn’t filled with OUR peers; it’s usually mostly non-black people; with one or two of us on there; and we never really know what kinda ‘us’ that is either; This is how so many blacks end up in prison for crimes they did not commit…. not enough of us are police, not enough of us are lawyers, not enough of us are judges, but 90% of the people in THOSE positions are white, or Hispanic;

Which brings me to the issue they are having with Hispanics.

Again – the population issue; Their birthrate numbers are doing down; Hispanic numbers continue to rise. Reports have said by 2050 Hispanics will be the majority – they will run the show. This explains the cries for ‘build a wall’ … And why they’re separating families at the border.  It’s all a veil to cover the real motivation. They don’t care about abortion, but are focused on power.

— The threat of ‘dying out’, has always been the driving force behind racism.

(from Bowling for Columbine, by Michael Moore) : also read Why Gun Laws Won’t Stop Mass Shootings on SoPoCo

Go back and listen to people talk in the 40’s and 50’s – about topics like integration; This ‘fear of being replaced’ … motivates most of the decisions being made; Look at Charlottesville; what were they chanting with those tiki torches? Who will Not replace them?

…… This ‘idea’ of being replaced’; of going extinct; shows the biggest Fault in Plain sight; an Inability or unwillingness to recognize that we are ALL THE HUMAN RACE & HUMANITY WILL CONTINUE ………. instead … they’re focus is on separating humans, by race; Keeping silly ideas alive that one persons skin color makes them smarter than another’s ….. that skin color has anything to do with morality …. or, character.

That we are still arguing about ‘race’ in 2019 …. is sad.

Wormwood or whatever comet is due …. it’s about time; Come wipe us all out already so we can start this thang over ….. smh ….

Just wait till after 2020 tho; i got a family reunion in AZ next year that I don’t want to miss 🙂

Pro Life people and inconsistent views on immigration and black lives