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thug george zimmerman is free ... somehow

Criminal Thug George Zimmerman Charged With Stalking Trayvon Martin Producer

Feeding black people to alligators is a historical Racist Act. Please understand that racism has context, and is not just about people ‘not liking’ other people. It is dangerous and often negatively impacts black lives. This was the case when Criminal thug George Zimmerman first came on the scene. After he stalked, and murdered Trayvon […]

Tip Makes Media rounds on Kanye West

Tip Making Media Rounds Talking Kanye West and Trump

There is a lot going on lately, and while SoPoCo is not a news site, the discussion Tip is involved in matters. I’m not here to say that Tip has the same motives as everyone else. Willing to get on a track with Kanye West during his moments of MAGA support, Tip represented ‘the people’ […]

celebrity worshiping goes wrong for black people

Celebrity Worshiping: Nick Cannon Drops Jewels Kanye Drops Off

Nick Cannon drops even more jewels in an interview on VladTV. It ties into a discussion on Celebrity Worshiping that I want to have, again, with all of you. The first time I dove into this topic that you may recall, was about a year ago. It had to do with the whole, Fyre Festival […]

Michelle Wolf Burns Down The White House Correspondents Dinner

Like a pornstar says when she’s about to have sex with a Trump, let’s hurry up and get this over with! By now, in case you missed it, Michelle Wolf killed it at the White House Correspondents Dinner. This is truly the reason President Trump has chosen not to attend these dinners the past 2 […]

The What Were You Thinking Generation: Bill In Context

Just about every generation can be called, the what were you thinking generation. This is a statement made in a ‘new rules’ segment from Bill Maher on his HBO show, Real Time. The 11th show of the 16th Season, ironically was filmed 2 weeks before the Bill Cosby ruling. Found guilty on three felony counts, […]

Bill Cosby Reactions by Black Women

Disappointing Bill Cosby Reactions By Black Women

Let’s get into these Bill Cosby Reactions:  I’ll just say, it’s been disappointing to see so many Black women suggest that any black Man who feels Bill Cosby did not do what he was accused of; and found guilty of (after a second trial, which I swore was double jeopardy) – it means We (black men) […]

Black Excellence

Black Excellence: Beychella, Black Panther, Bands & Beyond

What is Black Excellence Really? …. I was sitting here and thinking that very thing while watching a performance by the Dancing Dolls of Southern University. For those unfamiliar, that is a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), with one of the best marching bands in the land. I personally didn’t attend an HBCU so I have […]

racism while doing business

Racism While Doing Business Is Just Business

I’ve been in business myself, since 1999 and racism while doing business is a reality. What is also a reality, is several black people choose to ignore racism, in hopes of making money. These black men and women would rather position themselves to earn money, than upset white people. Calling out racists, or racism, tends […]

L.A. Fitness Manager fired for racism

Racism At L.A. Fitness: Just Another Day Being Black

(Racism at L.A. Fitness, updated on 2/14/2022 – Just another Day Being Black, in America.) Trump didn’t ‘unleash’ the racists :: Cell phones have gotten better :: more people see what blacks have been ‘saying’ happens; and as more and more video comes out, of more and more incidents, it’s becoming more and more clear […]

Racial Bias Training: Is That The Solution (Starbucks Closing For A Day)

Is Racial Bias Training the solution for Starbucks? In fact, who is really at fault for the store manager calling the police on the gentlemen? Is it Starbucks ‘store policy’ to call the police on people sitting in their locations who have not purchased anything, or isn’t that their business model?  Commentary below from The […]

James Comey Deserved It

James Comey Calls Trump Morally Unfit For Presidency

By now you’ve seen or heard about James Comey sitting down to discuss Trump. He recently wrote a book, which goes into more depth of his experiences, though brief in Trumps administration.  It is a lot of confirmation of news reports we’ve already been hearing about for months now. I will say after watching this, […]

art bell rest in peace!

Art Bell Coast to Coast Creator Passes Away: A Thank You

R.I.P. Art Bell — I started listening to Coast to Coast around 2002; Art was already ‘retired’ and actually Came Back to start hosting the show on Weekends Only. It was during that time I gained Appreciation for him; and quickly started to realize how poorly the other hosts of the show were doing, at […]