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Confederate Monuments Are Like ISIS Flags

Commentary from TBA (The Black Authority) here on how Confederate Monuments are like ISIS Flags.  They mark off territory and let people know in spite of what others may think, we run this. TBA nails it in this excellent conversation on all of the confederate monuments and flags that are being challenged right now.  The […]

black panther pushing negative agendas?

Black Panther Pushing Negative Agendas?

Professor Black Truth is going super hard in this episode, discussing Black Panther pushing negative agendas. I’ll be the first to say that often when I share things I do not always fully agree with everything. I never agree with everything anyone says, and that’s the case here as well. Afterall, I’ve already expressed that […]

fear of black men is costly

Fear of Black Men: Lavar Ball to Terrence Crutcher

The Fear of Black Men is real in this country, in spite of overwhelming evidence that this fear is irrational. In the same week, this fear of black men was once again front and center in two separate cases. You have Lavar Ball and Terrence Crutcher, two black men who white people fear. One of […]

silent majority are racist white people

False Narrative: Racist White People Aren’t The Majority

The original term is Silent Majority and that is where we begin. There is a false narrative in our country, that racist white people aren’t the majority. That premise is usually built upon the argument that because we do not hear or see evidence of racism that it must not be there. Even when evidence […]

White victimhood

White Victimhood: The Formula Explained

There is a formula that goes into white victimhood that I’d like to take a few moments to explain. Let me get right into the formula. Step One is to start shit. Step Two is to play victim when the person you started shit with retaliates. It’s so important to understand white victimhood in the […]

War on Black People

Jeff Sessions Declares War On Black People

Our title, Jeff Sessions Declares War on Black People comes from Professor Black Truth with the Opening Commentary. If you’re listening to this commentary from Professor Black Truth, and have been reading the pages of SoPoCo then you understand what is going on. We spoke about this before, when we pointed out how Jeff Sessions […]

Donald Trump Gives Russia Classified Intel

Donald Trump Endangers National Security Revealing Classified Information

Developing story: Donald Trump has endangered the National Security of the United States. He recently disclosed classified information to Russia in a meeting that he didn’t allow United States Press to cover. He did allow Russian press to attend this meeting, and photos from that meeting leaked out. That meeting happened one day after Trump […]

Fyre Festival Ja Rule

Recapping Fyre Festival From A White Privileged Perspective

In case you missed it, Fyre Festival happened, and boy it was hilarious. At least, for those of us who didn’t get ‘scammed’ out of our money. When I first read about what happened at fyre festival the first finesse that came to mind was AquaGate. In both situations I felt really bad for the […]

Jefferson Davis Confederate President

Down Goes Jefferson Davis: with Commentary from Tariq Nasheed

Yesterday the Statue of Jefferson Davis finally came tumbling down. These ancient symbols of American Terrorism of blacks and all non-whites continue to haunt this nation. As new generations are born in the South, and are brainwashed to believe that their Confederate Flag means anything but ‘we hate Niggers & Yankees’ these cycles of hate […]

The Return of Ghostrider and Agents of Shield

The Return Review: Agents of Shield Season 4: Episode 21

Let’s get into this week’s Agents of Shield, Season 4 Episode 4 The Return! It’s been an amazing season for the people who have been watching this show from the beginning. It’s never too late for you to go back to the beginning and catch up!  The Return, was an incredible show in a season […]

Trump Fires James Comey today

Trump Fires James Comey While Russian Investigation Underway

What Is Going On here? About an hour ago this news broke; Donald Trump fires James Comey, the FBI Director while the Russian Investigation is underway. This looks bad. If the President is not guilty of any collusion with Russia the investigation that’s going on would turn up nothing. So why not wait until that […]

Jeff Sessions DOJ is Unjust

Sessions DOJ: More Injustice Alton Sterling and Walter Scott

Before I get started, rest in peace to unarmed, innocent black men killed in this nation. Rest in Peace Alton Sterling, who’s killers will not be prosecuted. Already we are seeing that a Jeff Sessions DOJ will be nothing short of the injustice America has witnessed for far too long. Meanwhile we see a direct […]