white privilege exists even if a lie is repeated that it does not

Reality: White Privilege Exists Even If Whites Do Not Think So

The reality we all need to come to an agreement on, is that White Privilege Exists.  It exists, even if whites get on soapboxes, forums, reddit and twitter to declare it doesn’t!  With so many whites using social media to scream otherwise, it may seem that all of these people have a point. They do not have a point though.

It’s simply the ‘battle tactic’ to make sure it continues forward.

The reason white privilege exists, is because it is the byproduct of White Power. This ‘power’ is fought for, battled for, in so many ways and over several platforms. When white people come out in mass over all of the social media platforms today, saying it’s bullshit, that does not make it truth.

Nazis also believed in repeating lies. until the become ‘accepted truth’.

The typical responses to revealing the truths about the reality, that white privilege exists, is often met with ridicule. Outright denial and insults of the person making the claims, are the usual go-to moves. Meanwhile, a person can say something that is true, and repeat that truth over and over – and those who are determined to go against that truth, will never accept it. That is what makes this a ‘power struggle’, a fight to see who will be in control, of reality.

Hopefully I didn’t lose you. I found an example made by a Conservative Canadian to bring my point home. It includes, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau saying Diversity is a source of strength. He is seen in multiple locations repeating this phrase, which conservatives hate!  Diversity means allowing ‘power’ to be shared with non whites.

They do not want to ‘include’ everyone at the table.

Notice, the ‘clip’ at the end that says these ideas don’t make a ‘lick of sense’, include no explanation. They’re unrelated actually, and the person who made the video is using it, just to ‘make fun of’ this idea of Diversity being a source of strength.  Why would a white person, who wants white power (and by default, white privilege) want others at the table who’d get in the way?

Logically I get it.  However do YOU get it?

Do you understand that when white people deny that white privilege exists it is simply ‘to’ ensure it stays alive?  White people, would need to admit that the lack of diversity has been and continues to be a major problem in America. Other parts of the world also facing similar problems that ‘stem’ from exclusion, inequality, and greed  ‘should’ do the same. Greed is a powerful drug though. Wanting to have it all, control it all, is a difficult desire to resist. I, really do understand.

Making The right choice, hasn’t been in consideration since the founding of this nation. Making choices that benefit white people, almost always has been. So ideas like ‘diversity’, are to be seen as silly. Calling those ideas stupid, and uninformed are important if you want to maintain your grip on power. It’s a prerequisite.

… sadly, this is War afterall. A fight for power and control, that black people largely have never been interested in.

Black people are a lot like Jon Snow, in that many don’t really want the throne. Ruling over people isn’t of interest, nor is creating systems of inequality and lack. That being said, living in that kind of system has varying degrees of effects on the black psyche. Eventually, ‘naturally’, there will be (and are) blacks who want to be just like their oppressors. They will be swayed into believing it is a better way, because just look at all the power and wealth it has brought them.

… ignoring the costs …

The Illusory Truth Effect :: this is a ‘flaw’ in our human psychology, that social engineers exploit. Stay woke… for real.

Again, this video (above) is from a conservative viewpoint. I don’t agree with ‘what’ he’s saying, just using it to explain how this ‘war’ works; Things can be twisted, and spun from both sides. So I “do” agree with this person that none of us should believe anything we see, read, or hear. We must all do our due diligence and seek out absolute truth, not just ‘relative truth’ …

Easier to Fool people than Convince them they've been fooled